Tweed Jacket

Introduction to the tweed jacket

A tweed jacket is part of the current trends of clothing today. Tweed refers to the rough wool fabric which is soft and flexible. It is either woven plainly or with a twill structure. The various colors seen in the tweed material is because the wool is dyed before it is spun. Tweeds are iconic of the very traditional Scots and Irish clothing. The material resists moisture and is durable therefore many desire it. They are made to withstand the harsh climate. It’s normally worn for outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting. Tweed is made into different kinds of clothing including tweed jackets which are fast becoming a fashionable piece.

Origins of the tweed jacket and tweed material

Tweed is mostly traditional staple wear for men but currently, women also have their fair share of designs and clothing made from tweed. It is used for outdoor and casual tweed jackets. It is also used for caps, gloves, liners, wool shirts. Its name is from the River Tweed that flows through the famous cloth producing provinces in the country of Scotland. Tweed was originally known as” tweel” or “twill” indicating the pattern that it was woven in. It was misread by a buyer from London in the 1830s who assumed it was “tweed” referring to the river instead. This name has stuck since then.

Tweed jackets fall under the broad category of what the tweed material is used for. When made into jackets, they take the form of a durable look and feel. It is made to last long and still give people a fashionable look. The tweed material was originally used for the upper class in their pursuit of leisure and elitism. Hunters, golfers, the early motorists, cyclists were seen in tweed jackets of some sort. Between 2000-2010 members of British and American rich families wore these high-quality tweed clothing that they had inherited from their grandparents. These heirlooms date as far back as the Second World War. Tweed jackets and generally tweed clothing have therefore been in existence for a long time. It remains fashionable today as people wear them for different occasions. Men were mainly known to wear these tweed jackets but women are also known to wear them. Different varieties made include women checkered tweed jacket, and quality ladies tweed jacket. Women plaid tweed jackets are also the favourites of some. The tweed material has indeed become the favourite of many.


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Characteristics that define tweeds

First, tweeds go by different traits. Some include the fact that tweed is mainly woolen. The yarns are made from wool which is full of un-straightened fibers. Also, tweed is typically made of woven twill weave. The tweed material also has additional patters in its weave. This can either be herringbone or houndstooth. These give the tweed the characteristic rough look that is associated with it. Additionally, some regions have gone further to trademark their tweed. It is made with local wool and dye in a colour. These variants are produced mainly by Harris Tweed in Scotland and Donegal Tweed based in Ireland.

The tweed jacket for different occasions

Tweed jackets can be worn as a sports jacket. From the past until now, it has become a common garment for leisure. Among the upper middle class from the early 20th Century in England. It has been a household name for many. The most recognizable tweed garment is the classic sports jacket. It became a common leisure garment for the upper and upper-middle class in early 20th century England and has endured ever since. The tweed jacket was made with practicality in mind. The broad pockets, leather elbow patches, all attest to this fact. It makes it one of the best options for sporting and other outdoor events.  Different categories of people, however, have also worn these tweed jackets and shown their style. From the 1960s it has been a hallmark clothing for many including for sport.

Tweed jackets can also be worn as overcoats. They are water-resistant and warm to serve as the best choice for overcoats. The tweed jackets go through some treatment to make it into what it is. As an overcoat, it holds well to light rain and damp conditions. It is meant for the different seasons and can withstand conditions. The hunting clothing of the Americans knowns as lumberjacks has their coats made from tweed. Apart from the tweed jackets, there are also tweed vests that are worn individually or as a match to suits. Since its appearance on the fashion scene, the British have been the main patrons. The tweed jackets add extra class but to look simple and yet elegant, some opt for tweed vests. These are also equally fashionable to the jacket. Lastly, the tweed fabric can also be made into caps. It is famous among the Irish with its flat feature. Simple but fashionable, the tweed caps matched with tweed jackets will give you’re a classy look. Tweed is loved for its sturdiness.

Tweed jacket for both men and women

It is undeniable that the tweed jacket gains more fame among men than women. Whilst this can have some level of truth in it. Women also have their special designs of the tweed jacket. Some of the tweed fabric is used to design suits for ladies. There are several arrays of tweed jackets for women also to choose from. Women now add to their apparel dress these tweed jackets. It is fashionable and good to tackle the autumn and winter moments. Men also dominate in the rising fame and the coming of the tweed jacket fashion. Styles such as the men grey tweed jacket , men slim fit tweed jacket exist.  Get yourself a bespoke men tweed jacket and enjoy the looks of admiration. Women are, however, catching up fast with this fashion trend.

Tweed jackets and the famous

A lot of fictional characters during the Edwardian periods wore the tweed jacket. The likes of Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett have all donned these tweed jackets. Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch have all worn the tweed jackets and overcoats in some of their movie shots. Likewise, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and many more. Therefore, the tweed jacket has gained significant fame among many people today. A lot of movie stars wear them in their roles. Thereby making it a never-fading fashion. Today, the tweed remains a classical piece for casual dressing. It can be for outdoor events or social events in the evening.

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