Glasses for different purposes

When it comes to the origin of glasses, it is credited to a man named Salvino D’Armate. He is said to have made the first wearable eyeglasses around 1284. The first of its kind was made for eye defects and it was worn on the bridge of the nose. Sunglasses, however, came later in 1929 by inventer Sam Foster. Glasses are an everyday part of our lives. Whether its for fashion or medical purposes. If you want to choose glasses for medical purposes. It first comes with seeing a doctor and receiving a prescription of the glasses you need and the dimensions of your lens after your eyes are tested. There are different medical eyewear such as non spherical glasses for different eye conditions. An anti blue ray glasses is a solution to blue ray light exposure. People have different reasons why they choose to wear. Some people choose to match it up with their clothes, others want the urban and chic look and therefore choose it for different occasions. Usually, in summer, the use of them has risen significantly as many people want to protect their eyes from too much sun rays. Fashionable eyewear come in different shapes and sizes. Some are in a love shape, others in a square or round shape like the round shape style glasses with colorful rims. The rectangle shape, however, fits more for the medical ones with the cat-eye also gradually catching up among many. Want to show off some style? Then get yourself fashionable eyewear for any occasion.

Glasses for everyone

Glasses cut across all age brackets. From the young to the old, everyone likes to look good in their choice of eyewear. Half frame reading glasses are most suitable for reading. Designers even go further and make some out of wood. Yes! That’s how dynamic the industry has become. Anything to make you happy and stand out in style with your eyewear is of importance to them. You can even decide to match the color of your eyewear with your clothing. It makes a very beautiful combination. There are several colors and types of glasses that you can have from our website. These spectacles give you the shine that you need for your day. Look smart and sharp in your glasses. Rock your new pair of glasses to any of your events or for your daily activities. Do you want modern or vintage design eyewear? They are all available here. Make your choice from the varieties of this unisex eyewear. You can protect your eyes and at the same time look fashionable. This is what the primary function of the glasses are made for. The rims usually come in different colors for those who want more adventure with their glasses. Some can be in tiger skin design, plain colors or even silver-colored or gold-colored rims.  Be it medical or fashion reasons for getting glasses, you can make your choice.

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    Anti Blue Ray Glasses a probably the most important pair of glasses than anyone can buy. They are indeed one of the best eye protectors

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    Non spherical glasses have their own beauty and can be a good choice for anyone who needs one for their eyewear. Protect your eyes and still look fashionable in them.

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The origin of glasses

The history of who precisely invented glasses is generally unknown but it’s been said that Roman Emperor Seneca used a glass globe filled with water as a magnifier to read books in Rome. Monks in the middle ages were also sighted to use glass spheres as a form of magnifying glass to read. Other historians believe that the first type of eyewear was produced by monks in Italy and Pisa (Venice) around 1285-1289. They were like magnifying glasses shaped and set into the metal, bone and any usable material they could get and were balanced on the bridge of the nose. Some painters have portrayed the use of spectacles in their painting. They included the likes of a painter Tommaso da Modena done in 1352. His painting showed monks reading and writing some manuscripts. In the painting, you see one monk using a magnifying glass whilst the other has one perched on his nose.
The earlier eyewear treated the cases of hyperopia ( farsightedness) and presbyopia ( near-sightedness). This commonly occurs among the adults. One of the first vision aids was also known as the reading stone. A glass was laid on the reading material and the letters were magnified for easy reading. Sunglasses, on the other hand, was invented by Sam Foster in 1929. Artworks mostly expressed the use of early eyewear. It spread across Europe and became a symbol of intelligence and prosperity. In other words, the rich and famous added it as part of their apparel. In the 1700’s glasses further developed for use with lesser use of the hands because handles were not designed for it. Another inventor Benjamin Martins is also credited with making the “Martins Margins” spectacles. In all the glasses as an aid for the eyes has undergone several changes but still never goes out of fashion. It has survived the various transformations that came with it.

Glasses Now

Classic cat eye glasses as we have them now are being sold everywhere. You can explore the various colors of rims that have been made to suit your needs. The most famous fashion houses such as Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Ray-Ban, Vintage heart fashion glasses and more have made their own style of glasses for those who want to add a fashion twist. Their ones with tiger designs around the rim and the handle, the famous cat eyeglasses are also now extremely resonating with women and ladies. The rectangular shape among the men is also increasingly becoming popular. People are now very interested in matching their eyewear with their outfits to form a theme sort of appearance. Such that if its tiger skinned design on the rim it matches with their clothes for their events. Makers of eyewear have opened shop and are now offerings attractive designs at equally attractive prices. The materials that are used in making this eyewear include both stainless steel and plastics with hinges at the point where the rim and the handle meet. If you want your classic or trendy eyewear you can have them in the various features as you want. Producers of eyewear have a countless rim and lens types to suit your specifications. Protection of the eye is important because no one would want their eyes to be deteriorated before they seek help. The eye is an asset hence you will make any possible investment to ensure that you protect it. Even if it’s for the additional reason of fashion, it still has its way of protecting you from too much sunlight. They are indeed here to stay with us.

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