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Full face respirator is an air filtering device. It is worn for protection against the inhalation of fumes, vapors and gases. They protect the eyes and the entire face from pollution and filter out all pollutants with the aid of filters or cartridges. On the regular basis, the cartridges or filters in the respirators are changed to ensure the wearer’s safety and to protect him/her from pollution. When worn in an environment that contains toxic chemicals or particles, the mask will prevent the wearer from inhaling the particles or chemicals in the air. They are ideal for sanding and for tasks line grinding. In some cases, it supplies clean air from a source outside. there are two types of respirators: full-face and half-face respirator. Depending on the contaminants the person is exposed to and the risk assessment, a specific respirator and cartridge can be used. Full face respirator is highly recommended in every industry as it provides the best respiration against dust particulates chemical/gas vapors and many airborne particles that are harmful to humans. Thus the creation of the dust gas mask full face respirator executes the protection that you need.  Its face shield also protects the face from splashes and impacts of the chemicals and impurities. Other features include a flexible stem and straps that can be easily adjusted. They are available in three (3) sizes: small, medium and large. They provide the comfort and protection you require for a good performance. When employees work in environments where harmful dusts, fogs, fumes, vapors, mists, sprays smokes, gases are present or places with insufficient oxygen they must breathe in and out with the air of a respirator. This will prevent them from breathing in the contaminated air in the atmosphere and by so doing, prevent lung impairment, cancer, other diseases, and death. The full-face respirator has a large lens that provides a wide view for an excellent visibility. It is less resistant and allows you to breathe easily. It is oil free and can be used against welding fumes. These respirators are used together with full body suits to avoid any exposure to harmful or hazardous chemicals such as methyl ethyl ketone or formaldehyde. High quality full face respirator are what many shops offer to those who need them.

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  • Sale! Full Face Respirator Nasal Mask With HeadgearFull Face Respirator Nasal Mask With Headgear

    Full Face Respirator Nasal Mask With Headgear is mostly used in the chemical industry and places, where unsafe chemicals are present as well as, can infiltrate or irritate the eyes or skin. These equipment are Durable and effective in protecting the entire face and lungs from getting into contact with any harmful chemicals.

    • Full Face Nasal Mask With Headgear
    • High Quality and Durable
    • Long-lasting Equipment
    • Material: Silica Gel
    • 50% Discount
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    Full Face Respirator Nasal Mask With Headgear

    Full Face Respirator $60.97$63.97
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  • Sale! Classic style full face respirator gas maskClassic style full face respirator gas mask

    Classic style full face respirator gas mask reduces heat, and accumulate moisture in the mask. It is very suitable for harsh working conditions. It can be used for chemical processing, painting, pharmaceutical, semi-enclosed sites, petrochemical, automotive manufacturing sites, welding, and many others.

    • Flexible and long-lasting
    • Light Weight and Easy to Use for Long-term
    • strong sealing
    • High-quality brand mask
    • Industrial safety chemical gas mask
    • Made With PE glasses for excellent vision
    • Anti-shock and Explosion-proof
    • 50% Discount
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    Classic Style Full Face Respirator Gas Mask

    Full Face Respirator $44.52$132.97
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  • Sale! 308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask

    The 308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask has a big lens that provides a wide sight for a superb exposure. It protects the user from vapors, organic gases such as carbon dioxide, benzene, acetone, formaldehyde, and gasoline. It is suitable for oil, chemical,  paint operations, pharmaceuticals, automotive manufacturing, pesticides, and other toxic sites.

    • High Quality and 100% Brand New
    • Highly Efficient Carbon Filter
    • Long-Lasting Protection
    • Healthy and Smooth Breathing
    • Reduces Resistant Respiration and Stuffy feeling
    • Material: Plastic  
    • Size: 18×7.5x15cm/7.08×2.9×5.9in
    • 50% Discount
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    308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask

    Full Face Respirator $62.97
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  • Sale! Electric Supplied Air Fed Full Face RespiratorElectric Supplied Air Fed Full Face Respirator

    You can fix your Electric Supplied Air Fed Full Face Respirator around your waist, so you can be closer to the air source. It takes 3 hours to charge and you can use it for 7 hours. It filters a variety of harmful gases that will be harmful to your health and keeps you healthy always. 

    • Air Fed Full Face Gas Mask 
    • Charger Voltage: 110 V / 220 V
    • Air supply flow rate:
    • First gear: 62 L/min
    • Second gear: 74 L/min
    • 50% Discount
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    This Package Includes:

    • 1Air pump
    • Full Face Mask
    • Air Pipe
    • Canister
    • Recharger

    Electric Supplied Air Fed Full Face Respirator

    Full Face Respirator $248.97
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  • Sale! Dust Gas Mask Full Face RespiratorDust Gas Mask Full Face Respirator

    Pouring/Casting, SandingDust Gas Mask Full Face Respirator is high quality equipment that can be used for chemical Clean-up, Chemical Splash, Chemical Handling, Cleaning, Chipping, Grinding, Laboratories, Chiseling, Welding, SawingFurnace Operations, Painting, UV Protection, Machining and many more. It is highly recommended for the agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Chemicals, Transportation, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Primary Metals, and the  General Manufacturing industries.

    • Full Face Respirator
    • Has Large Lens for a Wide Field of View
    • Light Weight  Design
    • Silicon Face Seal For Greater Comfort
    • Durable
    • Reusable Respirator
    • Material Used: Silicon/Thermoplastic Elastomer
    • 50% Discount
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    Dust Gas Mask Full Face Respirator

    Full Face Respirator $34.26$121.97
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  • Sale! High Quality Full Face RespiratorHigh Quality Full Face Respirator

    6800 High Quality Full Face Respirator reduces heat and moisture that builds up in the mask. Its downward-opening design for exhalation protects the exhalation valve from contamination and is suitable for harsh conditions during working hours. This gadget can be applicable to pharmaceutical, paint, welding, chemical processing, and other working environments.

    • High Quality 6800 Gas mask
    • Built-in silicone mask
    • High-definition shock-proof PC mirror.
    • Cold valve technology
    • 50% Discount
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    High Quality Full Face Respirator

    Full Face Respirator $155.97
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Types Of Respirators

It is vital to know the type of respirator to use at any circumstance. It is therefore very important to do a proper research to know the type of respirator to use for the various situations and hazards that are likely to occur at your work place or environment you are exposed to. There are two categories of respirators which employ different techniques to eliminate or reduce toxic contaminants in the atmosphere. Thy are:
1. Air purifying respirator which forces the polluted air via a filtering element. These types of respirators include Air Purifying Half Mask Respirators, Gas Masks, Air Purifying Disposable Particulate Masks, Powered Purifying Mask Respirator and Air Purifying Full Face Mask Respirator and
2. Air- supplied respirator which delivers an alternate supply of fresh air. These types also include Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and Airline Respirators. The electric supplied air fed full face respirator serves just this purpose. Want a bigger lens coverage? Then  308 full face respirator dust gas mask is your best choice. It has a wide lens and protects you from a wide range of gases and toxins. 

In situations where the eyes do not need any form of protection against the air or vapor, half-mask respirators can be used. Most gases that are found in hazardous environments can either cause an irritation or totally damage the eyes. Therefore, a full-face respirator will be needed in such area. A fireman for example will need a full-face respirator to protect his eyes from the heavy smoke while putting off the fire. Though they have a supply air, the protection of the eyes is also vital as smoke can damage the eyes. Also, the half-mask respirator is widely used when painting. This is because the paint doesn’t cause any harm to the eyes.

Where to use full-face Respirators
Full-face respirators are often used in the chemical industry and places where hazardous chemicals are present and can infiltrate or irritate the eyes or skin. Such chemicals are volatile compounds, moisture cure polyurethanes or conversion varnish. When natural disasters such as flood occur, the need for a clean-up exercise arises. When there is a potential that very toxic spores in debris, rotting wood, waste and any harmful chemicals has been released into the atmosphere as a result of the flood, the full-face mask becomes a great need as its use will prevent the wearer from getting into contact with the chemicals in the environment.

Mode of Operation
The respirator is specially designed to cover the wearer’s nose and mouth. It might cover your eyes as well. It also has an in-built valve that aids in easy exhalation while preventing you from inhaling or breathing in the contaminated air in the surrounding environment. Attached to the outside of the respirator are cartridges, pre-filters and filters to capture gases, vapors and particles in the atmosphere. These respirators are worn for duties such as painting, heavy-duty cleaning, welding, high-tech manufacturing and many more. Manufacturers have made different kinds of the respirator for various purposes. The various types for example are the classic  style full face respirator gas mask. It is made to reduce heat, suitable for harsh working conditions and for enclosed sites.

Maintenance of a Full Face Respirator

1. Remove the cartridges and filters
2. Using a mild soap, wash or rinse the respirator in warm water
3. Air-dry or dry it with a lint-free cloth and place it in a bag.
4. Store it in a cool dry place
Replace the cartridges and filters according to the guiding principles of your manufacturer or employer.

Respirators may be:

1. Loose-fitting, like helmets or hoods to cover the head entirely.
2. Tight-fitting i.e. half masks. Specially made to cover the nose and mouth and face pieces that cover the full face from hairline to the lower chin
There are two classes of respirators namely
1. Atmosphere-supplying respirator. This class of respirator provides clean and breathable air from a pure source and are used in more hazardous environments.
2. Air-purifying respirator. It also removes pollutants or impurities from the air.

Why Employees Need Respirators

Respirators are necessary in environments or work places where there are toxic substances and inadequate engineering control measures to eliminate or reduce them. Thus people found the need to create these masks to aid in breathing when the environment created uncomfortable conditions. Some have even gone beyond just making any mast to make the full face respirator nasal mask with headgear for maximum protection. Using an atmosphere-supplying respirator also aids in protection against atmospheres with low amount of oxygen. Increased rates of breathing, faster heartbeat, and coordination or impaired thinking often occurs at a higher rate in hazardous or oxygen-deficient atmosphere.

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