Ear cuff

People want to always look fashionable and feel good about themselves. This is reflected in the accessories that are added to make the appearance classy. Therefore women especially go in for the ear cuffs for beautification.
An ear cuff is a ring-like ornament that is worn on the ear. It stays put by fixing the ear cuff on the ear. When you wear them, you get a look of pierced ears but in reality, your ears are not pierced and the ear cuff is not permanent. They are made out of the same materials that rings and other jewellery are made up of. Names for the ear cuff in the past have included “kaffa”.

Ear cuff in its forms and types

You can wear ear cuffs without having to pierce your ears. There are sturdy parts of the jewellery that fix firmly onto your ear and prevent it from falling off. The ear cuff has a variety of colours that are available include gold and silver mainly. The designs for a good ear cuff varies greatly. There are simple thick one-piece ones, there are ones with feathers at the edges. There are some with tassels, others with either simple studs or heavily studded ones for those who want some shine. There are also some with a snake design for those who have a thing for nature. There are even dragon designs for the adventurous. You can also get an ear cuff which has 8-pieces in its set. This set has different coloured studs on display for each cuff. There’s blue, red, pink, turquoise, gold, black, white and the list goes on. Other ear cuffs come with ancient designs or rose patterns and sometimes stars. Some come with extended feathers either at the edge of it or hanging on one side. You can also get simply coloured thin round ones made from different colours. Ear cuffs get the attention of people when it is worn because of its elaborate design and where its placed on the ear.
They come in different sizes. Some are so small that they can fit into your thumbs and others a big. Ear cuffs can have more than one colour on it, others are also only one colour. To choose one, it largely depends on what you want. On this website, you can find an array of ear cuffs to choose from.

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    Single Ear Cuff


    Single ear cuff comes in a variety of colours. They are also varying designs that these studs come in. Depending on what you prefer there is a wide variety for you to choose from. They complement your clothing and give you a chic and urban look. It is indeed made for modern times. Your attire is not complete without this single ear cuff. There are different colours to choose from depending on what you want to match it with. Wear with style and complete that look.

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    Have your beautiful ear cuff as part of your clothing. It is a vintage accessory that all will attest to for its beauty. The ear cuff is here to stay and is a trending accessory that manufacturers have ensured that it doesn’t go out of fashion. Wear it to complete your attire and look as dashing as possible. Choose your favourite design and add style to your outfit. Stay in touch and on top with your fashion trend by owning an ear cuff. It is set to make you look extra good for your occasions.

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    Fashionable Ear Cuff


    You can be fashionable all day and any day in your ear cuff. Wear it and get the complements of your friends and loved ones. This ear cuff is meant for all occasions – whether it’s a party, dinner, hanging out with friends or even simply at home. This fashionable ear cuff can be worn for as long s you want. It comes in different designs that you can make a choice from.

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    Then the dragon-shaped ear cuff is for you. This ear cuff comes in the shape of a dragon. It adds a new twist to the way you look. Add to the mystery about you by wearing this dragon-shaped ear cuff. It is made for those who want to explore with their accessories when they dress up for events. Get yours in any of the colours available and look good at your function. Steal the show with this dragon-shaped ear cuff does to compliment your appearance.

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    Wear your fancy crossed ear cuff and enjoy all the attention you can get. It adds beauty to your attire and makes you look attractive and beautiful. This type of ear cuff is meant to add a touch of fun to your day. Get compliments from friends and family about how classy you look in your ear cuff.

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    You can own these beautiful ear cuffs because they are available online and in shops. Fit it on your ear lobe, or outlines of the ear and the tragus and simply look good Wear it in your style and anyway you want it. The ear cuff has been a favourite since ancient times.

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    Design Ear Cuff

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    Marilyn Monroe and various other renowned celebs of the time were also photographed using these ear cuffs. Ever since, the name of the ear cuff has spread out abroad and designers are taking it to various levels. They keep making different types of the design ear cuff. Choose from any of these elegantly designed ear cuffs and compliment your dressing. Steal the show with this beautiful fashion ear jewelry. Wear it your style, your way.

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    Makers of ear cuffs give you the option to choose from a variety. Pick from any of these elegantly developed ear cuffs and receive praise in your dressing. Steal the events with this gorgeous fashion ear jewelry. Style yourself famous.

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The ear cuff as a timeless piece of fashion

The ear cuff has proven itself as a timeless piece in the fashion industry. It has outgrown the passing seasons. The elite, celebrities, designer catwalk shows all have unique ways of adding the ear cuff to their designs. It has therefore been made it bigger and better. It has been a fascinating journey for many designers as they have watched the famous fashion piece evolve over the years. It has a continuous life cycle and has lived through the ages. Designers and fashion houses now share their collections every year. It has become a key accessory that is trending. There is however a beginning to everything as to how the ear cuff started and where is it now.

How the ear cuff came to be

The first ear cuff that was ever seen was in 2000BC and was called “kaffa”. This was found at burial sites that were excavated in the British Isles. The Greek aristocrats are also recorded to have worn brass kaffa’s around 350 BC. It was worn to reflect the wealth status of those in society. They were however elaborate in design than that of the ones that existed before
In Asia, the use of ear cuffs in the form of kaffas dated back to the era of the 12th Century. The Indians took to it from that time. They were made from precious metals and stones. The ear cuff had varying decorations from the chains and pearls they used in making them. They had ones that were from the nose to the earlobe and through the hair. Women were always seen wearing them for different occasions such as weddings or celebrations and have still stayed with the Indian culture up till today.
In Thailand, the ear cuff was present in the 12th Century. They had a lot of antique paintings and sculptures that illustrated the wearing of the ear cuff (kaffa). The Thai kind of ear cuffs were however mostly bird inspired and had some details of sharp wings in them. Ear cuffs still form a very integral part of Thai costumes presently.
In Europe, the ear cuff also caught on, they, however, became a modernized version than those of the ancient period. The precious metals used included diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The craft of ear cuffs was more of using metals and floral ornaments and patterns to create the kaffas.
In America, by the 20th Century, Kaffas didn’t exist, women wanted something new and exciting. A French Jeweler who moved to New York in the early 1920s provided the fashion world with Earrite. The Earrite was a jewel or earring that was worn in the ear like the kaffa. The difference was that it was pinned and clipped at the earlobe. It became extremely popular in the 1950s. The fashion icons of the time including Marylin Monroe were photographed wearing Earrites. Some famous tv soaps also featured the key actions wearing ear cuff jewellery
Fast forward to modern times. Earrites and kaffas are now past. The ear cuff is now what reigns. Famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld brought to the fore the design of their own ear cuffs on the runway.
1n the 1990’s the ear cuff was now being associated with the punk trend. There were spikes, studs silver accessories that they used to promote that culture.
Now many designers are adapting to the ear cuff to suit their seasonal collections. They are taking it and making it something of their own. There are unique designs that are produced for lovers of ear cuffs.