Corset Dress

Corset dress

When we talk about a corset, we are referring to an attire that helps to hold the upper body and also train it into the desired shape. Corsets are worn mostly for medical, artistic or fashion reasons but whichever reason what it does is it gives a smaller upper torso and a larger bottom. From the corset, the breast also gets some support and makes it stand out. Although both men and women wear corsets, it is mostly an item of clothing you will find in a woman’s wardrobe. The corset has been in existence for a very long time but in the late twentieth century, dressmakers have infused corset-style into their dressmaking style. Corset dresses are also available in different colors; a popular one is the fashionable green corset dress.

Lace-up Corset dress gives the wearer a small upper torso and a much fuller lower bottom to give an hourglass kind of look. In modern-day corset dresses, the upper part does not shape or train the body but gives it a slender look that resembles the old fashioned corset. The corset dresses are either laced or boned to help with the shaping of the upper part of the body.

Corset Dress – Available in Different Styles

Corset dress can be seen in different styles as per the wearers’ choice or preference. You can have a sexy lace bow corset dress, what this means is that the corset confines the torso and this stretches from under the arm straight down to the hips. Another type of corset dress is known as the sexy corset dress where the tapering starts from under the breast and goes down to the hips area. Then we have the longline corset kind of dress where you have the tapering starting from under the breast or over the breast area and extends to the hips area. This type of style is very good for those who have long torsos and hips a bit more pronounced.

The style helps smoothen out the hips to give a perfect figure. The classy corset dress and elegant corset dress are a must-have corset dress. They are so pretty and act as a potential booster to your confidence. Of all the above types of corset dresses, a standard corset dress is what is common because it is designed to suit most body types. The mini corset dress is becoming popular with different groups adopting it and using it for different occasions.

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  • Sale! Elegant Corset Dress

    The corset attribute in this bodice outfit makes sure that the body looks fantastic in it. Corset gowns are so pretty when worn and can act as a potential booster to your confidence. Step out in style with your gown and capture the looks of your dress as you walk in. You can wear your corset dress for any kind of event.

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    Elegant Corset Dress

    Corset Dress $111.97
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  • Sale! Mini corset dress

    The mini corset does not go out of style. Different groups have adopted it and use it for their occasions. The mini corset dress looks good on those who wear it. The corset part attached to it gives you a slim fit and classy look.

    • Red pretty dress
    • Corset designed
    • Gives a slim-fit
    • Best gift for a loved one
    • Available in different waist sizes
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    Mini Corset Dress

    Corset Dress $81.97
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  • Sale! Sexy Corset Dress

    Are you going for a gala, prom, dinner or even a date night out?. You can opt for the sexy corset dress to stun all who see you. The corset feature in this corset dress ensures that the body looks great in it. Corset dresses are so pretty when worn and increase your confidence. Step out in style with your dress and catch the glances of your dress as you walk in.

    • Colour: Blue
    • Condition: 100% Brand New
    • Material: Polyester, Spandex
    • Features: Lace up back, layered design
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    Sexy Corset Dress

    Corset Dress $29.97$68.97
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  • Sale! Classy Corset Dress
    The classy corset dress should be any lady’s top pick should they want to shop for one. It comes with its own style and design. Beautiful linen material or polyester is used to make its designs.  They are a timeless piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe.
    • Colour : Red, Pink
    • Linen and polyester – designed corset dress
    • Superb for cocktails and evening galas
    • Perfect gift to loved ones
    • Layered dress
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    Classy Corset Dress

    Corset Dress $78.99$82.99
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  • Sale! Fashionable Green Corset DressFashionable Green Corset Dress
    The fashionable green corset dress comes in a well-designed form and ensures that the finishing is smooth and beautiful. You will not have any dull moments wearing this type of corset dress. It is comfortable and classic to wear. It can be worn to weddings, cocktails, soirees, red carpet events and the list is endless
    • Colour: Green
    • Material: Lace, Polyester
    • Condition: 100% Brand New
    • Features: Lace-up back with flowery bust and waistline design
    • Excellent as a gift
    • Perfect for cocktails, dinners, red carpet events
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    Fashionable Green Corset Dress

    Corset Dress $67.97$68.97
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  • Sale! sexy lace bow corset dress
    These extremely well-thought-of and intricate designs using the lace ensures that the sexy lace bow corset dress comes out in the best of finishing. When it is worn, it makes your beauty even more spectacular. This corset dress is meant to give you that classy and elegant look when you arrive at your event. It ensures that you get an hourglass shape with that slim fit look you desire.
    • Colours: Purple, Blue, Red, Pink
    • Condition: 100% Brand New
    • Material: Lace, Polyester
    • Feature: Lace-up back
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    Sexy Lace Bow Corset Dress

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  • Sale! Lace-up Corset Dress

    Lace-up Corset Dress

    Corset Dress $74.97$75.97
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Types of fabrics that can be used for corset dresses

Dresses made in corset style sometimes do have garters and these are to help hold up stockings and belts. Since corset dresses have the upper part tight to give the bottom a fuller look. Everyone has a fabric they are comfortable in so getting a corset dress means it must be in a comfortable fabric too. Getting a corset dress is a big deal because it’s a onetime clothing one must have in their closet. You can have the corset dress in different fabrics such as leather, brocade, satin, mesh or cotton. The thing, however, is that each and every fabric does have their advantages and disadvantages. Mesh: mesh fabrics are very light and breathable which is good for making corset dress.

It’s so light to have a mesh corset that its comfortable to wear it under your clothing or over your clothing. Because it is light you can wear it any time of the year without thinking of how warm the weather is. Considering the fact that it is a light fabric you avoid all kinds of a bulge when you wear it, giving you a perfect look. Satin: wearing a satin corset under your clothes is just perfect because it is a slippery fabric and makes it easy for your clothes to slide over it.

Continuation of types of fabric for corset dress

Brocade: brocade fabrics are mainly made of thick polyester and other blends of fabric. The outcome of that blend is a gorgeous fabric that has the feeling of upholstery or tapestry fabric. Because of its beautiful feel and design, brocade corset dresses come out as a beautiful piece of art and very elegant.

If you are looking for a thick fabric then the brocade fabric is the best because the blend comes out as a thick fabric which has many uses. Most of the above corset dress made out of the fabrics above flow on the body but it is different from the brocade corset dress. It is heavy and must, therefore, be used to create the upper portion of the dress which is the corset and then the bottom part can have a different fabric or mixed with another lighter fabric. Every woman’s wardrobe must have at least one brocade fabric dress because it adds some class to the wardrobe.

Leather: leather corset dresses are simple and flexible considering the leather is made from lambskin. Generally, when leather is mentioned, the thought that comes to mind is the stiff texture that is associated with leather.
But that is not the case when we talk of leather corset dress because the leather used is the lambskin which is very comfortable is much softer than the ones we are used to.

All you need to know about corset dresses

The corset is sprung from the old French word corps which literally means little body and this word stems from a Latin word corpus which also means body. During 1828 corset became a common word in the English language. Although before then the word used in the ladies magazine which referred to corset was quilted waistcoat. In the old days not anyone (dressmaker) was able to make corsets because it was a very respected type of clothing so must be made well. The ones who made corsets were, therefore, a specialist called corset makers and it was made specifically to fit the individual wearing. The art of making or constructing a corset dress is known as corsetry. This word is also used as the plural form of corsets.

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