Promise Rings

Promise rings

When you receive a promise rings it means that you have a commitment with the one who gave you the ring.
To define a promise ring, you can say it’s a tangible symbol that shows that someone has a romantic link with another person. Meaning you are committed to only that person and vice versa so both parties will be faithful to each other for as long as they are together. A promise ring when exchanged automatically sends a message to the one being given the ring that I will be with you and love you forever. They come in different types which include the snowflake promise rings and the heart shaped promise rings. They are made for those who like to add some style to their vows to their loved ones. 

Types of a diamond promise ring

The type of diamond and where is originated from also adds to the worth of the promise ring. The standard diamond has no color, it is crystal clear however these colorless diamonds are very expensive as a matter of fact they are the most expensive stones on the market. Naturally, diamonds have a little hue of yellow or brown though they appear colorless. The diamonds used for promise have grades though it may be slight, the difference still does exist except that it is not easily seen with the naked eye. The diamond grades are in alphabets such as K and N etc. the diamonds that graded K and above are the clear ones as compared to the ones graded N and below. The diamonds rings that have the grades N and below are visibly tinted. However, the ones graded S and below have a much heavier tint than the ones graded N. Different tints in all types of colors including colors of the rainbow. You will find diamond promise rings in different colors such as yellow, blue, pink and a combination of the colors, etc. Yellow happens to be the most popular and the common hue that can be found on the market and also most preferred. As yellow is the common type of diamond ring, there are other colors that are rare and they are green, blue, red, and also white like the luxury white promise rings.

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    Trendy promise rings come in a sophisticated style. The ring sits magnificently on your fingers. Flaunt your trendy promise rings to your friends and family, feel good in them. Trendy promise rings are provided as an expression of a deep feeling.

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Promise rings today

The engagement ring is famous. But even more importantly and more famous is now the promise ring. A lot of people in relationships now view the seal of their commitment of love with promise rings. This is a ring to show that two people are in love and want to commit to a further relationship. There are different types of promise rings today. This symbol of future engagement and devotion has become very powerful and popular. It goes beyond just dating among people. Promise rings have always been seen as symbolic and even more so now if you are dating someone and there is no promise ring, it will be regarded as just a fling or a flash in the pan kind of relationship. 

Promise rings come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some are plain, others are rose gold. They can be worn by women and also men. Men promise rings, just like the name goes, are for men. It goes to prove that not only women are given promise rings. You can also choose to personalize your style of promise rings. It can be engraved in it with “I love you” or “ be mine forever” or whatever love inscription that the couple wants to use for their rings. Walk into any jewelry shop and you will find an endless array of these rings for your choosing. For those who want to keep in style with the latest style of promise rings, trendy promise rings can be an option.

Now, celebrities the world over have gone on to use promise rings in their daily affirmation of love. The likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers have worn these rings as a symbol of purity, chastity, and commitment to themselves and those they love. High School students have also been known greatly for giving these rings to their girlfriends. Others wear it just for fashion’s sake. Its all fun for the young generation when it comes to the use of promise rings. Want to show a sign of “going steady” with your loved one, then the exchange of promise rings is your best bet. To make a style statement some also purchase fashionable promise rings.

Types of promise rings include:

  • Friendship promise rings – these are rings exchanged between good friends just like giving a friendship bracelet. It shows the bond of a lifetime.
  • Pre-engagement promise rings – This is given to someone with the intent that their relationship is gradually approaching the engagement phase.
  • Monogamy – This is a promise ring given to show that the party involved will be committed solely to each other and no one else.
  • Chastity promise ring – This purity commitment ring is worn to make a statement to the fact that the individual will remain chase until marriage. It can be a gift from a parent to a child or couples too. It also gained its fair share of popularity as it was worn by the Jonas’s. Chastity or purity rings came about in the 1990s. Its mostly worn by religious groups. This ring is replaced with the engagement band when they are about to marry.
  • Promise to oneself – This is a personal vow that individuals make to themselves with this kind of promise ring to abstain from drinking, drugs, smoking, sex and anything that will have a negative influence on them. The ring, therefore, is a great reminder of the promise that they made to themselves to resist the temptation that comes to them. Promise rings are indeed important to people for different reasons but it serves the purpose of showing the vows that people make to each other at different stages of their lives and in their relationships.


The origin of promise rings

Promise rings have been in existence since olden times. The Romans gave it to their loved ones as a promise to marry them whilst they waited for the appointed time to announce their marriage.

In England, they took it a step further by inscribing poems in them. About the 15th to the 17th Century, this symbol of romance, affection, and devotion existed for lovers. This jewelry has sailed through the different ages to show the love between couples.

Other meanings for promise rings

Apart from the bond aspect of the use of promise rings, other meanings have included its use in aspirations or a goal or some religious belief that someone may have. It can also show the commemoration of an important event or achievement in someone’s life. There are different reasons why someone may choose to go for a promise ring. They serve different purposes and there is no restriction on what you can use it for.

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