The Peplum dress is back in style

Peplum, as the name goes, is a short gather and a slight flare strip of fabric attached at the waist of a skirt, dress, blouse or jacket. The peplum style has now become famous. It can be found in work clothes, evening wear, everyday casuals and the list is endless. The flair edge of the peplum design means it should be matched with a tight bottom. When it comes to peplum dresses, it should fit at the bottom. This brings out the beauty and shape of the one wearing it. A peplum dress can be any length. Some are in long flowing gowns, others are mid-knee length and some are above the knee in a cute short form for evening cocktails and other functions. Peplum dresses can come in a striped design, plain black, green, baby blue, red, polka dotted, rose -designed and other flower designs. You can put a belt over it or wear it without it. You can also have a waistband design just before the peplum design.
Now, you can walk into a shop and see a diverse range of different types of the peplum dress being displayed. The peplum dress has made a comeback as a fashion piece. It is gradually making a fashion statement on the runways. Its become one of the coolest fashion items you can have in your wardrobe. A peplum dress accentuates your waist when you wear it and gives you a pretty look. The peplum dress is designed to bring out your shape. Peplum dresses ensure that you do not miss out on looking fashionable and beautiful. A peplum dress for the office comes in a neat finish with a slim belt on top of it created to add that special touch to your look. A wine peplum dress, for example, is sure to set you standing out from the crowd no matter the occasion you wear it to. A peplum dress can also be worn for parties and with this design, there is a mix of colours. The upper part can be made from net-like material and can be one colour and then the lower body is also another colour ( like turquoise and black combination or mint and black combo). Whatever your taste, there are styles of peplum dresses for you.

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