Stiletto heels

Stilettos: wear them and get noticed

Shoes have a way of making its wearer noticeable by other people. Stiletto heels definitely add some class to those who wear it. They can attract attention from miles away. Unconsciously, when you are being approached by someone, one of the first things they check is what you’ve worn and what you have under your feet. You cannot escape from that. If it is beautiful you will certainly get a compliment and they may even want to buy some of what you’re wearing. Heels and a lady are inseparable. Stiletto heels are very beautiful on the feet of the wearer. It adds class to the outfit the person is wearing. There are different types of stilettos that can be found on this website.

Stilettos heels come in different designs

Stiletto heels get its name from the stiletto dagger. This is an ancient knife that is characterized by a very thin and tall blade. That is exactly how the stiletto heels are – they are long and very thin. Heels can be up to 10 inches. Stiletto heels come in different colours and designs. The make of stiletto heels depends on the designer but the design of the heel is standard. It’s long and thin They can be in the form of boots, others can be just straps or sandal-like, some can also be open toe or plain party shoes. Some have bowties at the back of the heel as a design. The design of the upper part of some stilettos come in a rubber-like and transparent PVC material. This is a style that is increasingly becoming popular among women. These heels are not for any particular height or weight of people. Tall people can wear them, short people, too. If you’re plump no need to worry you can still fit into stiletto heels. The slim and slender can also fit into these heels. It adds a touch to your dressing.
You can get them in white, black, wine, a combination of colours on one shoe, silver, gold and the list is endless.  You can wear them to parties, cocktails, dinners, soirees, gala events and award ceremonies. Stilettos can be worn anywhere provided you are comfortable in them.

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