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Boonie hat is a wide-brim hat. It is usually used by the military force and also called giggle hat. It takes the shape of bucket hats but has a firmer brim. Sometimes, its crown is designed with a series of loops to hold the leaves and camouflage the additional vegetation. The hat comes with a strap with holds it in place and gives it a form of stability. Apart from the military, people from all walks of life use it for trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, backpacking and many more.

The crown of the hat is mostly vented with small mesh panels or eyelets. It has a stiffer brim as compared to other types of hats and may have snaps to fix the brim in the Australian bush hat style. A breathable boonie hat can be folded and stuffed in a pocket. The brim or rim around it is not hard. Boonie hats are made of cotton or a blend of cotton and is vented around the head region. Attached to these light weighted hats is a chin strap which comes in handy in the presence of wind. Boonie hats can be used when surf fishing to block the sun or prevent its rays from reaching your face and neck.

Boonie Hats are available in all colors – Colorful Boonie Hats

Camouflage Boonie hats come in different colors; olive green, tan, desert camouflage, drab green, woodland and many more to suit the environment of the wearer. They also come in different sizes; small, medium and large. They make an excellent combination with all outfits for outdoor activities. Generally, they are made with 100% cotton and an adjustable nylon chin cord.

They are sewn to the military specification of MIL-H-44105B and have 3/4 nylon webbing. Outdoor Boonie hats have large brims and are designed with a leather keeper to keep it in place. The brim protects your eyes and face from the sun and the hat keeps you cool on sunny days. It has webbings of though nylon branch loops around the crown for durability. It also has drain holes around the crown for ventilation. The hat has a breathable interior and can be taken off and carried around the neck without any restriction.

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    Needful accessory for different weather conditions are available in different colours. Suitable for everyday use and outdoor activities and can be worn at all times. When kept well, it can last for a very long time without wearing and tearing. With your colourful boonie hat, you can be outdoors for as long as you want knowing you are protected.

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  • Sale! Military Boonie HatMilitary Boonie Hat

    Essential military accessory to brave the weather. Famous patterns available are the green dominant lowland and brown dominant highland. Serves as an integral part of everyday military use. Otherwise known as bush hats or giggle hats, these hats are now key to every military apparel. It protects you from either heat or rains and can be worn at all times.

    • Durable and long-lasting build
    • Foldable brims
    • Comfortable grip
    • Made from breathable material
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Benefits of Wearing Boonie Hats

There are a lot of benefits associated with protective boonie hats and this explains why people enjoy wearing them during outdoor activities. These benefits include:

1. Cold weather protection:

A lot of people like to go on a hike in the cold. But to have a warm and relaxed head is very significant as it keeps the body warm and provides comfort. Wearing a protective Boonie hat during such activity will provide your head with the warmth and comfort your body needs. It also helps your body to retain heat. When wearing the hat, your body won’t lose much heat, and this will help avoid flu.

2. Hair Protection:

The hair can be damaged when exposed to the snow, wind, cold and sun, however, wearing a boonie hat will prevent this damage. It will shield you from all factors that can cause damage to your hair.

3. Summer protection from UV radiation:

You can easily acquire skin infections and diseases, including cancer when you are exposed to the rays of the sun for long. During outdoor activities or programs, we expose our bodies, especially our face and the back of our neck to the sun. An ideal way of preventing sunburn is to put on a hat. A Military Boonie hat will cover your face and back of your neck and will also protect you from the sun.

4. It is fashionable:

Fashionable bucket Boonie hats are stylish and look good on everyone. It fits perfectly well with all outfits and will protect you during all outdoor activities.

5. It saves you money:

Boonie hats protect you from flu, cold and other skin diseases hence save you from buying medicines and time of recovering from skin infections, diseases and other sicknesses.

Various Types of Boonie Hats

Boonie hat is related to the Vietnam War. Back then, soldiers who faced extreme weather conditions wore it to relief them of the effects of the weather. However, as time flew and evolution took place and the fashion industry grew, new styles have been made with different materials for a more extravagant look.

For the SWAT team that enforce laws, special operations soldiers, tactical and military enthusiasts, boonie hats are essential. Evolution of these hats has led to the invention of diverse designs in our generation. Though its initial intention was military operation use only, civilians are now wearing them for outdoor events.

They are available in stores and online. There are various types of boonie hats on the market today. They include:

1. Propper Men’s Twill Boonie Hat:

It is an explorer or adventurer sun hat. It is sewn with pure cotton (100%) suit the military specifications. The hat also has four (4) side vents, screened to keep the head cool and comfortable when climbing or hiking. It has a chin strap that can be adjusted to ensure a secure fit.

2. Sinddy Military Tactical boonie Hat:

These hats are also designed for protection of the head against the sand and UV radiation when climbing the mountain. Around its diameter are four (4) ventilation holes. On the cap of the hat are two (2) snap buttons. If you want to change the style of the hat, you can use these snap buttons.

3. ZAPT Boonie Hat:

All military lovers will love this type of hat. It is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is foldable and light in weight, making it easy carry along. It has an adjustable headband and an oversized brim which is uniquely made to fit many people. When snipping, the loops at the top of the hat provides a camouflage and the hat has a pocket for the placement of your map, note pad or paper

4. Boonie Safari Sun Hat:

This type of hat is made for both Men and Women for hiking and other outdoor activities. Outdoor activities expose you to the sun, bugs and rain and for that reason, wearing a boonie safari sun hat will be beneficial, especially when you are spending long hours in such conditions. Boonie safari sun hats are made from nylon and provides ultimate comfort and protection. They ensure a proper protection of the face from the sun and heat. Their adjustable drawstring keeps the hat your head

5. Rothco Boonie Hat:

They are sewn with a combination of polyester and cotton and fits the government’s specifications. They also feature loops and can also be used as leaves and branch compartments.

6. Tru-Spec Boonie Hat:

It is sewn with 100% polyester. It satisfies the specifications of a U.S military hat. It has great bass vents that does not rust. In addition, its chin straps can be easily adjusted for a firm fit.

7. Dorfman-Pacific Weathered Cotton Outback Boonie Hat:

It is made with a blend of 48% polyester and 52% cotton. It is also designed for hot weather conditions. It has a brow band and the inside of the hat is lined to absorb sweat. It also has a wide brim that gives a 360o (degrees) protection from the sun.

8. Culpeper and Gadsden Operator Boonie Hat and Bundle and Patches:

If you want a carefully made boonie hat of the military style, this type is perfect for you. This is not an ordinary hat. It has two (2) remarkable patches which can be attached to the top of the hat or the front with the aid of Velcro loop panels. You can also adjust it for a firm fit.

Own at least one boonie hat to ease your movement under the sun and rain. Their adjustable straps will keep you comfortable and the additional snaps will help you to position it as you want. They add a style and sensibility to your looks.

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