Water Gun

A water gun shows your playful side

A water gun is made for you to show your playful side. It is meant for both kids and adults to splash away. Simply fill it with water and press the trigger and splash goes the water! Are you kids on holiday or are you planning a vacation? Trust that the experience will not be complete without a water gun.  Water guns give the best outdoor experience for those who buy them. They are mostly made of plastic material and shaped in the form of a real gun. You can have large water guns or a mini water gun. All water guns have a trigger and the bottom and a water compartment where you fill it with water. There is no better way than to bring out your playful self with this water gun.

This playful item has been the favorites of many for a long time. Keep your kids happy and cool in the coming hot summer months. Children mimic whatever they see on TV, therefore giving them these guns will be exposing them to what is real and what is not. A parent will have to teach them what is dangerous and what is not. Most of the water guns are safe, practical and fun. Kids play water gun ensures valid fun moments for kids. 

Using the water gun with caution

There are different kinds of this kid’s gun for play. Some splashes from this kid’s play item can travel as far as 16 feet when you shoot. Be the winner of the battle with your siblings and family.  They also come in different colors to attract buyers. Some power reach can travel very far-reaching range. Douse your adversary with torrential shots. With their designs, some nozzles enable a steady target and good gauging specs. You can even be able to shoot with some as far as 25 feet from your target leaving them with nowhere to run or hide. Pump pressure water gun designed for kids means one pull of the trigger makes the water come out in gushes. One splash will cause havoc to the opponent. Fun with these water guns is multiplied when you have the best ones. Get yourself and your opponent soaked with this gun. However, these games should have some form of supervision so that there is overall sanity whilst at play. No injury should come out of playing with these guns. The house should be secured and there should be some ground rules so that there will be no havoc in your home. Fragile furnishings should also not be affected in this bid to have fun. Above all, splash on and have the time of your life with this toy.

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  • Plastic Press Water Gun

    A plastic press water gun is the best gift for your kids. Splash fight for hours with friends and family. Have joyful water fight moments!

    • Outdoor water gun
    • Game pistol
    • Kids water gun
    • Sports theme play tool
    • Playtoy for children
    • 50% Discount
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    Plastic Press Water Gun

    Water Gun $5.97$23.97
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  • Sale! Squirty Sports Water Gun

    Get your squirty sports water gun for one-on-one or group water fights. Master the art of using water guns. Become an expert whilst having fun. 

    • Kids water gun toy
    • Outdoor beach toy gun
    • Kids/Adults/ Elderly
    • Sports them water gun
    • Plastic made
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Squirty Sports Water Gun

    Water Gun $47.97
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Sale! Double Action Water GunDouble Action Water Gun

    Multiply the fun for your kid’s summer times with this memorable water gun. Double action water gun games are twice the fun for kids. Keep them happy and occupied during school breaks

    • Beachside water toy gun
    • Kids essential toys 
    • Unisex water gun
    • Super soaker
    • Age range: 3 years and above
    • 45 cm length
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Double Action Water Gun

    Water Gun $63.97
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Sale! Pump Pressure Water Gun

     Pump pressure water gun for kids ensures that fun is at its maximum. Enrich your kid’s summer with this water gun. 

    • Water shooting games gun
    • High-pressure soak
    • 6 – 15 years and above
    • Unisex gender water gun
    • Plastic kids toy 
    • 50% Discount
    •  Buy Now

    Pump Pressure Water Gun

    Water Gun $45.99
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Sale! Kids Play Water Gun

    Kids play water gun designs made for outdoor playing is all about having fun. Get your kids play water gun and watch them have fun all around. Outdoor fun has never been better!

    • 1pc children water gun
    • Kids shooting pistor
    • Sporty game gun 
    • Plastic made
    • Unisex toy water gun
    • Made for 15 years and over
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Kids Play Water Gun

    Water Gun $53.97
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  • Sale! Mini Water Gun

    The water gun is made to bring out your playful side. Keep your kids happy in the summer months with a water gun. Douse your adversaries with a good dose of water in your water gunfights.

    • Little transparent water gun
    • Garden, party use
    • 15 years and over
    • Mini feature
    • Unisex gender
    • Plastic made material
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Mini Water Gun

    Water Gun $42.99
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Water gun tactics

You need not have a planned agreement to have a water gunfight.  A spur-of-the-moment water gun fight works perfectly well. There are different tactics that you can use to make you win your water wars. If you want organized gunfights that can also be planned, but spontaneity makes it even more fun. Play water games with a lot of your friends. To win your water wars, you should have something call TOSA (Total Operational and Situational Awareness). This simply means you should be aware of your situation. Who is on your side? Who is not, how many people you are up against, what weapon will they fight you with? What type of water gun are they using? All these questions and awareness are helpful and will enable you to have an oversight of what and who you are up against. Simply put: be aware of your surroundings lest a surprise shot of water is gauged at you. Having a tactic is helpful to help you manoeuvre against who you are in the water fight with. Without a tactic, the water gun fight can be drab and boring. Additionally, you can also hide in a special location to the blind side of your water gun opponent. This is called the ambushing.  You can ambush your opponent in trees, sheds and other structures or even hedges. Anticipate the path your opponent will be using or where they will be going to reload their gun. Once you plan your path along with these key places, the water gun fight will be ecstatic. Heighten your outdoor experience with splashy, squirty sports water gun.  Stage your effective ambush and win all your water gunfights. Also, you can charge at your opponent. If you are working with a team, a charge can either fail or be very effective. To make it full force, ensure everyone is ready and their guns are full. Then go straight at them for your impact with your element of surprise.

More on using the water gun

The water gun is a fun tool to have. You can decide to split your team and attack opponents from different directions. If you have the right water gun, you can apply these tactics and they will work for you. Familiarize yourself with the different water guns before purchase to know the ones that best fit for you. Using the water gun is fun all the time. Organize fights with your parents, siblings and friends or challenge them up to a duel and see who wins. Familiarize yourself with your water gun before you even think of firing it at someone. Some water guns are battery operated for those who want this type of water gun. Some water guns like double action water gun are indeed double the action for your kids to have a fun day. Get a water gun for them and light up their day.

Summertime & Water guns

Summertime is playtime. You can hear familiar sounds coming out from children in the neighbourhood. Kids challenge each other to play with the water guns. Plastic press water gun for kids help them to be active and not to be sedentary, therefore a game of playing with these water guns will keep them active. Increase their activity levels with the likes of games with water guns. Parents can even participate with their kids to challenge them or one family can go against another family. They will be excited about this challenge. This gives them another perspective of life apart from watching TV and playing video games. It develops its approach to group games as well as individual games. Some years down the line, they will remember the water battles that they had with neighbours. You as the parent will be glad you contributed to making memorable days and spending time as a family. Grab your kids, get a gun and zoom straight into your water gun battles. 


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