Leather messenger bag

This leather messenger bag is generally associated with men because of the manliness of the bag. Having your laptop close by help in organizing yourself and getting all information needed asap. Leather is a very good and long-lasting material and when care is taken can last for a very long time. Authentic leather has a distinctive smell and does not look shiny when produced and they also have ‘thick’ feel. Don’t buy a leather messenger bag that is expensive just because it was advertised as authentic, scammers take advantage of this.

Types of leather

Note that there are different types of leather and each type comes with its own characteristics. Cowhide leather: This type of leather is what is termed as authentic leather because it is of the best quality and always comes with a comfortable look and feel. The cowhide leather is heavy and has a distinctive smell that always comes with leather. Lambskin leather: being a little of less quality than the cowhide leather, it has a much softer feel and sometimes preferred by some men. However, with that said it is important to note that it does not last long like the cowhide leather. It is easily scratched, dented, ruined, etc. Patch leather: patch leather is a mixture of cowhide and lambskin leather which makes it not as expensive as cowhide but more affordable. The good thing about patch leather is that the quality is much higher than the lambskin leather. It is said to be closer in quality to the cowhide leather. Faux leather: the name says it all. The faux leather is an artificial version of the cowhide leather but is nothing close to that.
Leather messenger bags are mostly found in black or brown colors when they are original but can also be made in different colors when they are artificial. Some are very big to carry the bigger versions of laptops, whiles others are made portable enough to carry iPad or smaller versions of laptops.

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