Boonie Hat is Back!

Boonie hat is a wide-brim hat. It is usually used by the military force and also called giggle hat. It takes the shape of bucket hats but has a firmer brim. Sometimes, its crown is designed with a series of loops to hold the leaves and camouflage the additional vegetation. The hat comes with a strap with holds it in place and gives it a form of stability. Apart from the military, people from all walks of life use it for trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, backpacking and many more.
The crown of the hat is mostly vented with small mesh panels or eyelets. It has a stiffer brim as compared to other types of hats and may have snaps to fix the brim in the Australian bush hat style. A boonie hat can be folded and stuffed in a pocket. The brim or rim around it is not hard. Boonie hats are made of cotton or a blend of cotton and is vented around the head region. Attached to these light weighted hats is a chin strap which comes in handy in the presence of wind. Boonie hats can be used when surf fishing to block the sun or prevent its rays from reaching your face and neck. Boonie hats come in different colors; olive green, tan, desert camouflage, drab green, woodland and many more to suit the environment of the wearer. They also come in different sizes; small, medium and large. They make an excellent combination with all outfits for outdoor activities. Generally, they are made with 100% cotton and an adjustable nylon chin cord. They are sewn to the military specification of MIL-H-44105B and have 3/4 nylon webbing. Boonie hats have large brims and are designed with leather keeper to keep it in place. The brim protects your eyes and face from the sun and the hat keeps you cool on sunny days. It has webbings of though nylon branch loops around the crown for durability. It also has drain holes around the crown for ventilation. The hat has a breathable interior and can be taken off and carried around the neck without any restriction.

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