Water Socks

Water Socks

Water socks also sometimes referred to as aqua socks are one of the best inventions to ever exist. When worn in water it provides some warmth to the feet as well as shield the feet from hot sand and all types of rocks. In the water and also your feet will feel so comfortable in them. These socks are made of different materials. To be more comfortable you need to know what the aqua socks you are buying is made of. How easily you are able to wear and also take off your water socks adds to its comfortability. Get one that allows you to glide into the socks easily with smooth ease instead of one that makes you struggle before you are able to slip it on. The necks of the water socks are made of materials that allow you easy access into the socks as well as protect your feet from getting wet. Most people use water socks including the sports swimming water socks when diving in the sea, however, some people also use these socks when they will be spending a long time In the Jacuzzi or pool. It has now been designed in three layers purposely to keep the water out, feet from sweating, dry and also warm. From first glance or look, all water socks including the unisex surfing sports water socks look like the normal socks and you hold and feel the texture. Due to the three layers, it is much thicker than the ordinary socks because they are made from waterproof breathable fabrics in the middle of the layers. The lining of the socks is a mixture of fabrics with merino wool being about thirty-five percent of the mixture. The outside of the water socks is however made of elastane and nylon to prevent water from entering the socks. Various designs can be found in stores, this includes the socks being long which is up to the mid-ankle of the leg, whiles others are just on the ankle. They also come in different colors and designs such as camouflage, stripes, or plain. Kids swimming water socks are also great for children. It safeguards their feet during their fun activities for a more comfortable feel. They also come in amazing colors and designs for quality swimming activities.

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  • Sale! Neoprene Diving Water SocksNeoprene Diving Water Socks

    Neoprene Diving Water Socks are great swimwear choices. They are available here in different colors and sizes, at a great 50% Discount. Buy Now!

    • Model: Diving Socks
    • Age: Adult
    • Material: Neoprene
    • Quality & Brand New
    • Swimming Water Socks
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    Neoprene Diving Water Socks

    Men $22.97
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  • Sale! Breathable Quick-Dry Water SocksBreathable Quick-Dry Water Socks

    Breathable Quick-Dry Water Socks are great for swimming, diving, and other sporting activities. They keep your feet comfortable, fit and dry all day long. Order Now!

    • Neoprene Non-slip water socks.
    • Age: Adult
    • Material: Rubber
    • feature: sneakers swimming socks 
    • feature: Diving Shoes
    • feature: water socks
    • 50% Discount
    • Buy Now

    Breathable Quick-Dry Water Socks

    Men $14.97
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  • Sale! Anti-skid Water SocksAnti-skid Water Socks

    Anti-skid Water Socks gives some warmth to the feet and shields the feet from hot sand and all kinds of rocks. In the water, your feet will certainly feel so comfy in them

    • Age: Adult
    • Material: Rubber
    • Quick-dry & Diving socks
    • Surfing Socks for Men & Women
    • Beach Snorkeling Swimming 
    • 50% DISCOUNT!

    Anti-skid Water Socks

    Men $19.97
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  • Sale! Kids Swimming Water SocksKids Swimming Water Socks

    Kids Swimming Water socks are made specifically for usage on both water as well as land. they are anti-slip and aids comfortable swimming. 

    • Age: Child
    • Material: Nylon+ Spandex
    • Bottom: 100% Neoprene
    • 50% DISCOUNT!

    Kids Swimming Water Socks

    Water Socks $13.97
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  • Sale! Unisex Surfing Sports Water SocksUnisex Surfing Sports Water Socks

    Unisex Surfing Sports Water Socks surely provides you with all your swimming needs. Their soft neck permits you to slide into the socks easily without them sticking to your skin, while the grippy inside hugs your ankles, preventing them from massaging and also chafing.

    • Item: Sports Water Socks Wetsuits for Men & Women
    • Size: 1.5mm
    • Size: S/L XL
    • Material: Silicone
    • 50% Discount

    Unisex Surfing Sports Water Socks

    Men $18.99
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  • Sale! Sports Swimming Water SocksSports Swimming Water Socks

    Sports Swimming Water socks are the most effective swimwear. They give warmth in the water, shield your feet from rocks or hot sand, and make you feel super comfy on your feet.

    • High Quality and Brand New
    • Anti-slip Socks
    • For Men, Women, and Kids
    • Colorful and Beautiful Designs
    • 50% DISCOUNT!

    Sports Swimming Water Socks

    Men $17.97$18.97
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Description and care of water socks

The socks on the feet help to keep all the moisture and oils which were on the feet before entering the water. To prevent wearers of water socks from wearing normal socks before wearing water socks, the socks have been improved to be comfortable. Long stay in water generally harms the skin especially the feet and hands.
Wearing breathable quick-dry water socks prevents the feet from cracking, becoming dry which gives the feet an unsightly look which is painful. Verrucae is a disease of the feet which is mostly under the feet or around the toe area and comes out like a wart. The cause is mostly by HPV (Human papillomavirus) and it is contagious when you come into contact with another person. Note: there are different types of HPV which affect different types of the body but verrucae are what affects the feet. The water socks, including the anti-skid water socks type is designed to help protect your feet from verrucae and other types of diseases peculiar to the feet such as athletes foot or foot rot. When you want to go swimming but have a sore on your foot, you can dress the sore and then wear neoprene diving water socks to protect the sore and keep it dry. Cleaning of the water socks does not require special treatment or particular types of soaps. Just allow the socks to dry out naturally inside out instead of using any heat source to dry it out. This is to avoid the socks from being damaged by the heat especially the waterproof part of the socks. If you have to dry it out indoors you can do that under very low temperature.

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