Victorian dresses reflect the dazzling beauty of women

Victorian dresses are a type of dress that gets its name after the famous British Queen Victoria. If you want that extra vintage and pretty look, then Victorian dresses are for you. They are made from intricate beautiful satin materials and carefully thought out design to reflect the beauty and presence of those who wear them.
There are different colours and sizes that you can choose from on this website. Each design is unique and made to suit anyone who orders them. There are elegantly made designs for ladies who want that extra vintage and pretty look. Having a Victorian dress adds class and poise to your wardrobe. Its beautiful layered design is worth dying for and they are easily available on our website
It’s impossible not to love them when you set your eyes on one. With some having lace and satin details, they are simply made to be adored. Be it the special ruffles or even the crinoline cages, every design in this Victorian dress is made to make you look dazzling. It contours your shape very beautifully when worn. The colours are not restrictive, you can explore as many as you want and with a hat to add, the dressing becomes very classic.
On this website, Victorian dresses are not only for the slim, even plus size people have their fit in it. There’s no need to worry whether you will get your size or not because it is available. There are also different styles for these Victorian dresses. Some are short and are in a short dress form. Some are long and some have quite a trail. Some of the Victorian dresses are short sleeved, others are long sleeved. Other designs have more than one colour in its combination like pink and white, blue and white. Blue only, yellow only and red only are also dress types that are available. You can also get thin hand strapped, short and pretty Victorian dresses. These may be more casual than the full dress types which may be for more formal evening settings. There are even cinderella – like style of Victorian dresses. Anyone who sees you in any of our select Victorian dress will know that you have taste and a great sense of fashion.

The story of how Victorian dresses came about

The Victorian period was a very famous era that existed in the 1830s–1890s. It is named after the British Queen Victoria. She became a very influential monarch when in that era women has little opportunity and power. Women were made to live in the benevolence of men – either their fathers or the husband. They were expected to be meek and mild and only followed the husband or the fathers’ wishes. Employment opportunities were limited except for those who lived on farms. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, there was new wealth created for merchants, industrialists and investors. This produced a class of society known as the middle class and the upper class who were now proud of their status and displayed their wealth flashily. The women wore their fabric as a fashion statement. It ranged from hoop skirts to bustles and other kinds of beautiful dress styles during the Victorian era. The cities and towns were now urbanized and people began to have a fashion sense. Women however later called for the reforms in fashion after the Victorian era.
Victorian dresses were worn by women of the middle and the upper class. They set the pace in fashion. They had different dresses for when they were indoors, went visiting and other dinner gowns and ball gowns. The wealthy even sometimes had beaded and jewel trains as part of their dresses. As part of the dress, some women wore corsets when they were wearing their Victorian dresses. The corset was supposed to make your waist thin and give you shape in the dress. There were however some side effects of wearing these corsets before dressing. It is said that wearing Victorian dresses affected somewhat the way women walked, sat or even move their arms. To complement Victorian dresses, people added hats. These prevented them from damage or hurt from the sun.
Victorian dresses were and are still beautiful for different occasions. These dresses come in simple but elegant styles. Wearing them means you are identified with a particular class of people.
Victorian dresses are held in high esteem and the fashion sense in the Victorian era is described as one of the best periods the world has seen. Architecture, literature, clothing style and decorative art have their roots from the C18th.
Women wore gloves, bonnets and other accessories to beautify themselves. To get a dress, either you will have to go to the tailors or seamstress to get it designed for you, but if you couldn’t afford, you can sow it yourself. By the C20th, things changed a bit, clothes were now being factory made. It didn’t make the production of Victorian dresses extinct but it made custom sewing reduced to a lower volume. Victorian dresses are still in great demand and they are displayed in the shops and made available to those who need them. England, Ireland and Scotland are cited as the most common cities where Victorian dresses sprang up.

Victorian dresses: solving a need

The need for elegant dresses can stem from different reasons. It can be for a prom party, wedding etc. Finding a suitable dress for the occasion can be a daunting task. Victorian dresses are good options to those who were in a fix and didn’t know what to wear. There were a lot of options available when it comes to clothing but Victorian dresses are the most remarkable choice when its time for balls and other dinner events.
The surprising part is that the males have their share of dressing for the Victorian era also. They had long boots, overcoats, waistcoats and others. The C19th has gone a long way to influence clothing, fashion and some shops do still sell them. They are still in vogue and leading stores do have them in stock. Some people even choose Victorian dresses as their wedding theme. On such occasions, the dress can be customized to suit your style and design of your choice. If you want an extraordinary look and all your other dress options are not suitable then Victorian dresses are the way to go. You will be surprised at how good you will look in them for that event that you are planning to go to.