Dress boots for the fashionable

Dress boots have gained the title of being fashionable for years. They appear in almost all catwalk and runway shows that designers organize. They have never gone out of fashion. No matter what you match it on, it fits. Dress boots come in different heel sizes and colours as well as styles. They are for both men and women. For women,  dress boots can have stiletto heels, some have high heels, others have low heels and some are in-between high and low. No matter the heel size you want – whether flat, with a few inches or even six inches and above you can get it. You can get the traditional black colour which goes with anything or other colours of your choice. Some boots are in rubber material, while some are made of leather, in some cases snakeskin may be used, at other times they are made from the suede material. Dress boots can also be made from goatskin, python skin, and ostrich skin or leopard skin. The famous type of dress boots have been created are by the Lucchese label but these are mainly cowboy boots for the farm and wildlife setting. That notwithstanding, if you’re daring enough, you can still don them as you go about your daily work.
There are dress boots for casual and formal purposes. You can wear them to the office and you also wear some for daily use. The Doc Martens label also has become very common and popular especially for women. However with this label also, men can wear them. It has a vintage look and adds up some spice to what you put on. This label of dress boots mainly comes in darker colours such as black and brown but there are also bright colours like green, yellow, red. You can have high top boots that reach some metres above the ankle or low cut ones which are just at the ankle. Some have also been designed with a high heel for ladies. Dress boots usually have a strong and sturdy built to last for long. There are different types of boots on the market now or those who want to show a professional or sexy image. Some boots can be worn with mini – dresses and skirts whilst there are also knee-length boots or ones that reach to the thigh. No matter where it is worn to, dress boots make you look fashionable.

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