Pedal Pushers

Pedal pushers give you that stunning look

Fashionable pedal pushers form part of today’s fashion though it first became popular in the 1960s. It is worn tight to the skin and is somehow like capris. They are sometimes known as clam daggers or capri pants. Wide leg pedal pushers originate from the cyclists who used to wear them because they didn’t want their trousers to get caught up in the bicycle chains. The style however changed over the years and began to catch up with the teenage population. They are sometimes up to the knee like the knee-length pedal pushers or a little below the knee. They come in different colours – black, blue, pink, turquoise and either made up of jeans material or cotton fabric. Summer slim pedal pushers are mostly worn during the summer. Whether you ride a bike or not, you can don this beautiful fashion piece any time of day. It hugs tight to your body and gives you a beautiful shape as you wear it. Stylish tie-up pedal pushers are available in all sizes and heights. If you are slim, tall, short or plus size, you can have the size of pedal pushers that you want. Your body takes shape in the pedal pushers and gives you that sexy look you desire. New fashionable pedal pushers are for flattering the contours of your body. They make you look good. They can sometimes also come in vintage leopard designs or camouflage designs. It fits perfectly on your body and makes you look beautiful. The material used in making casual pedal pushers are normally soft and comfortable to ensure that a stunning look is guaranteed. You can wear your plaid style pedal pushers or wide leg plaid pedal pushers with a crop top to get that sexy look. There are even Hawaiian – style type of pants to give you an exotic look and feel. You can wear them to the beach when going jogging or when you want to take a stroll, it can also be for when there’s an event and you want to go simple casual. Imagine yourself in a simple fashion pedal pusher with a stylish top. You will definitely attract some form of attention as you go by. Light up your day with a colourful polka-dotted pedal pusher and watch the reactions that you will get.

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  • Sale! Skinny Stretch Pedal Pushers

    Dare to be different in your appearance. New and simple fashion skinny stretch pedal pushers come in many designs. Made for pedal pusher lovers. Find your fit and look good. Skinny stretch pedal pushers for you.

    • Women’s jeans pedal pusher
    • Cotton, spandex material
    • Skinny, pencil pants
    • Casual calf-length pants
    • 100% brand new product
    • 50% Discount
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    Skinny Stretch Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $69.97
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  • Sale! Leisure Wear Pedal Pushers

    Do you want to take it easy but still look good? Then your best choice are the leisurewear pedal pushers. Stay in fashion.

    • Calf-length pants
    • Polyester, spandex made
    • High waist design
    • Straight pants
    • Solid pattern
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now



    Leisurewear Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $200.97
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Sale! New Woollen Pedal Pushers

    Wear your pedal pushers with style. Comfort-made. The new woollen pedal pushers are here for you. Get your style on with the new woollen pedal pushers. No regrets. Just class!

    • Wool pedal pushers
    • Calf length pedal pushers
    • Women office wear
    • Striped pattern pants
    • Shape-retaining feature
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    New Woollen Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $94.97
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Sale! Simple Fashion Pedal PushersSimple Fashion Pedal Pushers

    Wear your pedal pushers with style. Show your sense of style. Stand out in your classy pedal pushers and get your style on! Comfortable and one of the go-to attire. One of the best fashion options for you!

    • Plaid style pedal pushers
    • Polyester, spandex made
    • Ankle length pants
    • Casual wear
    • Women wide leg design
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Simple Fashion Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $175.97
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  • Sale! Wide Leg Plaid Pedal Pushers

    The new fashion addition to the pedal pushers line of clothing. Spice up your wardrobe. Get yourself the wide leg plain pedal pushers and add some fun to your day.

    • Wide leg pedal pushers
    • Modern, casual style
    • Ankle length pedal pushers
    • Low waist design
    • Polyester, spandex made
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Wide Leg Plaid Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $82.97
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  • Sale! Plaid Style Pedal Pushers

    Plaid style pedal pushers show the creativity and boundless designs. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. Mix and blend colors. Choose multicolored tops or sexy crop tops to match your pedal pushers. Take charge of your style and look good.

    • New ankle-length pants
    • Patchwork pattern type
    • Straight pants
    • Elastic waist
    • Women pedal pushers
    • Plaid fashion design
    • 50% discount
    • Buy Now

    Plaid Style Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $90.97
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  • Sale! Casual Pedal Pushers

    New stylish casual pedal pushers. You can don it with a tee, or 3- quarter sleeves. Blend colours and look good. Match them with multicoloured tops or crop tops. Comfortable pedal pushers for those who love them. Own one and also take charge of your sense of style today!

    • Ankle length pedal pushers
    • Polyester, wool made
    • Mid waist pleated style
    • Decorative women pedal pushers
    • Soft, durable material
    • 100% brand new product
    •  50% Discount
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    Casual Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $93.97
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  • Sale! New Fashionable Pedal Pushers

    New fashionable pedal pushers. Own one and take charge of your style. Never be out of fashion with your pedal pushers. Closet addition for fashionistas!.

    • Wide leg pedal pushers
    • High waist style
    • Pleated, casual pants
    • Mid waist fit
    • Spring weather clothing
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    New Fashionable Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $53.97
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  • Sale!

    Excellent for the summer weather. Wear yours and show off your style. Get yourself stylish tie up pedal pushers and step up your game.

    • Ladies casual pedal pushers
    • Loose fit feature
    • Lace up design
    • Cotton fabric made
    • High waist pants
    • Summer clothing
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Stylish Tie Up Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $99.97
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  • Sale! Knee Length Pedal Pushers

    Get your style on with these designer pedal pushers. Draw attention! Brighten your day with colourful fashionable pedal pushers. Hot looks await you in your knee length pedal pushers.

    • Stretch high waist pedal pushers
    • Hemmed design
    • Skinny pants
    •  Polyester , cotton made
    • Casual denim pedal pushers
    • Embroidery decoration
    • 50% Discount
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    Knee Length Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $61.99
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  • Sale! Summer Slim Pedal Pushers

    Brighten your day with vibrant fashionable summer slim pedal pushers and also enjoy compliments. Own one and show off your style. For bike riders and daily fashion too. Purchase yours!

    • Fashion women pedal pushers
    • Polyester, cotton made
    • Slim pencil pants
    • Stretchy Color pedal pushers
    • New arrival pants
    • Skinny, mid waist design
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Summer Slim Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $82.99
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  • Sale! Wide Leg Pedal Pushers

    Beautiful wide leg pedal pushers pairs with anything. Brighten your day with vibrant stylish pedal pushers and also enjoy praises. Undoubtedly made for die-hard fashionistas.

    • Polyester, spandex ankle-length pants
    • High waist pedal pushers
    • Women lolita style
    • Excellent gift for loved one
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Wide Leg Pedal Pushers

    Pedal Pushers $66.99
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Pedal pushers as a fashion piece

The comparison between pedal pushers and capri pants have gone on for some time. There have also been questions whether those with a fuller figure are to avoid pedal pushers all together. Others have also asked if the pedal pusher can be worn to work. Capris are a term for any slim pant that has a crop. The capris are pants that end at the ankle bone whilst the pedal pusher ends at mid-calf. There is even the existence of cropped trousers that are almost at the ankle and are sometimes more loose that pedal pushers. The pedal pushers as a fashion piece as undergone different seasons where people wear them.
Some mothers during pregnancy are daring to add pedal pushers to their wardrobe apart from the dresses that they may have. Pedal pushers are not for only thin people. Those who are also plus-size can have it as their dress option.
Pedal pushers have become a household name. Fashionista’s do not go a day without them in their closet. Pedal pushers as a fashion piece is stylish for different occasions. There are some that have been designed for workers where designers have used a tweed-like material for the pants. Other designers have dared to use satin for pedal pushers to give a shiny and attractive look. Pedal pushers came in the ’80s and were not on the scene for some time just like all other fashion – they came and went for some time but are now back.

Tips to shopping for pedal pushers

Know your body shape
• Find the type of pedal pusher that will flatter your shape.
• Choose the type of material that you will be most comfortable in ( whether cotton or silk)
• Decide which top will fit with the pants you have chosen.
• Dare to be different. Eccentricity is important when it comes to making the choice. That is what makes you stand out in the fashion world. Even if you are deemed weird, it is your style and like it your way.
• Know what footwear the pedal pushers will go with ( whether, heels or flats).

Knowing how to dress with pedal pushers

If you are living in a cold climate zone, then dressing may take a different turn for you. The question is how do you remain fashionable despite the cold or weather changes?. Pedal pushers, however, may not be the best option for colder temperatures. You would have to find more suitable clothes.
When the weather is warm, on the other hand, you can find nice and breathable material used in making these pedal pushers when the weather is warm. You can don it with a t-shirt, or three- quarter sleeves. You can mix up colours and look fabulous in your leisurewear pedal pushers. If t-shirts are not your thing you can choose multicoloured tops or cotton polo shirts or tank tops to match your pedal pushers.
Pedal pushers are ideal for when you want to look simple and smart and when there is no need for dressing up to the nines (perfection). New woollen pedal pushers are available on most online shops for those will not be able to make a physical trip there. Depending on the colour of pedal pusher pants that you want, there is an array of them on our website. You can look comfortable and stylish in skinny stretch pedal pushers. They are designed to make you feel comfortable and casual in your look.
Pedal pushers bring out the beauty in women. It’s a fashionable piece in the wardrobe and never loses its touch. It can be matched with different types of tops and you can still achieve that amazing look. Pedal pushers help you achieve that slimmer look. You just have to know the weather pattern and which material of pedal pushers will work for you. A daisy printed design pedal pusher will be great and ideal for a hot summer day when you want to unwind.

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