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Trench Coat Men – When you want to stay dry or warm and stylish it can take a bit more thought. Fashion comes and goes but one stable fashion wear is the new trench coat (men). Trench coats come in different sizes. Some are for sports, and others are for any occasion that you wish to wear it for. The designer trench coat (men) can pair with both casual and formal attire. There are classic trench coat (men) for winter, autumn and spring available for both men and women.

Trench coats were originally designed as clothing for army officers to wear. It derives its name from the clothing that soldiers wore during the First World War. It was used to protect themselves against adverse water conditions. Trench coats typically have 10 front buttons, a lapel, and pockets. It comes in different colors. Some are burgundy, brown, navy green. The traditional color of trench courts was khaki, but as fashion developed, there are several colors now available.

Trench coats were created for functionality and rightly serves this purpose. A trench coat is made from a variety of waterproof and heavy materials. The length of the trench coat (men) ranges from those that extend to the ankles (that is the longest length) and those that extend to the knee ( which is the shortest length). To look trendy in a trench coat men prefer the longer version.

Fashionable Trench coat (men) are usually double-breasted. The coat itself has a neat finish and has a belt that can be tied in the mid-waist area. It also has pockets that have a flap and can be buttoned. There are straps at the shoulder that close with buttons. This was to enable the soldier to attach items such as rank insignia and to protect them again a shot. In modern times though, it’s merely a fashion statement. The coat is also designed with a storm shield/flap to prevent the effects of the rain.

The large pockets also enable you to keep handy things that you want to carry along with you. The space around the trench coat when you wear it is enough so that you can even run whilst wearing it. It does not interfere with your walking and allows you maximum movement. When looking or a trench coat men consider how well they can be protected against the wind and rain by the coat.
There are different types of Trench coats on this website from which you can make a choice. Shiny leather trench coat (men) and stylish trench coat (men) are currently trending on deepcut discounts.

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Trench coats: the fashion piece then and now

Trench coats were made about 100 years before the first world war. It is said that around 1820, there was a rubber-like material that was being used as clothing for both sexes. The fabric was seen as game-changing and it was weatherproof and so made it perfect for that military era. What first started as clothing for the military later spread to civilians. They were known as “macs” because it got their name from the one who designed them – Charles Macintosh. After its use for some time, it was realized that its nature trapped sweat inside and the material could not survive the heat. It had an unpleasant smell when too much heat was trapped in it. In spite of this, mac’s were famous throughout the 19th century by the army.
In the development of trench coats, two designers that emerged as the inventors were John Emary and Thomas Burberry. These 2 designers developed material that was more breathable (non-smelly) and wearable. John Emary made a fabric that was water repellent and also made of rubber-like cotton. He later renamed his company to Aquascutum – “water shield” in Latin. This emphasized his interest in making the weatherproof clothing for the army. Thomas Burberry, on the other hand, developed a fabric called the gabardine. It was a waterproof fabric that also had breathable features. It was done by coating the yarns of cotton or wool which became a big leap from the mac. Both of these gentlemen’s clothing became popular and the debate was still on who actually invented the trench coat because they developed clothing that was similar to the trench long ago.
In 1917 in the US, trench coats from Britain were in high demand. They were requested from the military supply dealers in the country and was to be used for trench warfare. It was even a consideration that is should be part of the military attire of the American forces when they arrive on the battlefield.
Burberry and Aquascutum were the leading designers at the time. Other countries, however, began to adapt it for field use and they became trendy.

The current trend of the trench coat (men)

Hollywood began to take up its use in being worn by the stars and royalty. It is now incorporated in fashion and has become as famous as the blue jeans that we have now. Every year, catwalks all over the world, still feature trench coats in their line-up. Trench coats are still in production but just in a different generation. Trench coats were mainly made for the men of war. Trench coat (men) are now available even in other bright colors and prints and fashion designs including python-skinned ones. They’ve come a long way from the mire of trenches. Now, with a trench coat, men have options to choose them from different countries and in different colors.
They still look out for the lightweight fabric and also weatherproof features which are characteristic of trench coat men choose. Trench coats will continue to be a staple in the fashion industry. Throughout the decades, it has not lost its fashion sense. New and exciting designs come out almost at the beginning of every season. Its origins have not been left behind though. It still is meaningful to all classes and generations that wear them.
In the search for trench coat men style, you should visit some stores and have a real feel and look at them. It is advised not to buy strictly online because you may not get the item you are looking for. Going physically to a store will also give you the opportunity to know the prices that will also be good enough for your budget.
New trench coats can be pretty expensive and deals that are too good to be true can be exactly what they are – too good to be true.
Custom trench coats are also available but many people may not go for this option because it can be expensive. But if you want something that is suited to your taste

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