The weighted blanket in current times

When it comes to bedding, there have been some significant changes. Mattresses have had their own upgrades, blankets have become customized and all the categories of bedding are getting daily facelifts to make more people comfortable. The same story goes for the weighted blanket. It has made a name for itself already from helping kids with autism and other conditions. They are therefore quite new but not entirely new in some circles. Some flagship companies have brought in weighted blankets and sold them successfully over the years It is in recent times that people have begun to see weighted blankets as an aid to sleep.  A Weighted blanket is usually filled with pellets, discs or balls of polypropylene plastic / sometimes glass. This gives the blanket its weight and duvet feel. It is very comfortable and you can just slide into it and fall asleep in no time. A weighted blanket can come in different colours but the darker colours seem to be more common. They come in ash and black mainly but lately, you can also get pink, red and deep blue, ivory or aqua. You can get your own weighted blanket in large sizes and also some in smaller sizes. Some are 7- layered to give you the ultimate comfort. The cotton used is breathable and includes polyester layers containing the glass beads. The blankets give a good temperature and ensures that you are kept warm. These blankets are very soft and very comfortable. It’s best to be used within the winter but some are also made for the summer. The weighted blanket aids in good and quality sleep due to its warmth and comfort. There are some for single beds, twin beds and full-sized beds. To choose the correct weighted blanket, it is advised that it should be at least 10-12% of your body weight to enable you to get the optimum comfort. So if you weigh 150 pounds, a 15% weighted blanket is your right fit. A weighted blanket usually comes in one piece but others are not – they come in parts. They have an inner layer and an outer layer which is both washable and actually dries faster than the all-in-one types.

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