Water Socks

Water socks also sometimes referred to as aqua socks are one of the best inventions to ever exist. When worn in water it provides some warmth to the feet as well as shield the feet from hot sand and all types of rocks. In the water and also your feet will feel so comfortable in them. These socks are made of different materials. To be more comfortable you need to know what the aqua socks you are buying is made of. How easily you are able to wear and also take off your water socks adds to its comfortability. Get one that allows you to glide into the socks easily with smooth ease instead of one that makes you struggle before you are able to slip it on. The necks of the water socks are made of materials that allow you easy access into the socks as well as protect your feet from getting wet. Most people use water socks when diving in the sea, however, some people also use these socks when they will be spending a long time In the jacuzzi or pool. It has now been designed in three layers purposely to keep the water out, feet from sweating, dry and also warm. From first glance or look the aqua socks look like the normal socks and you hold and feel the texture. Due to the three layers, it is much thicker than the ordinary socks because they are made from waterproof breathable fabrics in the middle of the layers. The lining of the socks is a mixture of fabrics with merino wool being about thirty-five percent of the mixture. The outside of the water socks is however made of elastane and nylon to prevent water from entering the socks. Various designs can be found in stores, this includes the socks being long which is up to the mid-ankle of the leg, whiles others are just on the ankle. They also come in different colors and designs such as camouflage, stripes, or plain. 

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