Kimono Robe – Stylish and Perfect for a Great and Romantic Night

Kimono robe has always been a classic piece of clothing, able to withstand time and fashion trends. Kimono robe is useful and last long. It is made from materials that are very light in weight. Practically, kimono robes are made of 100% silk or a combination of high-quality satin and silk. The silk of the robe is very soft can be easily packed, making it an excellent item to carry along for a vacation or an overnight trip. Kimono robes are assorted and come in a wide range of brilliant colors and look as well. You can get beautiful styles and designs both behind and in front of the robe. Each pattern or design represents a spectacular piece of soft looking blooms. Kimono robe also comes in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit everyone, irrespective of the complexion and size. Average sized women will normally wear about 48-50 inches around the chest or hip area. Short kimono robes usually measure about 38 inches and are up to the knee of an average size female. Some of these robes have handcrafted flowers that enhance the hues on it. kimono robe is specially designed to comfortably wrap the body to create a V-shaped style overlap for the collar and its sash cinched around the waist, and keep straight the long and vertical stitches on the right and left sides of the robe. These robes are also suitable for women of all ages which is one of the greatest advantage and reason why they are very popular. It is no news that most women enjoy their softness and luxury. If you really want to enhance your sleeping attire or enjoy your sleep, consider purchasing kimono robe for an amazing feel. A kimono robe gives you a young and attractive feel, giving you a sense of chic. This robe is also the perfect gift every guy should get for their loved ones. The sexy nature of the kimono robe is enough to enhance her bedroom attires. You will never regret making a kimono robe the top list of your bridal clothing and travel essentials. You will surely enjoy the luxury and comfort this robe will bring to you.

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    Sexy Hot Lingerie Kimono Robe is suitable for women of all ages which is among the best benefit and reason they are preferred. It is no news that many ladies enjoy their softness as well as high-end. If you truly wish to boost your sleeping attire or enjoy your sleep, take into consideration acquiring Kimono robe for an amazing feel.

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The simplicity of Kimono Robe

The name “kimono” means a thing to wear. It is a traditional gown that was worn by women, men and children of Japan. The garment was of a full length and had a T-shaped design with attachable collars and had a long sleeve. It was designed to fold over itself with the left side of the gown placed over the right side always. To hold the gown in place, a wide sash belt called the Obi was used. However, during funerals, the right side of the kimono robe was folded to the left side instead.
These days, the kimono robes made are generally worn by women. Men also wear these robes for tea ceremonies, weddings, and other special occasions.

How Kimono Robe is Made

The traditional kimonos are handmade but recently, most of them are produced by the use of sewing machines. These sewing machines are convenient and save time, giving them the opportunity to produce more.
The standard kimono robe is made from the Tan fabric with a standard measurement of 12.5 yards in length and 14.5 inches in width. This collection is used to produce one kimono. It is also constructed from four (4) dissimilar pieces of fabric. Two of the pieces are used to make the sleeves while the other two are used to make its body. The fabric used in making this garment was pure silk and reason for its high cost. Majority of kimono robes today are made of silk but some fabrics of low costs, such as cotton sateen, rayon, and cotton have also been used in making these robes, making them less expensive as compared to pure 100% silk Kimono robes. Kimono robes come in different lengths- short or long robes. The longer robes measure about 52 inches and reach the ankle. They come with beautiful silk belts to tie and hold it in place.
Kimono robes come in varieties of colors. The designs and colors include:
1. Kiwi floral pattern and design with olive green and blue floral prints.
2. Teal crane pattern and design with fuchsia, green cranes and white flowers.
3. Plum crane pattern and design with a combination of black and green cranes and red flowers.
4. Black crane pattern and design with a combination of black and green cranes and red flowers.
A hand-printed silk kimono robe will be a perfect gift for that special person
Women look sexy in kimono robes and make them feel loved and cherished. Grant her that enormous joy by getting her the kimono robe. You can also present it to her at any special event such as wedding or Christmas gift, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays.
If you want to get a gift for a special person but are not sure of the wearer’s exact size, then the kimono robe is the best option. You will get a variety of styles for one size that fits all. Kimono robes are loose fitting and comfortable to wear. Also with the help of the sash or waistband, you can tie it around the body as you prefer.
Generally, when a woman returns to her home in the evening, she will like to put on something sexy and more comfortable to ease the stress. And this is why the kimono robe is an excellent choice for evening clothing, especially when the weather is hot. Aside from its softness and comfortability, it is beautiful and eye-catching than grubby old sweatpants. They are also good dressing gowns after a shower or bath.
So many people will describe kimono robes a dressing gown or a garment with lots of flowers decorating the fabric. Some will also describe it as a garment that originated from Japan and a few will say it is a garment worn by geisha girls. Though these descriptions are correct, there is more to kimono robes that you will be exposed to but that can only be achieved when you wear one. Get this experience by getting one in your wardrobe.