Cool fidget spinners for daily use

Cool fidget spinners are small devices that rotate in between your thumb and your other fingers. You firmly grip the device and spin it in your hands, then it begins to rotate on its own. The movement of the toy provides you with a pleasing experience in your senses. Fidget spinners come in different colours and types. Some can be in the shape of a spider, some have a skull-shaped design, others come in a triangular form, others have a hexagonal shape (6 sided). Some fidget spinners are made from plastic and there are metal fidget spinners too. They are called metal cool fidget spinners because they are made from metal. The metal cool fidget spinners are heavier than the plastic ones. They also last longer and are not easily breakable when they fall. The basic way it works is that you push the blades with your hand for the fidget spinner to begin its spin. There are beautiful mixed colours also available with Spiderman or a peacock design or helm-shaped. Other fidget spinners have lights coming on when you begin using it. You can spin it, you can’t throw it, you can use it for a challenge between you and your friends. You can play with it on your own also.

Cool fidget spinners can be used in different ways

Some have even used to play mini bowling and darts. In some cases, the fidget spinners have been used for different tricks. You can place it on your forehead while it spins, you can pass it in between your legs and catch it as it’s still spinning and the list goes on. The middle part of a fidget spinner has a firm grip and the spin sides are flexible as they rotate. The fidget spinner can also be used creatively when you remove the middle part that is held and you replace it with a pen that has cello tape around it. You tightly fit the pen in the middle part that was removed and spin it. The pen then begins to spin at the tip on the surface that you place it on. Fidget spinners come in different colours. Some are blue, some are black, some are yellow, purple, white and the list goes on. Fidget spinners can also be stacked upon each other and they begin spinning simultaneously. They can also be plastic-made or metal-made The fun of fidget spinner is in the creativity that you can explore in its use.

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