Box braids : the hairstyle for all

It is said, that the hair is the glory of women. It’s been observed that once a woman does her hair, there is a certain glow that is added to her appearance. Whether a weave or a braid, it goes a long way to affect how the person looks. Box braids as the name goes are 3-stranded braids that are weaved into a person hair with synthetic hair extensions. The name is gotten by the creating of the neat uniform braids by cutting the sections of the hair into neat boxes. Box braids come in different colors. In one bundle you can have 3 or 4 colors on one hairpiece. It can be black, fading into a violet then a pink or orange, fading into a yellow, then a light blue, then violet. Alternatively, you can also have a combination of pink to sea blue. If you want just one color only, it is also available. This is made for especially those who want to add a touch of color in their hair or spruce things up with their hair You can have all black, brown, violet, white, ash, grey, deep brown. The hair for this type of braids are sometimes wavy at the edge whilst others are just straight. The kanekalon type of hair is mostly recommended because it gives a silky neat finish. You can also get the option having these braids already braided in a pack, you just sew it onto the base of your hair and you are good to go. In that case, the braid is not incorporated into the hair like the usual, it’s only sewn onto it. These braids can be worn by ladies of all ages including the little, the teen, the adult. It doesn’t matter your age, you can have box braids done for you. Box braids that are like the diameter of a pen are taken as medium size. Box braids can also be micro-sized, but this takes more time to get the hair well. When done well, the hair is neatly cut out in small box shapes on the person’s head. There are different types of box braids. They include an umbrella, large box braids, medium box braids and Philly ( usually long with wavy or loose ends. If these braids are long, it enables the person to wear it in buns and ponytails.

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