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A lot of people have wondered where drama masks have come from. It features prominently in many of play scenes today. It forms part of entertaining people and helping them release stress or tension. There is no better way to unwind after a long week than to sit through your favorite performance. Performances, however, do not go without drama masks. They are used to enhance the intensity of the play or carry out the exact mood and feel of the drama they want to communicate to the audience. Drama masks do just this, they bring heightened entertainment to the audience. Even sometimes at school, kids are asked to role-play with drama masks on special days to show their creativity. The use of drama masks helps them to have a feel of live stage experience. Drama masks are used to communicate different feelings to audiences when they are used. Happiness can be communicated to the audience through the use of the jester style drama masks. The wittiness court jesters in kings palaces in the past served as a source of inspiration for these drama masks. For those who want the fun off stage, you can get carnival art drama masks for yourself.

A look into drama masks

In drama, there are two main kinds of masks that are used. The one with the smiley face, and the one with the sad face depending on what the producer wants to portray. The modern theatre has these two representations. The “thalia” is the muse of comedy and “Melpomene” the muse of tragedy. Drama masks have their origins from the open-air theatres in ancient Athens. They helped the actors showcase broad emotions in different roles. It is said that those who worshipped the ancient god Dionysus wore masks as part of their ritual worship to him. Dionysus is known as the Greek god of fertility. It is believed to be associated with harvest (especially of grapes for wine). Such situations produced choruses that were sung at drama festivals.  From these chants, sounds and performances came drama. By the 5th century BC, different types of masks emerged in acting at Athenian theatres.

Drama masks grew in theatre traditions in Greece. They came with painted exaggerated expressions and helped the actors show their emotions. These were done in the amphitheaters. The drama masks were worn by these actors to show different roles. Gender and age was not a barrier.

The tragic mask gave the actor a higher elevation on stage. The comedy mask is used by comic actors. These two brought life to Greek theatre festivals. Now there are still drama masks being used for different shows across the world. They come in different shapes and designs. Some are even now used out of the theatres and at carnivals to entertain like the sexy masquerade drama masks.

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What drama means

Drama refers to a play performed in theatres, or radio or on TV. It’s a genre of poetry that has more dramatic modes. Drama stems from the Greek word which means “action”. The two drama masks that are shown always draw the intersection between comedy and tragedy. The standard term for dramas in Shakespeare’s time was the world game or play. Producers were not called play-makers but dramatists.  Drama refers to a play that’s neither tragedy nor comedy. Dramas enactment is in theatres with actors on stage and before an audience. Drama is mainly guided by collaborative production and the collective reception of the drama produced. The incorporated use of these drama masks helped portray accurately, the emotions of the dramatist and his cast.

Drama in its forms

Drama and drama masks have existed in different forms from the olden days until now. Mime as a form of drama is where a story is told through the movement of the body. This can be combined with music, which makes is opera. Drama is possible to have musicals both in a dialogue form and individual songs. Though the text is of dramas are usually developed before performing, in some cases the text is spontaneous.  Western opera drama types resemble that of the Renaissance period. In the bid to revive classical Greek drama which included speech, dance songs combined, western opera was born. Infused with western classical music the opera has also undergone different changes. A man named Richard Wagner is said to have brought some reforms to the opera tradition. He felt that the music was overshadowing the importance of the drama. He therefore sought to restore the connection between the two. He did this to show that both are of equal importance in a drama. He, therefore, names it musical dramas. The importance of drama masks in this era was therefore rekindled.

Pantomiming also featured prominently in musical comedy and was made for family entertainment. It is well known in British culture and performed during the Yuletide or New Year. This type of drama includes songs, comedy, dancing and combines humor with stories based on popular fairy tales or fables.  “Panto” is described as more participatory because some parts require the audience to respond and sing with the actors. All these were done with the drama masks carrying across important messages to the crowd. In other countries, the use of the word pantomime refers to miming instead of a theatrical performance.

Drama masks today

Drama masks today include the smiling and frowning faces. They are the smile and frown faces that were made in the past. But now even with these, there are more additions that have been made to it. They include various designs like the cat-shaped masks, masks for carnivals and many more. Dramatists of today have added new types to portray the message that they want to carry across. Drama masks and costumes today are made in an exaggerated manner to make it easy to identify the characters. Drama masks are used to show character and mood. It communicates the characters feeling in a subtle way and through body language. Everything that was done on stage and these drama masks are sending messages to the audience. Messages that carry an undertone of the dramatists’ plan for the show. Some drama masks are made with an aesthetic appeal like the rainbow lace drama masks are simply beautiful to have on. For that additional anonymous look drama masks are your best option.

Drama masks, therefore, portray these two major themes and that is joy or sorrow. The stories of sorrow and joy are always portrayed together in these masks and show the basic underlying theme of each stage act. The drama masks were meant to show various moods at any point in time. For a more dramatic effect and feline outlook, the cat eye drama masks are for you. 

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