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When the body itch, the temptation to scratch is very high. This is because it often feels good especially if the itch is not caused by any disease. Also, the skin is the only organ that can itch or feel pain. Most often, the parts of your body that is beyond our reach are the parts that easily itch. The most common part is our back and it is extremely frustrating when the itching start. This is why it is very important to have a quality back scratcher all the time so you are not driven crazy by the itch when it starts. Although selecting a back scratcher will look simple, not all of them are the same. They come in various shapes and sizes, different lengths, and made from varieties of materials.

They also come in several additional features to aid scratching. A back scratcher is a small stick that has a curved end at one side. The curved end often has small teethlike projections to help in scratching the back. There are several benefits of using a back scratcher.

Back Scratcher – Frustration Free Tool

It is frustrating when you are unable to reach an area on your skin that is itching. You may sometimes turn these parts to the wall or a rough surface and rub it over for relief. Fortunately, the back scratcher is here to do that job.The back scratchers come in many forms.An example is the adjustable back scratcher. It helps you to scratch the itch on the back parts of the body the hand doesn’t reach. They are also used to give deep tissue massages on the back. When taking a shower, you can rub and gently peel off dead tissues from the back using a stainless steel back scratcher. A back scratcher elevates a good message to a great one. During the traditional massage, the hand of a backscratcher is firmly but gently applied to the back after the message.

The rollers are then employed on the back region and the process is repeated as desired. These activities make a great massage leaving the beneficiary with the perfect sensation. Back scratchers are made of metallic, plastic or wooden materials and they all work effectively to solve every issue of itches.

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  • Sale! Back Scratcher

    Very Handy Back Scratcher Available For All

    Ideal Solution To Itchy Backs

    Comes In Handy For That Special Person


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    Back Scratcher

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Wonder Why Your Back Itch?

There are numerous reason behind an itching back. They are no myths and not weird. Below are some reasons why you may experience itching backs.

1. Dry skin: the utmost and common cause of irritating itches is dry skin so it is understandable to often have your back itchy. Usually, these spots are difficult to reach and mean they are seldom moisturized or exfoliated. When your skin builds up dry and dead skin cells, it makes the surface of the skin rough and scaly and this will certainly cause frustrating itches.

2. Irritants and allergies: itchy backs can be caused by allergy or irritation related to skin contact with substances such as soaps, laundry detergent, and clothing. When one is exposed to toxic substances like poison ivy, it can make the skin itch.

3. Health issues: itchy skin can also be a symptom of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or thyroid issues. When your back persistently itch for two weeks or more and the itch is very severe and affecting your sleep and daily routine, you should go to the hospital for a checkup.

Features of a Back Scratcher You Should Consider.

1. Material: back scratchers are made of plastics, metals or wood. These materials are all effective and yield the same results so choosing one is a matter of personal preference. The prices however differ. Plastic back scratchers are least expensive and a good option if you are low on cash or on a budget. But one disadvantage of these plastic back scratchers is that they are fragile and can easily break. And for this reason, might require frequent replacement.

Wooden back scratchers are expensive but durable. Compared to plastic and metal back scratchers, they are more attractive. Unfortunately, wooden back scratchers absorb oils from the skin over a period of time and make the surface slick, reducing its effectiveness on the skin.

Metal back scratchers, on the other hand, are most durable and does not break easily. Majority of them are made from stainless steel and for that reason, does not rust. Some also bend easily, enabling you to get the right angle to scratch and it does not absorb oils.

2. Finger length and head width: the portion of a back scratcher that does the scratching is the end with the fingers and the head of the back scratcher. Due to this, you need a good size to relief the itch effectively. Always opt for a wide head that can keep you from tipping on its side and allow the corner or side to come into contact with your back when moving it. A short backscratcher will not provide sufficient leverage and this will strain your elbow or shoulder when scratching your back.

3. Length: back scratchers should be long enough to reach all angles and the entire back so as to ease the stress on your elbow, waist, or shoulder when scratching. To get an effective and comfortable back scratcher, choose lengths between 18 and 22 inches. However,some individuals prefer a portable back scratcher in order to help them carry it around easily.

4. Handle: the back scratcher should have a firm grip to enable the user to control the pressure needed to scratch the back. Some are designed with a rubberized grip for a good hold when using.

5. Portability: some back scratchers are specially designed to telescope down or fold to a compact size. This design is made for easy packing and storage in bags when going out or traveling. If your back frequently itches, you should consider this type of back scratcher.

6. Durability. Firmly connect the head of the back scratcher to the shaft for a good performance. The best option is the one-piece back scratcher. Your back scratcher can break off over a period of time if the edge is glued or threaded onto the shaft.

Back scratchers that were first known was carved from whale teeth and was used by the Inuit. Over the years, they have been in various forms and been used for a variety of reasons including training rituals in some tribal cultures, rake on the hair of 18th and 19th Century ladies and retrieving items out of reach. In the 21st Century , back scratchers manufacturers have made innovative proudcts like the Extendable Bear Claw Back Scratcher and claw-shaped back scratchers.

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