Pedal pushers give you that stunning look

Pedal pushers form part of today’s fashion though it first became popular in the 1960s. It is worn tight to the skin and is somehow like capris. They are sometimes known as clam daggers or capri pants. Pedal pushers originate from the cyclists who used to wear them because they didn’t want their trousers to get caught up in the bicycle chains. The style however changed over the years and began to catch up with the teenage population. They are sometimes up to the knee or a little below the knee. They come in different colours – black, blue, pink, turquoise and either made up of jeans material or cotton fabric. Whether you ride a bike or not, you can don this beautiful fashion piece any time of day. It hugs tight to your body and gives you a beautiful shape as you wear it. There are pedal pushers for all sizes and heights. If you are slim, tall, short or plus size, you can have the size of pedal pushers that you want. Your body takes shape in the pedal pushers and gives you that sexy look you desire. Pedal pushers are for flattering the contours of your body. They make you look good. They can sometimes also come in vintage leopard designs or camouflage designs. It fits perfectly on your body and makes you look beautiful. The material used in making pedal pushers are normally soft and comfortable to ensure that a stunning look is guaranteed. You can wear your pedal pushers with a crop top to get that sexy look. There are even Hawaiian – style type of pants to give you an exotic look and feel. You can wear them to the beach when going jogging or when you want to take a stroll, it can also be for when there’s an event and you want to go simple casual. Imagine yourself in a cute-looking pedal pusher with a stylish top. You will definitely attract some form of attention as you go by. Light up your day with a colourful polka dotted pedal pusher and watch the reactions that you will get.

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