High Waisted Bikini

High Waisted Bikini for a sexy and comfortable feel

There are times when you want to take a break from work and daily activities. This time can be spent mainly at the seaside or the pool. Just as you have to dress appropriately according to any occasion, at the seaside or pool you will need a swimsuit. The swimsuit can be in the form of a push up high waisted bikini. This is a sexy piece of outdoor you wear purposely for relaxing times. This bikini gets its name from the fact that when you wear them it extends to the higher side of the waist. This is unlike the normal bikini which lies just a little above the abdomen. A high waisted bikini piece comes in different colors and designs. The bandage high waisted bikini is made up of a bandage bra and a pant which usually match in colors or at other times has mixed colors. To give you that shape and comfortable feel that you want, you can opt for a high waist bikini. It brings out your body shape and all the contours whilst giving you that edge to flaunt your stuff and be free and happy. A high waisted bikini can be pink in color with tassel designs at the edge of the pants just above the abdomen. Its matching bra also having a similar design of the tassels just under the breasts. The design for a high waisted bikini at other times can take the shape of colored pants and a crop top. The crop tops come in different colors ( blue, yellow, red, black, turquoise and the list goes on). Other high waisted bikini designs come in an orange pant, with a matching orange tube. They are made of mainly nylon, and a few are lace designed. For the more adventurous you can have snake printed design on the bikini or leopard printed design in the high waisted bikini. For summer seasons, a high waisted bikini with some bright colors littered all over it is suitable. It brings a splash of light and color to summer wear and makes a lady glow and shine. Hotter colors like neon green and summer green are also available on this website. Beautiful high waisted bikini bathing suits are now available at different shops. Their attractive designs ensure that you look your best outdoors.

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  • Sale! Sexy Hot High Waisted Bikini

    Wear your sexy hot high waisted bikini and show off some skin. You are set to dazzle people with your fabulous look. This bikini when worn reveals the contours of your body. Spruce up your wardrobe with the addition of the sexy hot high waisted bikini and you will be hotter than fire. Get your groove on in your bikini and be the talk of the day. Enjoy every bit of the attention that will be coming your way. 

    • Hot bikini styles
    • Women’s outdoor wear
    • Made from soft and comfortable material
    • Perfect for the summer
    • Ideal gift for friends and family
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    Sexy Hot High Waisted Bikini

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  • Sale! Sexy High Waisted Bikini

    The sexy high waisted bikini highlights your body features and makes you feel good all day. There is no stopping you in your high waisted bikini. Show off your sexy side in this bikini made with style. Get them in the colours that you want. You are free to be adventurous in your bikini. Let nothing hold you back from rocking your sexy high waisted bikini. Seal the joy of your day by adding some flip flops or your favourite outdoor-friendly footwear.

    • Beach suit
    • High – waisted design
    • Different colours available
    • Suitable for summer
    • Sexy beach / poolside wear
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    Sexy High Waisted Bikini

    High Waisted Bikini $46.97$57.97
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  • Sale! Vintage Floral High Waisted Bikini

    Do you want to look chic and hot on a cool summer day? Then the vintage floral high waisted bikini is just for you. There is nothing better than enjoying your day looking good in a bikini. Wearing it makes you look classy and sexy. The beauty of this bikini cannot be overemphasized – it stands unmatched. The fabric has a soft and smooth feel that hugs tightly to your body when worn.

    • High waisted bikini design
    • Handwash
    • 100% Brand new
    • 1 set of bikini
    • Perfect beachwear for the summer
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    Vintage Floral High Waisted Bikini

    High Waisted Bikini $54.97
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  • Sale! Beautiful High Waisted BikiniBeautiful High Waisted Bikini

    Get yourself a beautiful high waisted bikini and enjoy the fun of wearing them. They are meant to highlight your shape and make you look downright sexy. Wear it and get the attention from curious onlookers as you pass by. There is no better way to spend your summer days than in a beautiful high waisted bikini.

    • Summer swimsuit
    • Wash in water 30’C
    • Avoid rocky areas
    • Do not place in airtight rubbers
    • 2 piece swimsuit
    • Excellent as a gift
    • 50% Discount
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    Beautiful High Waisted Bikini

    High Waisted Bikini $43.99$53.97
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  • Sale! Bandage High Waisted BikiniBandage High Waisted Bikini

    The bandage high waisted bikini is made from high-quality material and ensures that it fits your body perfectly. It flatters your features and ensures that you look sexy and hot in the bikini. There’s no better way than to wear this bikini for all your favourite outdoor events at the seaside or by the pool.

    • Sexy high waisted bikini
    • Soft but durable made
    • 2 piece swimsuit
    • Perfect for the beach or poolside
    • Excellent gift for friends or family
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    Bandage High Waisted Bikini

    High Waisted Bikini $44.97
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  • Sale! Push Up High Waisted Bikini

    The push up high waisted bikini comes in different colours so that you have options to choose from. Mix and match colours to your taste and get that look on. It highlights the features of your body whilst still making you feel good all day. There is no stopping you in this bikini. Show off your sexy side in this bikini.

    • Solid colours
    • Strapped high waist design
    • Elegant fashion
    • Soft , comfortable fabric to relax the body
    • Available in different colours
    • 50% Discount
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    Push Up High Waisted Bikini

    High Waisted Bikini $59.97
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Bikinis in the past

In Paris, where a poolside fashion show was held, bikinis made their first debut. When the bikinis first come into the fashion world, the French models were shocked and taken aback at the revealing cuts that it had and this was in 1946. The French automotive mechanical engineer who was running his mother’s lingerie at the time (Louis Reard) noticed that women on their beaches had to roll the edges of the swimsuits to get a tan. He, therefore, thought to create a minimal design to what they were formally wearing. Therefore the first design he made exposed the navel and this was the string bikini. He made the first design out of the inspiration he got from a newspaper pattern. The regular models did not want to wear them. He, therefore, had to choose Micheline Bernardini, a 19-year-old nude dancer. The design was introduced to the public on 5th July 1946. Before this, the 4th century had Roman gymnasts wearing bikini bottoms and anklets that will suffice for our current attire on many beaches now. In the 20th century there existed what was called the bathing machine. The women at the time went to great lengths to conceal themselves. They wore the bathing suits under their fully donned clothes. When they wanted to swim, they will go into these carts and be pushed to the seaside and then take a swim in the sea without being observed from the shore by anybody.

The decades following that saw a loosening up on the dress code for swimwear. Actually, the high waisted bikini, we can say was introduced at this point, because it concealed the navel, hips and the bottom of the ladies who wore them. But later on, it came back to sheer clothing. When famous actresses and model began to wear them, their fame began to spread like wildfire. American, Brazilians, Latinos and the rest of the world begun to catch up with the bikini.

Some challenges of the bikini

In some places, however, there have been some controversies regarding the wearing of the bikini. In 2011, Barcelona, Spain made banned the wear of bikinis in public areas except for the beachside areas only. If you were caught, you would have to pay a fine of close to 300 euros. In 2012, some Filipino were banned from their graduation because they posted bikini photos on Facebook. They however went to court to seek redress and won. In 2013, Cambridge University banned a club in one of their sub colleges from having its annual bikini jelly wrestling. Whilst in South Carolina, four women were arrested for wearing bikinis that exposed their bottoms. The actress, Gwyneth Paltrow also came under sharp criticism because she made a bikini clothing line for girls 4-8 yrs old. They accused her of trying to sexualize children at a very young age and were not in any way going to tolerate it.

High waisted bikini today

In the now, high waisted bikini has become a fashion item among the clothing of women. Some like the vintage floral  high waisted bikini design because it covers the hip area and other areas they do not want to be seen. It’s a required piece of clothing for every traveller no matter which country you come from. The high waist bikini is beautiful in their own right. When worn it makes the body look beautiful. It brings out the shape of the one wearing it. The beautiful designs that it comes in makes wearing a high waisted bikini classy.  Get your sexy high waisted bikini and enjoy all the attention.  It is more than casual outside wear : it’s a necessity. High waisted bikini are available in all sizes. Whether slim or plus size, your dream to look sexy on the beach or at the poolside will not be hindered. The beauty of the high waist bikini cannot be overemphasized. With is smooth feel on the body, it has the power to transform you into a beauty. The high waisted bikini has now become ubiquitous. You can’t say you have successfully packed for a trip somewhere without adding it to our luggage. It has now become a daily culture and a symbol in the fashion world. Your sexy hot high wiasted bikini experience awaits you for those summer days.

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