Crucifix Necklace

Crucifix necklace for religious purpose

Seeing people wearing the crucifix necklace automatically says something about the wearer. It is either the person is wearing the beautiful crucifix necklace for religious purposes or for fashion, it can either be one or the other. For religious purposes, a lot of emphases is placed on the cross because it has a significance and is associated with the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. Catholics are very particular about the crucifix because their rosary has it and it’s considered sacred.

There is no mass held in a Catholic church without the crucifix because it is the first thing that is taken to the altar and also the first to leave the altar before the priest. A crucifix necklace worn by anybody confirms the wearers’ faith however it is also an ornament that makes the wearer feel protected. For religious purposes, the crucifix necklace has the same shape and sizes and in the case of Catholics, the rosaries are the same. There is a crucifix necklace for men and women. 

Crucifix necklace for fashion purpose

On the other hand, when it comes to fashion crucifix necklaces they come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Although this accessory dates back to the Roman empire, it has lasted up till now and has become one of the popular request made by people to jewelers. Some of the crucifix necklaces for fashion are plain cross necklaces with no image of Jesus on it. To people who wear the crucifix necklace mainly for fashion, this is a sign of respect for the religious people. Most crucifix necklaces, like the charm unisex crucifix necklace, is unisex. However, some are made specifically for men. The men stainless steel crucifix necklace and men vintage crucifix necklace are examples.

Even with the crucifix that has the image on the cross, it is made very fashionably to differentiate it between the religious ones and the ones made for fashion. The crucifix necklace comes in studs or designed with different items to make it very beautiful and fashionable. Layered Style crucifix necklaces come in layers. Some materials used in producing these crucifix necklaces range from gold, silver, bronze, copper, black metal glass, etc. All these come together to create a beautiful piece that is used by individuals to show their religious as well as fashion sense.

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    The timeless fashion crucifix necklace is for those that mean to expose both a mix of the old and also new style. Put on one, in addition, to remain in design. The appeal unisex crucifix necklace is created those that wish to continue to be stylishly. It is created for the fashionable.

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    Having one of these layered style crucifix necklace speak volumes about the users design and what they value as part of their garments. Choose this kind of necklace and show you are abreast with new fashion trends. Get yourself one and stay in touch with your fashion sense. The layered style crucifix necklace is made for those that intend to continue to be stylish. It is created for the fashionable.

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    The classic crucifix pendant is for those who intend to reveal both a mix of the old and new fashion fads. Put on one as well as remain in design. The charm unisex crucifix necklace is made for those who want to remain in style. It is created for the fashionable. It speaks volumes regarding the wearer’s style and what they value as part of their clothing.

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    The men vintage crucifix necklace is created for those who want to be in vogue. It is made for the fashionable. Some materials used in producing these crucifix lockets vary from gold, silver, bronze, copper, black steel glass, etc. All these integrated to develop a gorgeous piece that is made use of by people to reveal their religious along with fashion sense. For men, it speaks volumes about their class and what they appreciate as part of their clothing. The men vintage crucifix necklace is for those who want to show both a mixture of the old and new fashion trends. Wear one and be in style.

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  • Sale! Beautiful Crucifix NecklaceBeautiful Crucifix Necklace

    The beautiful crucifix necklace is a piece of jewellery to be added to your chain collection as it highlights the contours of your neck. The designs are very beautiful and when worn makes a person look good. The necklace is worn to highlight the clothes you are wearing be it in gold or silver. Choose your shape and add a new twist to your clothing.

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    Stainless steel is well known for its ability to resist corrosion with the weather changes. They are made to last and withstand the different weather conditions all the time. It has been set to prevent rust and corrosion or staining. The materials used ensure high self-maintenance when it is worn. Anti-sweat, anti-rust, anti – colour fade material used.

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Origination of the crucifix necklace

The widespread usage of the cross started a way to identify Christians from the fourth century. In Greek wording, a similar-looking letter like the cross was used to shorten the spelling for a cross. This can be found in very old manuscripts of the new testaments on pages sixty-six, forty-five and seventy-five. During those early times, it was not easy for Christians since some were victimized or ridiculed. So they were scared to show it openly. Emperor Constantine who converted to Christianity in the fourth-century changes were made where the crucifixion was gotten rid off and the cross was used in place of that.

The crucifix necklace is a representation of the structure on which Jesus died and Christians use it as a symbol of their faith and hope in that act which shows how much God loves sinners enough to give away His only son. People refer to the crucifix necklace as the cross necklace and vice versa since they are similar. The difference between these tow crucifix necklaces and the cross necklace is that with the cross-shaped necklace there is no image of Jesus on the cross. Whiles on the crucifix necklace, there is an image of Jesus on it which is sometimes engraved or the image protruding from the cross. The crucifix necklace can mostly be seen with Catholics prefer it to the cross and attach a lot of respect and importance to the crucifix necklace also called the rosary.

More details about the crucifix necklace

The Latin word cruci fixus which means one fixed to the cross is an image of Jesus on a cross. This is totally different from a normal cross which is normally seen worn by just about anybody for religious purposes or for making a fashion statement. Jesus is on the cross is referred to in Latin as corpus which in English means body.

The crucifix necklace is a very important symbol for most Christians and especially the Roman Catholics. However, the Orthodox churches also use the crucifix in most of the dealings as well as the Anglicans and Lutheran churches. In some other churches such as the protestant denominations the crucifix is less visible and what its replaced with is the cross. The cross which does not have the image of Jesus on the cross is rather preferred to these churches. On western crucifix necklaces, you can see the Jesus body in the three-dimensional figure.

This is not the case when it comes to the eastern orthodox crucifix which rather has the body inscribed and painted on the cross. For the cross with the image of Jesus to be called a crucifix the cross with the image must be three dimensional and this shows the difference. Unfortunately, that is not the case because it is not strictly adhered to by most people or even the church. The mass which is observed by Roman Catholics always have the crucifix above the altar on the wall.

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