Types of Gloves

Now, even though it seems the use of gloves is not too common or has been replaced, it is undeniable that it has a household name. Gloves come in different designs and colors. People have different reasons for wearing them. Some use the winter touch screen gloves to protect them from the harsh cold weather when it hits. Others simply have them on for their highly formal events. For kids, it’s for Halloween and other costume parties to light up their day. Women mostly have their anti slip gloves on for their balls and galas. Hikers and sportsmen are among some of the famous group of people who constantly utilize gloves. Bikers, hikers, Skiiers, Kayakers, and the list is endless. Baseball players are not left us when it comes to gloves. It is said that in order to choose the right baseball glove you should consider how long you will use it. The position of the one playing, for instance, also determines what kind of baseball glove you should get for them. Military men and women also enjoy wearing gloves. The military combat gloves protect them from the cold weather and allow for firm grip. Whatever your reason for wanting to wear gloves the primary reason is protection.

Why gloves are worn

Additionally, gloves are worn for style and class. There are also gloves that are strictly decorative and compliments your clothing. When you want to look all polished and spruced up, you can opt for gloves. Gloves are a universally appreciated addition to daily life. Get them in different colors and styles depending on what you want to use it for. They have become very useful and even in the kitchen its in the form of mittens for cooking. Get yours and enjoy the comfort and usefulness of the gloves. Either made from silk, cotton or other durable material, these gloves are protection for those who wear them. The layers of the gloves can be very thick or very thin depending on what it is to be used for. Some gloves are made from merino wool to give you the utmost comfort. The lining of the gloves offers warmth for your hands in the cold seasons. The windproof feature of some of these gloves helps in the cold weather. Those who need it for daily work can also opt for the tougher built gloves for their hands for a firmer grip.  Gloves are not made bulky unless there is a need for the design to be so. Gloves are made to prevent your hands from injury and the weather when you wear them. It covers the fingers and fingertips and ensures that you are protected once you wear them. Keep your hands shielded or look good for your events with gloves for any season. Whether you are simply shopping for one we have some available here at unbeatable prices. Winter skiing gloves are also excellent for the gold. It’s best for your skiing activities. It makes it more fun and safe. Motorcycle gloves are also safe for cyclists, offering maximum protection and comfort.

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  • Sale! Long Evening Fashion Gloves

    It is said that a woman who is well-dressed should have a pair of gloves for every occasion. The material she will choose for the glove also speaks a lot about her. Her every step is calculated with her fashion sense. Gloves are made for royalty, wear them and join the ranks of queens.

    • Long elbow evening gloves
    • Suitable occasion include Evening Party, Performance Stage, Dinners
    • Simple style gloves
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  • Sale! Military Combat GlovesMilitary Combat Gloves

    You are fully covered in these gloves and you can move around easily whilst handling machines or equipment. You will complete your task seamlessly with it. It is, therefore, part of the uniform for active duty that cannot be done away with. Get the best gloves for protection.

    • Full finger combat gloves
    • Sturdy build
    • Army gloves
    • Wrist length style
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    Military Combat Gloves

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  • Sale! Motorcycle GlovesMotorcycle Gloves

    Motorcycle gloves cannot be done away with, it forms an integral part of biking. Without them, you can get injuries when riding. You cannot afford to slide on the road with your bear palms should in case you fall. Enjoy the insulation of the hands with these gloves. Protect yourself from injuries.

    • Genuine motorcycle gloves
    • Quality made
    • New design gloves
    • Suitable for biking, riding
    • Outdoor gloves
    • Unisex
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    Motorcycle Gloves

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  • Sale! Winter Skiing Gloves

    Go ahead, have fun on your ski but don’t forget your winter skiing gloves. Remember to wear your winter skiing gloves as it will protect your hands and give you a firm grip on the skis.

    • Unisex winter ski gloves
    • Wool made
    • Wrist length glove
    • Winter hand gloves
    • Fashion style
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  • Sale! Anti Slip Gloves

    Get your anti slip gloves in pink, blue, black and you’re good to go. Keep your  hands shielded in these gloves and get the maximum usage benefit from it. 

    • Windproof gloves
    • Breathable material
    • Unisex gloves
    • Thermal feature
    • Zip included
    • Waterproof
    • Winter, spring season gloves
    • Suitable for biking, skiing
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  • Sale! Winter Touch Screen GlovesWinter Touch Screen Gloves

    There is no need to worry about fret over you not being able to use your phone or whatever device you have. Wear your Winter Touch Screen Gloves with comfort and enjoy it usefulness.

    • Unixes gloves
    • Woolen made
    • Adult gloves
    • Style Fashion, Simple, Classic, Leisure, Magic, Creative gloves
    • Solid, Crochet, Knitted shape
    • Outdoor, Newyear, Festival, Driving, Skiing, Touch Screen occasion
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Emergence of Gloves

To say that gloves have taken a lesser part in the history of fashion will be an understatement.  They have played an integral part in everyday life. More than just a fashion piece, the long evening fashion gloves and many more it serves different purposes. Featuring in daily life and even on catwalks are the different types of gloves. It makes fashion exciting and interesting all at once. As early in literature times as “The Odyssey” by Homer, a character names Laertes was seen wearing gloves in his garden to protect himself. At an early age people also wore gloves on their hands to protect them from elements and injury. Gloves have infiltrated every aspect of human life that it is affecting even religious services. It has been noted that bishops were now wearing gloves for their services. The clergy began to do this to keep their hands clean because of their handled holy mysteries. During Rome and post-Rome, the wearing of gloves had become very prominent in daily life. Kings began to wear them for special ceremonies along with their other regalia to show their luxury. It is further reported by some that King Henry II of England was buried in 1189 wearing gloves. Queens also began to use it in the 13th Century. As of the 16th Century, Queen Elizabeth set a trail for gloves by wearing hers bejeweled or embroidered.


More on the emergence of gloves

Within the 12th to 16th Centuries, Europe and the British Isles had a significant link with gloves as a fashion piece. The early gloves were in two styles namely the three-fingered and five-fingered. The three and five-fingered gloves were worn by the working-class men and not the women. The evidence of this is seen in a painting by Robert Campin called “ The Nativity”. Three-fingered gloves were in other words known as the “country man’s gloves”. In the middle ages, it was also recorded that builders such as masons wore gloves (from sheepskin)  to protect their hands from very dangerous tools they handled. It also protected them from corrosive materials. The five-fingered gloves, however, were not seen all over. In Ireland for instance during the 13th Century, gloves were seen being worn by those who could afford them. Hunters in the earlier centuries also wore heavy gloves made from leather supported by a tassel to keep it closed. They also wore it to protect them just like in current times.

Gloves and royalty

The highfliers of society have always been seen one glove or the other. Designs include tassels, bells, and other embroideries. Kings put on gloves in the past as a symbol of rank. King Henry II’s tomb sculpture showed him wearing wrist-length gloves that had embroidery on it. An ancient glove that dates 1220 in a museum in Vienna, Austria shows a glove that was made with pearls, gems, and gold. By the 16th Century, gloves had become a very highly sought after accessory. It was decked with all kinds of gems, ribbons, elaborate designs. Queen Elizabeth had a collection of many pairs of gloves with differing styles. King Henry VII is also one of those who enjoyed these decorated gloves. They added it to their everyday living to signify their class. Young women and adults also learned to add it to their clothing anytime they were going for formal events such as balls. Gloves as we see them now, have come a long way. Their usefulness has made them endure the different changes that have come with them.

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