Catwoman Costume

Catwoman Costume: attractive dressing for special occasions.

There are different costumes that exist for different occasions. Sometimes you just want a change and to find something more exciting for your wardrobe. That is when you can go in for a catwoman costume. As the name goes, the catwoman costume is fashioned according to how a cat looks. It is usually in a black smooth leather design usually in a jumpsuit style. It covers the whole body up to the head and even “ears” at the head area of the costume. The catwoman costume when worn gives you a mysterious look. It can be worn to Halloween parties, costume parties, photo shoots, movie scenes, acting roles. Look superhuman and supernatural whilst rocking your catwoman costume. Wearing them gives you confidence and makes you feel like you can save the whole world.

Catwoman Costume – Available in all sizes.

Sleek catwoman costume come in different colours but the dominant colour is black and sometimes it is accompanied by a whip to add a touch to it. Catwoman costumes can also be made from leopard skin material. This type does not come in the design of a jumpsuit but in a mini dress form with a stocking to match and a hair band with ears fixed on top of it. The additional tail at the back makes it set for you to have that cat look on. Enjoy the moments of joining in with one of nature’s famous animals whilst donning the catwoman costume. Add some heels to the apparel and you are good to go. The face mask even makes it exciting the more. No one will be able to discover you.

It’s a fabulous look that will definitely get you in the spotlight of the occasion. The leather cat woman costume hug snugly to your body and bring out your shape, making you really a representation of the cat. You can pose for the cameras in this beautiful costume in style and watch on as admirers take cursory glances at your outfit. There are no restrictions to the size of a catwoman costume when you want one. Even if you happen to be plus size, there is a costume for you.

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  • Sale! Sexy Carnival Catwoman Costume

    Step out into the celebration with your perfect Sexy Carnival Catwoman Costume. You can bet that you will be admired by many. Take delight in standing out comparable to the superheroes you see on TV in your sexy carnival catwoman costume.

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  • Sale! Full Body Catwoman CostumeCatwoman Costume

    You can pose for the cameras in this lovely full body catwoman costume and watch on as admirers steal glances at your clothing. There are no restrictions to the size of a catwoman outfit when you want one. Find your size and fit easily.

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    Full body Catwoman Costume

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  • Sale! Sexy Catwoman Costume

    Make unforgettable memories with it, take pictures and catalogue is for future reference. It will definitely put smiles on your face anytime you see it. Your sexy catwoman costume is set to get you attracting attention.

    • Sexy vinyl catwoman costume
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    Sexy Catwoman Costume

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  • Sale! Shiny Catwoman CostumeShiny Catwoman Costume

    The Leather Catwoman costume attracts attention and mystery. Enjoy attracting attention just like on TV as your personality becomes that of the superheroes that are shown. 

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    • Shiny and attractive design
    • Sexy highlight of the body shape
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    Shiny Catwoman Costume

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  • Sale! Leather Catwoman CostumeLeather Catwoman Costume

    Going out of the normal way of dressing in the leather catwoman costume makes you daring and confident when you appear at your event. Available in different sizes for women.

    • Black Leather catwoman costume
    • Full bodysuit
    • Superhero costume with mask
    • Black colour available in different sizes
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    Leather Catwoman Costume

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  • Sale! Sleek Catwoman CostumeSleek Catwoman Costume
    The sleek catwoman costume when worn offers you a mystical look. Appear in your costume for Halloween parties, costume celebrations, picture shoots, film scenes, acting duties. 
    • Material: Made of shiny metallic Lycra spandex, soft fabric! comfy fit
    • Classic Turtleneck catsuit, long sleeve style
    • Enhance your sexiness
    • Perfect for stage, evening events and Halloween
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    Sleek Catwoman Costume

    Catwoman Costume $38.97
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The Catwoman Costume in movie roles

Different women have sought to play the role of superhero whilst wearing the shiny catwoman costume. Famous stars have included Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer. The costume has been loved by generations over. Catwoman as a character has been seen to be a lover of Batman and also the opponent of Batman. The spandex suit has gained a lot of popularity on TV and in life. It has been used to shoot amazing scenes in the Batman movie. The sexy catwoman costume brings with it the adoration from fans. The costume comes with a vinyl face mask that makes it comfortable for you to wear.  It makes the one wearing it seems like the most powerful person on earth. Full body catwoman costume also gives so much appeal for anyone who dons it. The masses love it and will gladly cheer on anyone who wears this costume. The favourite scenes in the movie will be where catwoman appears in her costume and fights off villains who are planning any wicked activity.

The fun of owning a catwoman costume

To dress in a sexy carnival catwoman costume for Halloween, for example, is a big deal though it has been associated with the occult and other evil vices. Catwoman is seen as a villain but truth be told, it is sexy to be dressed as one for your special occasion. Anyone who fancies dressing in a catwoman costume has not made a bad choice at all. Celebrities have donned them for different sets of movies and you would also have some form of fame wearing them too. It is pure fun feeling like a celebrity for some moments in such costumes. You can purr and meow as much as you want to in your new look. It is refreshing to have the catwoman costume and going out of the normal way of clothing.

The catwoman costume fits on you like a second skin and thus enables you to be flexible and do whatever you want to. It doesn’t restrict you when you wear them. You can choose from an array of colours an sizes if not from an online store, then through a walk-in. The online stores give unbeatable prices for such costumes with additional free shipping. The costume does come in a set with gloves and sometimes a whip. It’s a full set to get you that stunning look. Stand out in style with the catwoman costume. The costume brings out your inner prowess. It is great for dress-up parties and ensures that it compliments your body. The difficulty sometimes though is in finding the right costume for you because if it is not your exact fit, the fun is ruined.

How to rock your own catwoman costume

Since the time of Dark Knight Rises, women have adored the catwoman costume. To achieve a similar look, you can follow these simple steps

• Find a similar costume – This involves you either ordering it from a store of finding your own tight black leggings and a very tight black t-shirt.
• Ears – You will need to find a headband with cat ears attached to it or find a hood and then attach or stitch your own cat years onto it.
• Get your gloves – When you order the catwoman costume from the store, sometimes it doesn’t come with gloves. This means you will have to find your own gloves and use them for the outfit. Some black gloves will do. The length can be the ones which fit only the wrist area of the ones that stretch all the way to the elbow area.
• Find a belt – This belt can be a leather belt or sometimes a gold belt that sits on the waist to add beauty to it and also to hold any extra things you may be carrying.
• Shoes – You can wear some high black boots or black patent boot-like high heels.
• Hair – The hair will probably not be seen if you choose to wear a hoodie. But for hair that will be exposed, it can be wild looking to look the part.
• Doing your makeup – That’s the fun part, you can choose to have smokey eyes and then a dark shade of lipstick to depict the true catwoman.
• Accessorize – One of the longstanding accessories that have come with this costume is the whip and also the cape and sometimes goggles. Find them in stores and you are set with your catwoman look.
• Attitude – Give your best mysterious look and you will be the centre of attention.

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