The shoehorn as a current aid

The shoehorn has been in existence for years as a helpful tool for those struggling to wear their shoes. It’s the best aid for your shoes. No need to suffer wearing your shoes anymore. You have different options. Some shoehorns are short, others are long. It varies in sizes. They can also be made from metal, wood or plastic. The type of material used depends on what the manufacturer wants to use and for which group of people. If it’s for kids, the metal may not be too good an option. Possibly the wooden style of shoehorn will be better for them. For adults, any of the materials used will be suitable. Adults can also comfortably use the long shoehorn

It is created to pamper people in the task of wearing your shoes more simply. Top-notch designers of shoes see this accessory as important in adding them to the shoes people buy. They make durable metal shoehorn types too to last long.  The shoehorn has grown to become a universal product because it cuts across ages, cultures, backgrounds and beyond. It is an accessory that cannot be done away with: it has come to stay. You can clearly see the difference between wearing your shoes with it and without it. It’s a lifesaver for many as they get dressed. Some shoehorns have embossments of the manufacturers’ name on it or sometimes just stick-on labels. Its usefulness cannot be belaboured. Not having one means you are going to have troubles when wearing your shoes. To make it even more useful, manufacturers have made the loop handle shoehorn types to ensure that you have a firm grip on the shoehorn when you are using it. 

Its undeniable that shoes are one of the most fashionable things available on the market. Good shoes enhance your appearance, but you must take care of them well for them to last. Therefore, there are different accessories that can be bought to ensure this. The shoehorn is one of such things that can help keep your shoe in shape for longer. Shoehorns are inarguably the best tool to aid you to wear your shoes comfortably.

To make your shoes last longer, you can opt to get an alternate pair of shoes apart from the ones you have so that you can change your shoes and not wear the same one throughout. Not having other pairs of shoes makes it easier for the ones you have to be susceptible to wear and tear.

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  • Sale! Short Length Shoehorn

    The shoehorn is designed in such a way that there is a handle portion that where you can hold on to. Gives yourself the best way to wearing your shoe easily with the short length shoehorn.

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    Short Length Shoehorn

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  • Sale! Colourful Plastic Shoehorn

    A colorful plastic shoehorn comes in as handy when you want to wear your shoes. Shoehorns are famous additions to shoes. Wear your shoes with ease today!

    • Plastic made shoehorn
    • Easy shoehorn 
    • Quality design product
    • Open shoe aid
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    Colourful Plastic Shoehorn

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  • Sale! stainless steel shoehorn

    Have a stainless steel shoehorn and enjoy the ease of wearing your shoes. The days of suffering to wear shoe end when you have a shoehorn. It assists you comfortably to wear your shoes. Get rid of the unnerving feeling when you are dressing, and you have to put your feet into stiff shoes.

    • 1 pcs shoehorn
    • Solid pattern 
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    • Stainless steel 
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    Stainless Steel Shoehorn

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  • Sale! Loop Handle Shoehorn

    The loop handle shoehorn help ease the struggle when it comes to wearing your shoes. It is best for you if you want to feel more comfortable holding it and have a firm grip on this tool.

    • Shoehorn for all shoe sizes
    • Metal shoehorn
    • Solid stainless steel
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    Loop Handle Shoehorn

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  • Sale! Durable Metal Shoehorn

    Fitting into your shoes has never been this easy! The durable metal shoehorn is one that you would love to have in your closet. Like all shoehorns, its main aim is to provide you with comfort and ease whilst wearing your shoes. Say goodbye to your days of struggling to put your shoes on.

    • Metal Shoehorn
    • Silver colour available
    • Stainless steel material
    • One size
    • Solid pattern size
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    Durable Metal Shoehorn

    Shoehorn $67.97
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  • Sale! Long Shoehorn

    The long shoehorn was made for high length shoes. Are you tired of bending over continually trying to fit your shoes on? Then the long shoehorn is your best bet to wearing your shoes comfortably.

    • Designer shoehorn
    • Flexible unisex shoehorn
    • Feet lifting tool
    • Shoe-wearing aid
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    Long Shoehorn

    Shoehorn $205.97$220.97
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Keep your shoes for long with the shoehorn

You will not want your new pair of shoes bought to be damaged in just a few weeks. We all buy with the intent of wearing it for a long period of time. The shoehorn ensures that the area of the mouth of the shoes does not crumple when you are wearing your shoe. The shoehorn helps to protect the back area of the shoes. It protects it from folding over all the time. The times of stepping on the back of your shoes to wear them end when you get this useful shoehorn. This means your shoes will be kept for a longer time with this aid. The shoehorn is, therefore, a lifesaver to those who use it. To make this product even last longer designers have made the stainless steel shoehorn.

 Others have put forward different remedies to keep your shoes for longer. Get a sock liner or hoses. These insoles prevent the shoe from perspiring too much which can also lead to the damaging of the shoes. Too much perspiration in shoes causes bad odour and makes the insoles hard. You should also consider cleaning your shoes regularly. Tea tree oil is a good anti-fungal agent and a good cleaning aid when you find your shoes giving off a bad odour. You should also have a polish that gives your shoes a glossy look always. Keep a polish brush also close by for your shoes. Its horsehair polish brushes are best known to keep your shoes looking good. Shoe sprays also come in handy when you want to protect your shoes. The shoehorn is one of the best ways to make your shoes last. Prolonging your shoe life just became easier with the shoehorn. They come in different colours and sizes but serve the same purpose. For those who even feel lazy to bend, the longer type of shoehorn is available for you conveniently.  It is however advised not to wait for your shoes to go into disrepair before trying to fix them. Using the shoehorn will, therefore, ensure that your shoes last. Get a long or short length shoehorn and alleviate the hustle to wear your shoes. Kids have their share with the existence of the colourful plastic shoehorn. They are long length and are easy to use.

Looking back at the shoehorn

The shoehorn has had different names. It can be known as the shoespooner, shoe schlipp or shoe tongue. It is a tool with a short handle that is meant to be held against the inside back of the shoe. It is slid against the heel and the base of the inner sole. The long-handled ones are for the long boots whilst the short ones are for everyday shoes. Originally, they were made from animal horns, glass and hooves. The luxury ones were made of shell, silver, a bone, ivory. Now, the most used material for them is metal, plastic and wood.

The shoehorn as we have it now came from the Middle Ages. It is been said that Elizabeth I of England bought over 20 shoehorns from her cobblers between 1563 and 1586. Discovery is also said to be have been made of old shoehorns signed and dated with people’s names between the year of 1593 and 1613. It’s been said that many people in her household used these shoehorns.

The shoehorn now

Whether you dress for every day or special events. There is nothing more unnerving than trying to jam your feet into stiff shoes. Wear your favourite shoes now with ease with your shoehorn. Slide them on simply with this tool. To choose the best shoehorn, consider the comfort and your personal routine so that you can find the right length for you. It provides a smooth surface at the back of your heel for you to wear your shoes. Shoehorns prevent you from snagging in the attempt to wear your shoes. It is made from different quality material depending on the manufacturer. Whether wood, metal or plastic get your shoehorn and be on your way. Say bye to the struggle to wear your shoes.

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