Sexy Bandage Dress: Wear And Turn Heads

When you want to add a new look and feel to your closet, one of the ways is to add a bandage dress. Yes! You can get a bandage dress! As the name implies it’s a type of dress that really sticks closely on your body like a bandage. It has mainly an elastic feature but has a way of slimly fitting onto your body and giving you a sexy shape. If you’re tired of the garb-kind of dresses and you want something that will give you a new and sassy look, you can choose a bandage dress for a change.

They come in colors like black, blue, white, multicolored, red, ash, turquoise blue, burgundy, ash and many more, including gold. Whether short to tall, slim or plus size, you can get a bandage dress that suits your figure. You can find a long or short bandage dress and if you are looking for something more in the middle, a midi bandage dress may be for you.

The fabric has a tough but comfortable feel to it. There are sizes for all and can be worn for parties, to the club, to weddings, for cocktails, for a formal event, can be worn in the evening. Wear this dress and you will turn heads or even steal the show or become the life of the party you are attending. It does wonders to your body when you wear it because of its stretch feature that takes your shape when you wear it. Wearing a bandage dress brings out detail in your body form and makes you look classy.

Bandage Dresses – Available in Different Designs

They come in different designs. Some are long up to almost the ankle level. Others are just below the knee with a zip opening in front. Others are short and above the knee either with crisscrossed or intersected arm design and a “v – neck” design or halter back design. The sexy bandage dress can also be off shoulder or strapless. Others have spaghetti straps or one shoulder designs. Imagine yourself in a black one-shoulder knee-length dress for a night cocktail. You would certainly turn heads that night and maybe end up with the man of your dreams. Bandage dresses make magic happen.

What to know more about a bandage dress?

A bandage dress, in the world of fashion, may seem a weird idea at first because of the word bandage in the name.  But with time, it is now accepted. Fashion houses create dresses that are off the market and in order to popularize them they give them to celebrities to wear to promote them. When celebrities do this, they end up making the attire famous. That is the case with a  bandage dress – they gained their popularity when some famous celebrities began to don them.

The dress wraps around the body just like a bandage would. It’s a figure-hugging type of dress and highlights a woman’s figure. They were first brought on the scene by a brand known as Herve Leger.

They are popular because they are made up of stretchy material and when women wear them, they take their shape. Women with a figure like them because it promotes a sexy look. Celebrities like Taraji P. Henson, singer Katy Perry, and actress Jennifer Lopez, are some of the personalities that have been seen donning a bandage dress. The fame of it was shot abroad and many women now desire to be in a bandage dress. The dress helps a woman’s look to become more stylish and more desirable. There are several types online in our stores for those who want that beautiful look.

They are not too expensive and the popularity it gains is from the thin look that it gives when you wear them. The need to buy a bandage dress should not drive you into forgetting to check for the quality. Ensure that the material that was used to design the dress has the needed elasticity so that it is not damaged at the slightest wash. You should also consider the size of the dress so that you do not look awkward in them. Always purchase from a reputable store that you know will sell good quality to you and can allow you some warranty in case there is a problem with the dress.

Choosing bandage dresseses

Clothes can either make you look better or sometimes worse. It is best to know your figure and also find out which dress will fit. You can become very attractive depending on the dress that you wear. Your beautiful shape and curves can be enhanced with a bandage dress. The dress takes the shape of the wearer. There are different reasons why people want the bandage dress in their collection of clothes. Some want to see the bulging part of their bodies and know were to work on whilst others just enjoy the slim effect that the dress creates.

Color choices affect your shape and how beautiful you look. For slim people, solid colors are more suitable. If you feel you will not be comfortable in solid colors then you can try mixed colored ones. Most designers mix the colors in a way that attention is not overly drawn on the body parts that you don’t want to be noticed. If you want to show some cleavage, a V-neck will be the best for you. For a younger look, the off-shoulder or cap-sleeved dress will be the best style you can choose.

If you add on some high heeled sandals or some closed shoes, you will achieve the look of being taller and slimmer. Bandage dresses should be chosen according to the taste of the wearer. There are different styles to choose from that will fit your body shape. The fabrics used to create them differ, hence you should choose a stretchy spandex-like fabric or a polyester that can hug your shape perfectly.

How to accessorize your bandage dress

The glamour in how you look depends on how you are able to accessorize when you dress. Depending on the color, you can choose a metallic necklace of gold or silver. A choker can also be suitable. Earrings must also be deliberately chosen to reflect the style that you want to portray. Having a clutch works perfectly due to the small size. It can be shiny, sequined or a solid color of a leather clutch. As long as if fits the dress you wear, you’re good to go. With bandage dresses, you should either wear sandals with straps or stilettos rather than flats.