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John Lennon glasses over the years

John Lennon glasses are for the die-hard fashionistas. Those who want to go retro and still look good to purchase these glasses. John Lennon glasses get their name from the famous pop culture artiste John Lennon. He was with the famous band known as The Beatles. He was also an anti-war advocate during his time.  He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Paul McCartney and many people listen and do listen to his songs. His songs were hummed all over. John Lennon later left the Beatles in 1969 and sang music with his wife Yoko Ono and others. There is undoubtedly a huge demand for John Lennon glasses. As a rockstar, he always made his fashion statement with his unique small round glasses. Even after his passing, the glasses are still fashionable.  In the mid-60s the creativity of these glasses hit and has since become famous on the market. John Lennon glasses are also known as tea shade glasses and either have tinted or dark outlook.

 John Lennon glasses worn by stars

These glasses have a small round frame design made with thin wireframes. John Lennon glasses come in different styles. Apart from the dark lenses, there are multi-tinted colours. They are created with aesthetics in mind and sometimes give a form of hallucinated feel. The coming of John Lennon glasses hit many personalities in high ranking. Ozzy Osborne is known to have adopted them and customized it his way. Other stars like Liam Gallagher and Mick Jagger as well as Lady Gaga have all been seen wearing these glasses in some of their public appearances. Wearing them made them the talk of the town. Retro John Lennon glasses and classic John Lennon glasses are a few of these types that have been made. To have that classy look, John Lennon glasses are your best bet. Style yourself famous!

John Lennon glasses did not stay just in the music industry. Various movies and television programs also adopted them. In the movie Matrix, one of its stars is seen wearing these glasses. Kids have also been attracted greatly to John Lennon glasses. This was caused by the star Daniel Radcliffe who is seen wearing his in the “Harry Potter” movies. Great styles can become too popular that they become a cult. That is what happened with John Lennon glasses. From the 1960s till now, it’s become very popular in style. Many people wear these frames for different purposes. For casual looks and even sometimes formal events. John Lennon glasses are here to stay. Now they are used for anti-glare purposes too. If you want to protect your eyes from the sun, snow, water, glass, then the polarized John Lennon glasses are for you. 


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  • Sale! Mirrored lens John Lennon glasses

    Mirrored lens John Lennon glasses are reflective and the best for outdoors. It’s a person’s best friend when you have to stay out in the sun for long hours. Purchase one and protect your eyes today. Look fashionable!

    • 60’s  vintage style eyewear
    • Retro steampunk style
    • Reflective mirror design
    • Mirror lens
    • 56mm lens width
    • Round style
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    Mirrored Lens John Lennon Glasses

    John Lennon Glasses $71.97
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  • Sale! Wooden John Lennon Glasses

    Wooden John Lennon glasses are made to last long. Earth-friendly exotic eyewear for the fashionable today!

    • Small round eyewear
    • Wooden design
    • Hand made 
    • Unisex gender glasses
    • Top-quality eyewear
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    Wooden John Lennon Glasses

    John Lennon Glasses $74.97
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  • Sale!

    The young and young at heart as well as fashionable will always choose full rim John Lennon glasses. Fashion at its best with these glasses!

    • Vintage design
    • Full rim glasses
    • Round eyeglasses
    • Alloy material
    • Eyewear accessory
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    Full Rim John Lennon Glasses

    John Lennon Glasses $86.97
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  • Sale! Polarized John Lennon Glasses

    Polarized John Lennon glasses make images sharper and clearer as well as increase visual comfort and clarity. Mix fashion and function!

    • Retro design
    • Unisex vintage style glasses
    • Classic john lennon glasses
    • Varied lens colours
    • Mirror lens
    • Sunny fashion trend
    • Round – rimmed design
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    Polarized John Lennon Glasses

    John Lennon Glasses $59.97
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  • Sale! Classic John Lennon Glasses

    Get your classic John Lennon glasses whether you are old, young. It appeals to people the world over. Make your style complete with them today. Finest wire-rimmed design glasses.

    • New polarized sunglasses
    • Tinted design
    • Vintage style
    • Unisex eyewear
    • Anti-reflective, mirror lens
    • Designer glasses
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    Classic John Lennon Glasses

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  • Sale! Retro John Lennon Glasses

    Retro John Lennon Glasses: A die-hard fashionista’s must-have. A captivating throwback look in modern times with these glasses!

    • Metal eyewear
    • Sunglasses
    • Vintage design
    • Polarized lens
    • Round style
    • Unisex glasses
    • Fashion eyewear
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    Retro John Lennon Glasses

    John Lennon Glasses $75.97
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John Lennons life

Even though John Lennon became very famous, it cannot be overlooked how rough times he had. He was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool Merseyside, England. This was during the German air raid during World War II. At 4 years old his parents separated, and he lived with one of his aunties known as Mimi. His father was a merchant and a seaman. His busyness made him absent from Lennon’s life at his birth and when he was at a young age. His mother Julia did visit him regularly. She contributed in teaching him how to play the piano and banjo and bought his first guitar. In 1958, unfortunately, Julia was struck by a car that was being driven by an off-duty police office. He was greatly devastated by this event.

He had a playful childhood and did get into little trouble. His artistic side began to show and was recommended by one of his teachers to go arts school instead of pursuing academics. He was inspired by Elvis Presley to form a band at 16 known as Quarry Men. He crossed paths with Paul McCartney on 6th July 1957 and later invited him to join his group. This duo became one of the most successful collaborations in songwriting history. McCartney then introduced two more people to him who joined the group also. He later went on to change the name of the band as inspired by a group named the Crickets. He joked with the new name Beatles saying he received it from a dream he had. The Beatles then had a manager called Brian Epstein and performed in clubs regularly. He wrote some hit songs and had a budding career. He married in August 1962. He had a son called Julian named after his late mum. He divorced her later and married in 1969, a Japanese artist Yoko Ono.

In 1964, the Beatles were the first British band to hit it big in the US. After going on some tours, their fame is said to have had a dip in popularity around 1966. He went on a break with the band and they returned later and made their biggest musical collaboration. He, unfortunately, died in 1980 when he was shot by a fan.

John Lennon glasses are a fashion signature

Little did John know that the spectacles he harmlessly wore would gradually become a big fashion hit. They have now been taken on by the worlds big fashion houses as part of their collections. Now a lot of eye and lens shops include John Lennon glasses as options for their customers. The classic tinted or dark shades of the glasses or full rim John Lennon glasses appeal greatly to people’s fashion senses. The frames are round and metallic. There are also transparent ones that have no tint in shade. You can buy what suits you. For those who want that pop look, John Lennon glasses in its different shades are easy to get. If you want to seal that retro or even modern look. Some also want wooden John Lennon glasses that will not break when it falls.

You may get recommendations for glasses when you need one but the true hard-core fashion lovers will choose John Lennon glasses to add a touch of retro to their look. John Lennon glasses have come to stay. Since its arriving on the scene in the 1960s, it has remained a fashion piece that is still relevant. You want to get your style up? Get yourself John Lennon glasses and feel that modern vibe. Young people love it, older people love it and stars love it. Add it to your attire and rock the classic John Lennon look. If you are going to be out in the sun for a greater part of the day then the mirrored lens John Lennon glasses will suit this occasion. It will help reflect the light away from your eyes.

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