Crochet Box Braids are a beautiful addition to your hair

Box braids have a beautiful touch to it. It adds up to the radiance of the wearer. The normal way in which box braids are fixed on the hair is through braiding. But now crochet box braids have been introduced. The term simply means having your box braids crocheted instead of it being braided together with your hair. Crotchet box braids are done with the help of a crocheting pin.
The crotchet box braids as found on this website comes in different colours and sizes. You can have a bundle of crotchet box braids in all brown, or all black or all wine, all red. You can also have some with a combination of colours. Other crochet box braids are black, purple and blue. Other varieties have combinations that are pink and black or ash and black, black violet and light turquoise. Get your crochet braids in different sizes from a medium, to small to large designs. Some have the diameter of a pen, others are also as fat as the thumb. Some crochet box braids are bouncy, some are straight, some are in curls at the edges, others don’t have any curls, those with curls can also have a different colour from the main upper part of the hair. Other crochet box braids have a mixed colour pattern and look woven. These types come in multi colours that take on a patterned-like design that is already braided. You only sew it onto the air. These patterns come in cream and turquoise blue, deep blue and red, cream and red, summer green and brown, summer green and black. The length of the crochet braids ranges from 12 inches – 30 inches. Some of these crochet box braids when worn are very long up to the bottom area, others are up to the shoulder and others are up to the neck – very short. These braids also come in twists and others come in cornrow. Crochet box braids can be thick and also thin in size. The texture of the hair is silky and smooth and gives a beautiful finish. The bundles of crochet box braids come in their packaging and may have more hair and others less. This is because the wig types that manufacturers use in producing the wigs differ.

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