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Math aids and Kids

Math aids are meant to increase your child’s numeracy and sharpness. There are several approaches to making kids learn smart and think smart. Different companies have developed some form of math aid for kids to enable them to become good students. With the advent of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), math has gained prominence as a subject. Math is a foundational subject for every kid. Children learn quickly through various means when they are in the growing process.

Therefore, math aids come to greatly help kids to have a good foundation for life. Kids can playfully learn with these math kits designed for them. Educational arithmetic math aids help kids learn faster. It ensures that fun is mixed with learning. Aids for learning math have been made easily available online and in shops. Some websites have downloadable math sheets to engage kids in learning. Some also have playful toys on tablets and other devices that are created and sold in shops. Every parent would want their kids to do well in math due to their key role in everyday life.

Exciting times with math aids

To kids math is exciting and an interesting subject for them. It opens their minds to quick learning all the time and they can relate to it in everyday life. Parents care for their kids to excel in school with all subjects including math. They will, therefore, go through all means possible for their kids to have math lessons. Math aids ensure that the foundation of children in mathematics becomes more solid. The easy to understand tactics used to ensure that kids have the basic knowledge of math. The use of counting sticks math aids help kids ease into maths lessons.

Children enjoy exploring new things hence giving them a toy that also has features to make them learn is the best. It’s actually a situation of killing two birds with one stone for parents. Parents who feel math is a lot of work and find it complicated and confusing find it relieving when they buy things to aid their kids to learn math like fraction board math aids. Math is not boring, tedious or difficult. It applies to life and forms a great part of it. We, therefore, cannot live without it. Math is fun and exciting with math aids. Kids will always be looking forward to spending time learning with them.

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  • Sale! 3d plastic geometric math aids

    Indulge your kids in fruitful geometry lessons with these 3d plastic geometric math aids. The best math kits for your kids.

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  • Sale! Fraction Board Math Aids

    Discussing fractions, and playing games with kids, are the best ways to get children off to a flying start in mathematics. Best kids math kit. 

    • Wooden fraction board
    • Durable build
    • Kids math learning tool
    • Not for kids under 3 years
    • Unisex kids math fraction board
    • Montessori education 
    • Fraction concepts for children
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    • Fraction pieces



    Fraction Board Math Aids

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  • Sale! Educational Arithmetic Math Aids

    Invest in your child’s future with math aids. Educational arithmetics math aids to train your kids. Wooden made kids fun learning math aid. 

    • Wooden durable math aid
    • Arithmetic kids toys
    • Basic mathematics learning
    • Big display for kids exploration
    • Environmentally friendly design
    • Suitable for kids 3 years up
    • Multiplication table included
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    Educational Arithmetic Math Aids

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  • Sale! Counting Sticks Math Aids

    Counting sticks as math aids mix fun with learning. Get a set for your kids and you will not regret it.  Excellent kids learning tool on the market today.  

    • Unisex math tool
    • Math tools for kids 3 years up
    • Educational kids counting sticks
    • Colourful counting sticks 
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    Counting Sticks Math Aids

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  • Sale! Abacus Math Aids

    Kids can explore new arithmetic skills with abacus math aids. Expose them to new learning every day with this math board. Interesting fun lessons. 

    • Plastic board for kids
    • Abacus counting math aid
    • Unisex arithmetic tool
    • Education kids abacus
    • Abacus for 3 years up
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    Abacus Math Aids

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    Fast-paced learning with children wooden math aids. Expose your child to the best math tuition anywhere. Easy to carry along. 

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    • Math aid for kids greater than 3years
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    • Unisex kids math toy  
    • Educational math learning
    • Wooden made math kit for kids
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    Children Wooden Math Aids

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Math learning methods previously

Math involves using steps and rules that are important to remember. Sometimes you may not even get the explanation for the rules and meanings for math. You just memorized the times’ table, for example, because the teacher said so. All these were just seen as the “old school” way of doing it. Now, there are different ways that have been devised to instruct kids in math.  With the advent of new types of calculators, assistive technology and other innovative approaches, kids learning math with math aids has taken a new shape.

Math lessons for kids are now focused on understanding the concepts behind it with hands-on activities and real-life applications. Kids now don’t just get handed down lessons copied from the board or just given pages to complete assignments individually. Group problem solving is now encouraged and various math aids have been integrated into learning.

Views on using manipulatives for math lessons

Manipulatives are concrete objects (such as things you can touch and move around). These math aids help kids in patterning, equations, multiplications, counting and more. They include geometric shapes, cubes, fraction bars, plastic counting cubes or 3d plastic geometric math aids. In some cases, buttons, soda caps, beans, dice, craft sticks, straws, marbles can also serve as manipulatives. Abacus math aids are also essential for kids learning.  Virtually, manipulatives include puzzles and games. This is meant to keep the students interest alive in math.

 Some people have put forward questions about manipulatives in learning math. They ask if they are not being overused. Secondly, they muse whether it will prevent students from having abstract thinking skills, memorizing things, recalling things, or restrict their imagination. Will it also decrease their everyday problem solving and critical thinking? Others have wondered and are generally concerned how their kids will get their math skills solid.

The National Council of Math Teachers has advocated strongly that manipulative should be used in the classroom. This is because it allows the student to construct their own understanding of maths. Concepts too challenging for kids are believed to be made simple using manipulatives. Those in favor of manipulatives have listed their importance. They include top-notch technology standards when it comes to creating math aid lessons for kids.

They also are of the view that many resources are online and can make creating lessons for kids with it easily. Manipulatives are indispensable math aids. Kids learn group work through it.  They get accustomed to this from childhood and by the time they are ahead in school these math aids help them. Some of the manipulatives for the older groups have included 3d objects, grid paper, and geometric shapes or children wooden math aids.

More on the use of manipulatives as math aids

In some cases, its seen as a potential block for kids from abstract thinking. Some kids learn from systematic thinking and thus the materials for manipulatives may not work for everyone. The question is also asked whether the use of manipulatives will enable kids to understand all math concepts. These math aids, they are afraid, may not help students to understand systematic math but rather just the activities and not the lesson.

For the virtual manipulatives, they have raised concerns if the students will not be overly reliant on these math aids to solve problems. In cases where they need to quickly solve a problem and the tools are not there, what do they do? All math concepts are not in concrete form. Some math is very abstract. This math aid has raised a great deal of concern. The underlying question has been how to merge manipulatives with abstract thinking and how do teachers transition between the two without confusing kids.

Therefore, some tutors have devised their own way of teaching by blending the two intelligently so that kids will not be too reliant on one method at the neglect of the other. This is because they will meet different circumstances of math problems to solve. A child that has been taught in both will be able to solve the problem effectively using the math aids available to them.

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