Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is usually carried in a waistcoat or in a pocket of a jacket and the watch hangs at the end of a chain. Unlike a wrist watch which is worn on the wrist and very visible, the pocket watch is almost always out of sight. The chains attached to pocket watches helps secure the watches to the loop of the belt, lapel, waistcoat and this prevents them from falling or being dropped. Commonly seen on pocket watches are fasteners designed specifically to be put through buttonholes. They are typically worn in a waistcoat or jacket instead of attached to an item of clothing to be seen. You can find pocket watches made with different metals such as gold, silver or copper, etc. Solid gold plated pocket watches are priceless since the possibility that the watch has a lot of gold karats is very high. This makes such gold plated pocket watches very expensive and not common. Normally the price of a pocket watch depends mainly on the type of metal used to produce it. The more expensive metals mean the watch will cost more than if a less expensive metal is used. In recent times, producers of pocket watches have moved from using solid metals to using malleable products to make them easily accessible as well as long-lasting. Products such as plastics have become the commonly used materials used in producing the casing of pocket metals so that the can be made in different colors and designs that are eye-catching. Other products such as rubber and glass are mixed together to give a shiny looking pocket watch casing. For more shiny looking pocket watches, they are being in made in metals that are cheaper but look very shiny and lovely and yet don’t need a lot of special care to keep them looking shiny. For special occasions, you can have your pocket watch customized for your loved one. Either has the names of your loved one engraved on them or special words written for your loved one. The pocket watches can be made in the shapes of pets such as cats, parrots, dogs, etc. and given out as gifts on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, etc.

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