Body Stocking

Body Stocking

A body stocking is normally a one-piece tight garment that covers the whole body of the one wearing it. It is worn like a piece of lingerie and is made up of sheer fabric. The materials used are similar to those used for stockings and pantyhose. Body stockings underwear or women are made from fishnet and sometimes also lace, satin, spandex and are normally see through in nature. Body stockings may also be worn as an undergarment by some performers like those who do exotic dances or those who do belly dances.

Body Stockings represent undergarments that are made out of sheer fabric or material that usually stretches. When worn, you do not add other underwear but you can wear panties as an extra covering or a bra for some support. The body stocking is sometimes considered by others too revealing to wear alone.Body Stockings as an undergarment sometimes have ribbons in their design as well as fasteners.

Body Stocking Comes In Different Types

Sexy body stocking lingerie are mainly in dark color such as black. But others also come in pink, white, red and in some rare cases multicolored.  The design for this undergarment comes in differing styles. Some are designed with lace material and are very transparent. Others are a bit opaque and cover the whole body. There are long sleeve body stockings pieces available. Others have a crisscross design for the body stocking. There are some other body stocking pieces that are cut out at the sides from top to bottom to give that sexy feel.

Patterned lace and floral lace types of body stocking also exist to give you elegance and style with your undergarments with their flowered design. Even if you are plus size, you can get a sexy mesh body stocking that fit you and gives you the comfort that you want. The body stocking hugs tightly to the body and brings out its shape. A touch of heels added to body stockings makes it more elegant to wear. Having the body stocking on makes you look irresistible and pretty. This lingerie is both for those who have curvy – non-curvy features. You only have to try it on and be in style.

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A brief history of the body stocking

The origin of these intimate body stocking is not too clear. No one really knows when it was worn or made. In 1861, in a play called Mazeppa, American actress Adah Isaacs Menken wore a body stocking. In the movie, she was seen donning a colored body stocking that was to portray modesty but at the same time nudity. This brought a bit of controversy when it was aired. Whilst in 1901 too an unnamed young model wore a body stocking in the movie The Birth of Pearl. She wore a body stocking which took on the feature of the flesh and gave a provocative view of her body.

Body stocking is a must – have

Transparent body Stocking as intimate apparel are sometimes seen as controversial. Others simply misunderstand the use of this fashion accessory. The fact is: it can be worn anywhere. From dinner to a night out and even in the bedroom. It can be worn year round without any restrictions. At least every ladies wardrobe should have at least three different body stocking – it is a must-have. It is in such a way that the more you wear them, the more you like them. A body stocking serves as a versatile type of lingerie which fits snugly to the body. Body Stockingcan be stretchable and is usually full length. You can wear body stockings indoors or outdoors. The variation of materials used to make body stocking makes them even more interesting. They can serve as wonderful gifts for others and people of all sizes can get their fit. Body Stockingis popular because of the feel of the fabric against your skins when you are in them. The sensuous feel of the fabrics used adds some sexiness when you wear them. It adds some form of mystery to the one who wears it. When worn in the night, the dazzling lights play on the fabric and gives it an appealing look.

The fishnet body stocking is gradually becoming popular. It makes your legs look very attractive. Some people prefer to wear it over an opaque stocking before wearing the fishnet stockings over it to give a dramatic effect.Body Stocking can also be made out of lace designs. They are somewhat everywhere. The truth is that it makes you look appealing all the more and is on the list of favorites for many people. There are different body stocking lace designs available to choose from. It, however, may not be too popular for all weathers because of the heat it retains in the warm weather. The color ranges give you a variety of choice. If you are daring enough, you can choose red or purple body stocking. Black is only for those first-time buyers or if you want to play it safe and not take chance. The first appearance, they say, does matter.

There are different reasons people consider when you want to choose a body stocking. Some people prefer the sleeves type as compared to three-quarter sleeves for instance. It depends on the style that you want and the purpose for which you are going to use it for. If your plan is to get your man to be attracted to you, then you can go in for it. Some people choose to wear panties with a body stocking and others do not. You are at liberty to choose what makes you confident and sexy. Body Stocking are great for different body types because of its elastic nature that brings out your curves in a perfect way. Any woman who wants to spice up her life goes in for body stockings. You would rather think these undergarments are expensive to have but on the contrary, they are not. They are not expensive – it means you wouldn’t have to break the bank to get them in any case.

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