Purge Mask

Different reasons to get a purge mask

Get yourself a purge mask they have become very popular among many today. It has become a famous franchise recently because it is associated with some form of horror. People are curious and continue to wonder what led to the creation of these masks. One cannot help but notice how it has become famous among many circles. Masks have somehow been linked to terror. Uncommonly, that is the norm that has been associated with it.

In the United States, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan is remembered in pop culture for their white hood and robes. They wore purge the purge mask with a wide range of attires. Purge masks are for concealing the identity of the wearer. It, therefore, made them faceless people. These masks however made people feel intimidated by their presence. It can be a bit creepy when it is worn but for the wearers, they have their own reasons for wearing it.  Even some religious groups have also adopted the masks for their own purposes.  

Purge mask for celebrations

People have different purposes now for buying these masks. There are different additional designs that have been created in the making of the masks. Now, masks of this nature are sometimes infused with LED designs and mainly suited also for Halloween, disco or club times, raves and so on. It is a real sought- after party item for many. It has re-emerged as a famous brand to be added to your apparel. There are even special t-shirts made to accompany them. Like the sound-sensitive LED T-shirts accompanied by these masks make you all set for your party. LED purge mask, Halloween feature purge mask, are among the many types of purge masks available. Young people are crazy about it for their dance performances when they want to add a twist of drama to the whole event. The masks are part of pop culture and are not likely to change any time soon. They are uniquely made to reflect the values of a group and what they want to portray in wearing them. It is for fun and setting up that mysterious look for the night. Be it with your friends going for a party, this mask is your companion. To add more drama to your event, a glowing horror purge mask is set to send chills down people’s spines. 

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  • Sale! LED Purge Mask

    Get your LED purge mask today. Efficient anti-heat emitting mask for all occasions. Buy Yours!

    • Advanced EL wires are woven into the mask allowing the mask to be more durable and longer lasting. NO UV harm, NO adverse effects on the human body
    • Good Fit & Flexible: Adjustable elastic strap allows you to easily adjust this mask for small, medium, and large sized heads. One size fits most teens and adults
    • Wide Application: Suitable for any occasion, Halloween, masquerade, birthday party, rave party, theme party club, carnival and various festivals.
    •  Low Power Consumption: Get up to 6 hours of use at the brightest capacity setting
    • 4 Control Modes: The light is even and soft and won’t make your eyes tired. There are four control modes: steady light, slow flash, fast flash, and off, which can be adjusted according to your needs
    • Clours include Blue,Rose Red,White,Purple,Red,Yellow,Ice-Blue
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    LED Purge Mask

    Purge Mask $34.97
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  • Sale! Purge Mask Costume

    Famous nightlife item for anyone today. Add a twist to your outlook on the purge mask. Create unforgettable moments outdoors.

    • The mask is made of premium PVC and El cold light wire which has adverse effects on the human body.The cold light will make sure you stand out of the crowd. 
    • Fun for all ages. The mask can be used on any occasions such as Halloween, Party, Rave Parties, Discos, Clubs, Birthdays, Masquerades, Mardi Gras, Rave Festivals, Costume Parties, Carnival, Gift, Festivals and Events.
    • The mask control has 4 modes,steady light,slow flash,fast flash,Off. You can adjust the mode you need by the control panel.T
    • he electroluminescent film is a kind of cold light source. It has no heat when working. The working temperature is lower than that of the fluorescent lamp.
    • No UV radiation, no adverse effects on the human body.
    • No inferior plastic smell, no pungent smell, so it’s completely safe, can be worn with peace of mind.
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    Purge Mask Costume

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  • Sale! Glowing Horror Purge Mask

    Enjoy anonymity in your lovable LED face mask. Glowing Horror Purge Mask are your best disguise aid. Get yours now and enjoy the freedom of going unnoticed.

    • Durable plastic made
    • Glowing safe wire
    • No harm to the human body
    • Different control modes ( steady, slow, fast, off)
    • Suitable for most people
    • Good breathing, comfortable made
    • Halloween party, dancing party, birthday party, costume party 
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    Glowing Horror Purge Mask

    Purge Mask $55.97
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  • Sale! Halloween Feature Purge Mask

    Dress up and have that anonymous look whilst trick-or-treating. Find your go-to Halloween feature purge mask today. 

    • Smiling face feature
    • Halloween party props
    • Mask costume party
    • Full face cover area
    • Complete your costume with this horror mask
    • Smiling lips
    • Perfect for Halloween costumes, cosplay, and more
    • Made of lightweight plastic
    • Features large eye and nose holes
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    Halloween Feature Purge Mask

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  • Sale! New Design Purge Mask

    Get popular purge masks for your raves and halloween. Universal face mask for the old and young!

    • LED glowing mask
    • Halloween party mask
    • Glow in the dark features
    • Full face cover area
    • Battery-powered
    • Unisex gender
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    New Design Purge Mask

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  • Light Up Festival Purge Mask

    Whether young or old, make your night radiant with the light up festival purge mask. Add a twist of drama to your life.

    • LED purge mask
    • Party game masks
    • Full face cover area
    • Suitable for Halloween / April Fool’s Day /  Cosplay Costumes / bar performance / night show
    • Size fit for adults
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    Light Up Festival Purge Mask

    Purge Mask $13.97
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Having the time of your life in a purge mask

Have the time of your life with the Italian castle style. Beautiful women and great men twirled around on the dance floor in their purge masks. The mask is free without inhibition. Be a masquerade for the night. Be mystical and enjoy the power in being unknown at your balls and parties. In the Middle Ages, Christians observed the Carnival season. Carnival is Latin “carne vale”. Meaning “farewell to meat”. It was the opportunity for them to indulge in the food and wine that was available just before the lent seasons started. At their parades, they wore purge masks and other kinds of masks and danced in the streets. New design purge mask styles made by manufacturers to meet the various needs of purge mask lovers.

There were no barriers between the rich and the poor. People were able to mingle freely casting aside all class or racial issues. During the times when purge masks were worn, they also gave up meat and any form of unholiness during the lent season. A lot of people have the time of their lives behind these masks. A purge mask develops out of different traditions of worship. It has now evolved into a must-have for many party goers in modern times. When you want to have the time of your life, you can gladly “hide” behind the mask and be a little mischievous. Light up your day with a touch of a light up festival purge mask. It is your best choice to add that special touch.

Light up your outdoor moments with your friends. Be it at the club or a street carnival have the best of fun unlimited. Add a twist to your clothing with a purge mask. It sometimes warranted debauchery hence some people were careful to wear them. You may not be seen in any way for what you have done as you are covered with the mask. Adopted traditions have influenced the mask balls that allow these purge masks.

The freedom to be someone else with the purge mask

Wearing purge masks come with the freedom of being able to be someone else without being seen behind it. Many Halloween lovers are super crazy about purge masks. With the LED component, many night party people have taken a liking to it. Dress up and add that anonymous look.

Be it Mardi Gras, or Halloween in the city of Venice or New Orleans, dress up for your masquerade with some special purge mask. Party the night away with this mask. Keep the mystery with your purge mask. Enjoy freedom and dance with your purge masks. Dancers use them to create dramatic moments in their stagecraft. Mob dancers also use them to enhance their performance. Join your friends in freely. Current trends of the purge mask started in the 15th Century where people publicly wore costumes for their festivities. Most masks that are in existence stem from the old carnivals in ancient Venice. Dances with purge masks have become part of the youth especially. Apart from the night parties, opera houses mainly use purge masks to perform. These masks have become popular across various countries and are used in different ways according to their culture. A purge mask costume will be complete for your Halloween trick-or-treat.

Purge masks have also featured in the hit movie “The Purge”. Get your party self on with the purge masks. Create a party mood with your friends with the purge masks. Go trick-or-treating happily during Halloween. Be free to be whoever you want to be in your mask. Party in the club with your mask and never be discovered. Classic purge masks are available in many stores or if you want to make one for yourself. The DIY methods are can also be explored as many people want to learn how to make it on their own. Disguise yourself and stay anonymous in your celebration. Going incognito can be real fun with this mask. Halloween is one of the times when you can do anything and get away with it. Terrifying looks scare people in Halloween but wearers of purge masks really care less about that.

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