Amethyst necklace

From the Greek word ametusthos meaning not intoxicated which is associated with a legend is where the name amethyst is derived from. For as long as we can remember the beautiful and extremely respected purple amethyst has had powers such as soothing and stimulating the emotions and minds of people. In ancient terms, it was classified as a gem of fire which was very precious. During those days the quality of an amethyst gem was as valuable as the diamond is to us in this modern day. The stone has always been associated with the month of February because the Romans devoted Neptune which is their water god to that month and it’s the birthstone of February too. To add to that St. valentines loved the amethyst stone and since he is considered the father of ‘love’, the stone is automatically tagged the ‘love’ stone. As far as jewelers are concerned in our modern day society, it is a semi-precious gem. The kind of energy the amethyst stone possesses is amazing (known for spirituality and creativity as well as the energy of passion and fire). With all these ‘vibrant’ characteristics the stone is also well known for exuding the feeling of sobriety and temperance. Amethyst stone can be left natural or polished, whichever way it fits perfectly into any jewelry such as a necklace and outdoes its harmony. Fortunately for those who love amethyst necklaces, it is possible to get them since the amethyst stone can be found all over the world. It is produced from the availability of manganese in clear quartz which brings out the amethyst (purple colored stone). You can find amethyst stones in these colors red to violet, violet, or in pale red violet and mostly transparent or opaque. In recent times, the amethyst necklace is still well loved and sort after because the stone is still an extraordinary stone of contentment and spirituality. It is known for its supernatural capabilities to stir heightened meditative state and also still the mind. The shapes of amethyst in necklaces vary because it can be shaped into any design whether polished or natural.

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