Stainless Steel Back Scratcher


Made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure repetitive uses.

Claw design and  rounded prongs ensure injury-free use

Comfortable hand grip made of soft but durable material. 

Telescoping handle extends up to as long or short as you want it.

Excellent gift to share with your friends or loved ones.



When the body itches, the temptation to scratch is very high. This is because it often feels good especially if the itch is not caused by any disease. Also, the skin is the only organ that can itch or feel pain. Most often, the parts of your body that is beyond our reach are the parts that easily itch. The most common part is our back and it is extremely frustrating when the itching start. This is why is it very important to have a quality stainless steel back scratcher all the time so you are not driven crazy by the itch when it starts. Although selecting a back scratcher will look simple, not all of them are the same.

The back scratcher comes in various shapes and sizes, different lengths, and made from varieties of materials including stainless steel as is featured for this product. The stainless steel build makes it very durable and at the same time light and comfortable to hold. They also come in several additional features to aid scratching. The stainless steel back scratcher just like the other types of back scratchers is a small stick that has a curved end at one side. The curved end often has small teethlike projections to help in scratching the back. There are several benefits of using a back scratcher. It is frustrating when you are unable to reach an area on your skin that is itching. You may sometimes turn these parts to the wall or a rough surface and rub it over for relief.

Fortunately, the back scratcher is here to do that job. It helps you to scratch the itch on the back parts of the body the hand doesn’t reach. They are also used to give deep tissue massages on the back. When taking a shower, you can rub and gently peel off dead tissues from the back using the back scratcher. A back scratcher makes a good massage at the back a great one. To scratch effectively, use the hand of a backscratcher and grip the stainless steel back scratcher handle firmly but gently. Apply to the back or where it is itching for the best relief. The “fingers” on the back scratcher are then employed on the back region and the process is repeated as desired. These activities make a great massage leaving the beneficiary with the perfect sensation. Back scratchers are made of metallic, plastic or wooden materials and they all work effectively to solve every issue of itches. The stainless steel back scratcher is built to last long.

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