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The amethyst necklace stands for design and adds a brand-new spin to your wardrobe. It can keep you glued to it. Get one and brighten your day because the amethyst necklace is here to stay.

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Choose the natural stone amethyst necklace for your special occasions and you won’t regret it. Amethyst itself is a violet variety of quartz. It comes from the Greek word “amethystsos” which means not intoxicated. There was a belief among the ancient Greeks that if you wear the necklace, it protected you from drunkenness.

There are different stories of how the amethyst necklace came into being. It is believed that French poet Remy Belleau invented a story where Bacchus, the god of wine was involved. It was said that he was pursuing a maiden named Amethyste who refused his advances. Amethyste then prayed to the gods about her chastity to which Diana the goddess of chastity answered. She was then turned into a white stone as an answer to the prayer. Bacchus was therefore humbled by her desire for chastity and poured wine over the stone as an offering for her act. The crystals then turned purple and was therefore now known as the amethyst.

The amethyst is a semi-precious stone used in jewellery and is regarded as the traditional birthstone for the month of February. The Tibetans also consider the amethyst as very sacred to them such that they use it for their prayer beads. In the middle ages it was a royal stone and the English used it in decorating their regalia. In the past, one of the cardinal gems was the amethyst. It was included as one of the five gems that were precious above the others.

For as long as can be remembered the attractive, as well as incredibly respected purple amethyst, has had powers such as comforting and soothing the feelings and minds of individuals. The likes of the natural stone amethyst necklace show a variety of the amethyst necklaces that exist. Fashion has now taken it on and has spread the fame of the amethyst necklace such that people are using it in everyday life.  Having the natural stone amethyst necklace is a real reflection of the understanding of the taste of design of the owner. The kind of power the purple rock possesses is impressive (well-known for spirituality and creative thinking along with the power of enthusiasm and fire).

With all these ‘vivid’ qualities the rock is additionally well known for radiating the sensation of soberness as well as temperance. The amethyst necklace can either be all-natural like the natural stone amethyst necklace or refined into different fashion pieces. The good news is for those that take pleasure in amethyst necklaces, it is possible to acquire them because the amethyst rock has become famous around the globe. In old terms, it was determined as a treasure of fire which was extremely priceless to enthusiasts of fashion and it still has an effect of those that choose to wear them.

Even more so now, the kinds of the beautiful way in which the natural stone amethyst necklace is made makes it very attractive. The intricate design with the stone heightens the beauty of the pendant. Slowly is taking centre phase in people attires. Some couples have eve made love bonds by giving each other amethyst necklaces to seal their romance. Parents have also bought these necklaces for their kids to show their love to them.

People have therefore come to also like the natural stone amethyst necklace design because of the way the stone is set in it. It gives it a natural sacred feel that makes you connect with the old times. It aids them in having a better mood and, they enjoy spiritual protection from the ancient stone.

The amethyst necklace stands for design and adds a brand-new spin to your wardrobe. It can keep you glued to it. Get one and brighten your day because the amethyst necklace is here to stay

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