Incredibly Durable, Effective and Sturdy Squirrel Feeder. Great for Your Backyard

Squirrel feeders are either made of plastic or wood. They are specially made to keep pesky birds away from competing with them for food. Squirrels are acrobatic, relentless and athletic animals and they will make you smile when they display those characteristics at your yard. For your entertainment, get a squirrel feed in your yard. A well-positioned squirrel feeder in your yard will surely attract the squirrels but be sure to keep it far from your bird feeders just to prevent the squirrels from feeding from the bird feeders too. For a good feeder, go for one that is durable and easy for the squirrels to feed from. Also, one that can withstand wear and tear from animals. A squirrel feeder is specially made to be tough. Squirrels prefer nuts and corn to bird seeds but in the absence of these seeds, they will feed on bird seeds. Squirrels seeds are specially designed to hold peanuts in shells, dry corn and other nuts. These feeders should be mounted on your pole or the side of your tree trunk, away from your bird feeding station. You do not have to be worried about how they will locate the food because they are smart and will quickly find their new source of food to satisfy them. The moment they get used to their food source, they will stop raiding your bird feeder. The benefit you will derive from it is their amusement. Moreover, they form part of the environment, so providing them with their personal feeders will add more entertainment to your yard. Spot squirrels between 2 to 3 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset during the summer as they visit their squirrel feeders. They are most active by early spring since it is their mating season. The fun involved here is seeing the males chase the females to mate with them and drive other possible suitors away. Offer squirrels with squirrel feeders and enjoy watching this activity in your yard. It is quite impossible to deter squirrels from invading your bird food, but you can turn the table around by providing them with squirrel feed. With a squirrel feeder filled with food in your yard, your bird feeders will be left alone.

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