Corset dress

When we talk about a corset, we are referring to an attire that helps to hold the upper body and also train it into a desired into a shape. Corsets are worn mostly for medical, artistic or fashion reasons but whichever reason what it does is it gives a smaller upper torso and a larger bottom. From the corset, the breast also gets some support and makes it stand out. Although both men and women wear corsets, it is mostly an item of clothing you will find in a woman’s wardrobe. The corset has been in existence for a very long time but in the late twentieth century, dressmakers have infused corset style into their dressmaking style. This style gives the wearer a small upper torso and a much fuller lower bottom to give an hourglass kind of look. In modern-day corset dresses, the upper part does not shape or train the body but gives it a slender look that resembles the old fashioned corset. The corset dresses are either laced or boned to help with the shaping of the upper part of the body. Corset dress can be seen in different styles as per the wearers choice or preference. You can have an overbust corset dress, what this means is that the corset confines the torso and this stretches from under the arm straight down to the hips. Another type of corset dress is when known as the underbust corset where the tapering starts from under the breast and goes down to the hips area. Then we have the longline corset kind of dress where you have the tapering starting from under the breast or over the breast area and extends to the hips area. This type of style is very good for those who have long torsos and hips a bit more pronounced. The style helps smoothen out the hips to give a perfect figure. Of all the above type of corset dresses, a standard corset dress is what is common because it is designed to suit most body types.

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