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Wear your crop top any way you want it

The crop top is one that when worn expose the belly. It is sometimes known as a tummy top or belly top. It can be worn during summer mainly because the temperatures will be down and you can show off some skin.
Crop tops reveal your mid waist area and you can have them in different lengths. Whether it is white, wine, blue, plum, pink, ash, yellow, red. You can rock your crop top with some summer pants or some tattered jeans and you will look hot. It’s easy to wear and perfect for the lighter weather and the best way to enjoy the sunny days ahead. Add a little bit of attitude and class to your day by wearing the crop top.

Show off your shapely navel and beautiful body in your summer crop top. To get that body that will fit nicely in this kind of top, you may need to hit the gym regularly though. On the other hand, if you’re trim and fit and have a wonderfully toned body, you can experiment with crop tops. Donning some faded jeans with the top plus some heels will make you look flaming hot and ready to take on your day. If you also do not want to show too much of your tummy there are crop tops that are a bit longer but still comfortable and beautiful. Spice things up with your wardrobe and enjoy the best of the summer with casual crop tops of different kinds.

Crop tops come in different designs

The crop top is usually made from different materials but cotton is the dominant material that most of them are made from. The designs for some crop tops can have crisscrosses around the belly area, others are designed in a way that you have a thread in the arms and around the belly where you can pull and tie in a knot. There also exists the likes of the sleeveless buttoned crop top. and the backless crochet – knit crop top. You are free to experiment which type of this top will fit for you. You should, however, remember to choose the patterns and designs that will fit your body shape. Add a clutch, some anklets and stilettos to seal off that dashing look. You will definitely charm your audience in your crop top.

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  • Sale! Sexy Crop Top

    You can rock your crop top and show off your hourglass shape. Wear it with anything that you want – It could be tattered jeans, frayed skirts, hot shorts, or even tights. Whatever you decide to match with the crop top to give you that flattering look is your own choice. Flaunt that body in your sexy crop top. Enjoy all the attention it gives and step out in style as a fashionista.

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    Sexy Crop Top

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  • Sale! Padded Crop TopPadded Crop Top

    The padded crop top is a choice for those looking for crop tops to wear. The comfort and support it gives to the breasts make it easy to wear. There are so many varieties now with beautiful styles to choose from and it is a crop top variety with a difference.

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    • Womens crop top
    • Fashionable floral lace
    • Padded bra design
    • Firm hold on breasts
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    Padded Crop Top

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  • Sale! Lace Bralette Crop TopLace Bralette Crop Top

    The crop top has come up as an all-time favourite, especially for the summer weather. Whether it is for a hangout with friends or just going to the beach, appear in a crop top and steal the show. Be the talk of the day. The lace bralette crop top, therefore, is a good option for anyone to add your wardrobe. They are in vogue and come in beautiful styles. Wear one and be the talk of the event. The crop to has, therefore, come to stay.

    • Sexy lace bralette
    • Available in different colours
    • Lace-made
    • Perfect for picnics, parties, dinners
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    Lace Bralette Crop Top

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  • Sale! Backless Crochet-Knit Crop Top

    Get that sexy look on with your backless crochet-knit crop top. The crochet material has its own beauty when it is used to make clothing. Two colours or more can be infused to make it look more attractive. The crop top, therefore, forms an important part of fashion now. It always makes a comeback in the fashion world no matter how long it may seem to disappear.

    •  100 Brand new and high-quality crop top
    • Backless and adjustable halter straps
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    • Comfortable and stylish knitted crochet crop
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    Backless Crochet-Knit Crop Top

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  • Sale! Sleeveless buttoned crop topSleeveless buttoned crop top

    Rock your sleeveless buttoned crop top with some tattered jeans, faded skirts, shorts or capris. Flatter yourself in your crop top throughout the day. Create those special moments by snapping amazing pictures of yourself in the crop top. You will definitely be smiling some years down the line at the memory you created.

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    • Sexy crop top
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    Sleeveless Buttoned Crop Top

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  • Sale! Summer Crop Top

    Flatter yourself in your summer crop top throughout the day or even the night. There is no limitation on where you can wear it to because if it is for the night, there are stylish ones that can be worn to dinners and night events. It s made for enjoying the summer days ahead. Show off your navel and body in your crop top. Expect some onlookers to admire you.

    • Womens Crop tops
    • Mid waist length
    • Shape-flattering crop top
    • Different sizes fit
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    Summer Crop Top

    Crop Top $45.97
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The crop top then

The crop top though may seem like a tiny part of fashion has become one of the new trends. The fashion piece has had it up and down times but overall, it has also made a strong comeback. In the past, the crop top was more conservative and therefore not showing much skin. People wore them buy only to picnic or poolside jams. The crop top has been in existence since the 1940s’ but it actually reached its peak in the ’80s due to pop culture. Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s was also seen donning the crop top in style. There are pictures of other famous fashion icons also wearing the crop top all the way to the 1980s with even  Madonna being part.

 The hippie movement for example advocated for the “au naturel” look. They refused to conform to the existing American culture and the popular ways, the crop top came about also by people trying their blouses in front. Dirty dancing, flashdance were all iconic in the past and it came with its fashion style which included the crop top. These tops took centre stage in dance uniforms and even aerobic classes as well as in the gym. You would see an array of women all in crop tops working it out at the gym. 

The crop top in current times

Especially in the ’70s and ’80s, the crop top craze was very widespread. Everywhere you went you would see people in them. Even celebrities in series’ like “saved by the bell” were seen flaunting in crop tops. Famous pop stars including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were seen in crop tops. The more recent teen star Miley Cyrus has also been spotted wearing a crop top in the wake of its obsession. For a while, the trend seemed to be on break but in 2011/2012, it returned to the runway and to urban life.

Designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo unveiled a sophisticated version of crop tops on the runway. These designs could be worn for evening wear and several other occasions. It became the spotlight of clothing for the season. The crop top is, therefore, driving the influence of pop culture. When we see artists like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus in them it’s a fashion statement to say that the greatest icons are still wearing them and its in style. They are reliving the days of the crop top. You can get different types on crop tops from shops now. There are distinct designs that have been made and they include the lace bralette crop top. Others do not have this bra-attached design of crop top but instead have pads incorporated in them. Example is the padded crop top. This is done to provide maximum comfort for the breasts when worn. That shows the diversity in the making of crop tops.

Did men also wear crop tops?

The answer is are resounding “Yes”. Since the 1970s’ to the 1980s’ men were seen all over wearing crop tops. Especially those in the punk groups who enjoyed the metallic range of music. Men wore them to the gym to escape the rules of being shirtless in the gym. Nike expanded its apparel to include crop tops for men. Famous people like Johnny Depp wore one in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Showing their bellies was not a problem for them.

They were called half-shirts back then buy they enjoyed wearing them all the same. It started with the football jerseys before people also took the DIY initiative to create crop tops on their own. Crop tops are still trending for men because, in 2015, 2016 Versace released a collection that brought crop tops back to the runway. Now, fairly some number of men may choose to wear crop tops now but it’s not as famous as the way a lot of women will wear it. It was back in the days that crop tops were easily worn by men. Now, it seems the women have taken over.

Crop tops are therefore not out of fashion completely. You can certainly get some to buy from the clothing store. Your dream to look dashing will not be shattered or lost. There are shops that still have crop tops for sale for those who want them. Wear your sexy crop top and enjoy all the attention that it comes with. Show off your hourglass shape.

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