High Waisted Bikini for a sexy and comfortable feel

There are times when you want to take a break from work and daily activities. This time can be spent mainly at the seaside or the pool. Just as you have to dress appropriately according to any occasion, at the seaside or pool you will need a swimsuit. The swimsuit can be in the form of a high waisted bikini. This is a sexy piece of outdoor you wear purposely for relaxing times. This bikini gets its name from the fact that when you wear them it extends to the higher side of the waist. This is unlike the normal bikini which lies just a little above the abdomen. A high waisted bikini piece comes in different colours and designs. This bikini is made up of a bra and a pant which usually match in colours or at other times has mixed colours. To give you that shape and comfortable feel that you want, you can opt for a high waist bikini. It brings out your body shape and all the contours whilst giving you that edge to flaunt your stuff and be free and happy. A high waisted bikini can be pink in colour with tassel designs at the edge of the pants just above the abdomen. Its matching bra also having a similar design of the tassels just under the breasts. The design for a high waisted bikini at other times can take the shape of coloured pants and a crop top. The crop tops come in different colours ( blue, yellow, red, black, turquoise and the list goes on). Other high waisted bikini designs come in an orange pant, with a matching orange tube. They are made of mainly nylon, and a few are lace designed. For the more adventurous you can have snake printed design on the bikini or leopard printed design in the high waisted bikini. For summer seasons, a high waisted bikini with some bright colours littered all over it is suitable. It brings a splash of light and colour to summer wear and makes a lady glow and shine. Hotter colours like neon green and summer green are also available on this website.

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