Ancient and Modern Dashiki (Daishiki) Clothing For All Events!

Dashiki, sometimes spelled as daishiki, is a colorful and unique garment-like tunic that covers the body.  Dashiki clothes are worn by many people around the world. There are even dashikis for kids and specifically, dashiki for toddlers and other children.  It is worn for both informal and formal occasions and also for ceremonies. Dashiki is for all religions. Christians, Muslims and other followers of indigenous African traditional religions adore Dashikis. Generally, Dashikis are paired with drawstring pants that match the clothing. Bridegrooms also wear Dashikis for wedding ceremonies. You can get long sleeves dashikis or short sleeves dashikis.  You can even get a T-shirt style dashiki. Dashiki is ideal clothing for anyone who wants to connect with the past and future generations and one who wants to study the African culture. They are made from lace, African print, brocade, cotton, suiting or silk fabrics. Dashikis or daishiki come in different colors and designs. The shirts are unisex clothing but the dresses are worn by females only. There are also t-shirts, dresses up to the knee and those below the knee available. The shirts are either tailored short sleeve or loose-fitting and often have a V-shaped neckline. Some of these clothing also comes in elaborate and simple embroidery patterns, mostly along the chest, sleeve, and neckline and they reflect the Western Africa spirited beauty. Sizes range from small to XXL. Dashiki represents good taste and heritage. It is also comfortable and stylish. It offers the best of contemporary and tradition in its design. Colors include white, blue and beautiful lavenders, cream and other elegant Dashiki styles. Every color has a meaning or symbolizes an occasion. An example is the blue Dashiki shirt. It represents harmony and love and is worn by both males and females. Interestingly, you can pair your Dashiki with a kufi to set off that African look. Kufi is a West African traditional hat which is mostly worn by African men. It gives an impression of a wise and respectable leader of the community. Dashiki or daishiki comes from the Yoruba word ‘Dàńṣíkí’ and it means ‘inner garment’ or ‘shirt’. In Congo and Ghana, it is called ‘Angelina’. Dashiki has been recognized all over the world as an item of smart-looking clothing and has gained popularity all over. Children have grown fond of Dashiki clothing due to the cultural background ii carries. Children in these clothing look fabulous for any occasion.

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    Ladies Bazin Long Sleeve Dashiki Dress is used for both casual and official celebrations as well as events. It depicts the African culture and is beautiful on the skin. Suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

    • Light Texture
    • Long Sleeve
    • Round Neck
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    African Dashiki Slim Sleeved Dress is a colorful and also special garment-like tunic that covers the body. It is used for both casual and formal occasions and also for ceremonies. This dress is for all religions and suitable for any individual who intends to connect with the past as well as future generations.

    • Autumn And Winter Printing
    • Slim Sleeved Dress
    • New Fashionable African Wear
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    Unisex Dashiki T-shirts


    Unisex Dashiki T-shirts come in various colors and designs. The T-shirts are unisex clothes. There are also styles that are spruce up to the knee and those below the knee on sale. The T-shirts are either customized short sleeve or loose-fitting and typically have a V-shaped neckline. There are different designs and styles available too.

    • African Traditional Printed Design
    • 100% cotton T-shirts
    • For both Male and Females
    • BUST: 130cm
    • Length: 74 cm
    • One size fits most
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    Dashiki Dress is a magnificent classy African gown for women. It depicts the African pride, looking to Africa as the initial home of the diaspora and also using that culture without apology. All kinds of amazing colors and designs are available.

    • Women’s 100% Cotton African Print Dashiki
    • Stunning elegant African Ladies Dress
    • Short sleeve: Bust is 128cm, 50.4in
    • No sleeve: Bust is 138cm, 54.3in
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    African dashiki outfits are chosen specifically for their special design and styling. They make you fashionable and outstanding for all occasions. Wear these clothes to show the beauty in culture and tradition.

    • Elastic African Bazin
    • 3 Size Baggy Pants Rock Style
    • Dashiki Sleeve Dress
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    Kids Dashiki T-shirts are simple and decent clothing and can be worn to any event. The T-shirt designs are also made with pure cotton and come with one-of-a-kind unique touch. The layouts of these T-shirts are customized to perfection and suits your child’s dress needs. Get one of these stylish dashiki T-shirts for a good look and an exciting cultural experience.

    • Traditional African Print Design
    • T-shirts for Both Boys and Girls
    • Comfortable and soft on the skin
    • 100% cotton T-shirt
    • Pure African Wax Print Applique In front
    • Made in the USA


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    African Bazin Embroidery Couple wear is specially designed for the family. The attire has the same design as the father, mother, and children. wearing this designer attire is a sign that you have a vibrantly colored gown that is in most cases freely customized with a particular textile style initially from West Africa.

    • African Bazin Embroidery Couple Wear
    • African clothing for me, women and Children
    • Riche embroidery design
    • Comes with One Scarf
    • Size from L to 5XL
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    Irrespective of the occasion or program you want to attend, note that New Style African Women Dashiki Clothing is versatile and adaptable and therefore will suit that occasion. We have awesome and perfect selections available for you to choose from.

    • Fashionable Print Cloth
    • Dress Size: L  XL  XXL  3XL  4X   FH225
    • Long and Loose Clothing
    • Quality and Soft Texture
    • Does not Irritate or Cause Itching
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    If you have actually been searching for a good African print outfit to rock your wardrobe, you need not look farther as our designer men’s embroidery dashiki long sleeve shirt has everything. These shirts come in large sizes and slim dimensions. There are plenty of these shirt layouts for you to choose from.

    •  African Print Dashiki Dress Shirt
    • Men Long Sleeve Shirts
    • Africa Clothing Camisa
    • Embroidery Design
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    Grab a stylish dashiki Women African Dashiki Suit and enjoy it’s exceeding flamboyant style and shade. African fashion is diverse when it pertains to designs and textiles. The Dashiki is just one of the fabrics that make a few of the one-of-a-kind outfits in Africa.

    • Elastic  Autumn  Design Long Sleeve
    • Nice Embroidered  Bazin Suit For Women
    • Quality Fabric and Unique Design
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    Grab these stylish Fashionable African Dashiki Dresses and enjoy its exceeding flamboyant style and shade. If you have actually been searching for a good dashiki dress to shake your closet, you need not look further as our thorough material on dashiki dresses has all of it

    • African Dresses 
    • Neck: V neck 
    • 50% Discount
    • Material: Polyester
    • Gender: Women
    • Sexy Outfit
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    If you have actually been searching for a good African print outfit to rock your child’s wardrobe, you need not look farther as our designer Kids Dashiki Print Clothes has everything. 

    • Material: COTTON
    • Item Type: Africa Clothing
    • Feature: 100% pure cotton
    • lined: on
    • pattern type: dashiki
    •  Newborn Infant Boys Jumpsuits
    • Toddler Girls Clothing 
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    Pure African Dashiki Shirt represents the taste and also heritage. It is a comfortable and stylish wear. It supplies the best of modern-day and personalizes it in its design.

    • Special Use: Traditional Clothing
      Item Type: Africa Clothing
      Type: Dashiki
    • Gender: Men
    • Material: COTTON
    • 50% DISCOUNT!

Dynamic and Versatile Styles of Dashiki

Dashiki During the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement in America, Dashiki found a market and gained popularity. As early as the year 1967, Dashiki was appearing in prints. In 1968, it was featured in the movies Uptight, Putney Swope in 1969 and Soul Train ( a weekly television series) in 1971. To express counterculture values, Hippies added Dashikis to their wardrobe. Marion Barry, a former district Columbia mayor, and council member was popularly known for wearing Dashiki clothing, leading up to elections. Most African American singers and musicians including Rihanna, Q-Tip, Beyoncé, ScHoolboy Q, and many others have been seen wearing Dashiki during their performances and as casual wears. African fashion has been an interest in most American communities since President Obama won the elections. Mostly, clothing express who we are and African’s celebrate their heritage through varieties of styles of African clothing. These dynamic and versatile styles tell everyone who they are and what they stand for. Certainly, all African clothing have rich manifold history.

How to Dress With Dashiki (Daishiki)

Dashiki clothing comes in crazy styles and their composure and uniqueness cannot be overlooked. They are amazing in turning your ordinary styles into enthusiastic ones you will certainly love. Below are a few tips on how to dress with Dashiki.
1. Dashiki top with jeans: You can make your look and style impactful by wearing Dashiki clothing with a sensual pair of heels and skinny jeans, accessorized with minimal jewelry and light make-up. This will bring out a formal and casual essence.
2. Pair your Dashiki coat with a tank top combo and dashing ripped jeans for that amazing look. You can also pair it with an inspiring wedge heel for a more phenomenal and confident look.
3. Bright Green Dashiki for the Summer: looking for that simple and lovely look for the summer?, a Dashiki top together with a pair of shorts will enhance your look. You can also curl your hair for a hot and sexy look and you are good to go.
4. Tropical Dashiki dress for night programs: you will be amazed at the transformation a short Dashiki dress can make on your body. You won’t get over that classy summer look it will grace you with. Nice shade and a pair of heels is mandatory to pull off that look.
5. Dashikis for the little ones: it is never too late or early to have the little ones start wearing Dashiki. Children look amazing in these outfits and they come in different sizes ranging from three (3) months to eighteen (18) months and above. You can also get all sizes ( from small to size L) in children’s clothing. Your children will look like little princes and princesses in such outfits.
6. Dashiki shirts for the men: men can wear Dashiki to look inspired. A man can wear Dashiki long sleeves in the cold weather conditions to keep him warm and looking great. A Dashiki T-shirt is also cool for all weather conditions. You can also get them in different colors and sizes.
Looking flawless and amazing is easy with a Dashiki. The clothing is easy to get and easy to wear. They also come in all sizes, from toddlers to children and older men and women. They are suitable for all occasions, from casual to dinner, meetings, parties and any other program. Dashiki is all-weather clothing. They are suitable for both cold and hot weather conditions, beach wears, summer and winter. Dashiki panties are also fancy and colorful, good enough to draw the attention of your desire. They are sexy and beautiful beachwear’s. Look fashionable, unique and complete with a Dashiki for all meetings and programs.