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Transparent body stocking is very light and hugs snugly onto your body. It brings out your shape and highlights your form. Available in different sizes and colors, Buy Now

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The transparent body stocking is a one-piece inner garment that covers the whole body when it is worn. It is made up of very light and net-like material with sometimes a flowered design made in it. The material used to make the body stocking is similar to those used for stockings and pantyhose. Usually, the transparent body stocking has a see-through nature and is very famous among the belly dancer and exotic dancer circles. When you go to places that offer these services, you would find women wearing different types of it for their performances.  Transparent body stocking can be worn only or with support of a bra and pant. Some people may find it too exposing to put only that alone. Body stockings are usually in dark colors, it is only in a few cases that you will find some in brighter colors. These body stocking pieces of clothing can also either be long sleeved or short sleeved. Some transparent body stocking pieces are designed to have openings at the side. which adds to its allure and attractive appeal. Floral lace types can also be used for transparent body stockings. The good thing is the body stocking cuts across all sizes.

Even if you are a plus size, you are not eliminated from getting lingerie of your choice from this stocking selection. Transparent body stocking is very light sometimes and hugs snugly onto your body. It brings out your shape and highlights your form. Add a pair of heels and get that smashing hot look with your transparent body stocking. Even though the origin of the body stocking is not too clear, it has become a prominent feature in today’s inner garment wear. Sometimes there is controversy and a bit of misunderstanding about the body stocking due to its revealing nature. People contemplate on the appropriateness of where it is supposed to be worn to but the truth is, you can wear it anywhere you want. It is gradually becoming a must-have for many women. You can also give them out as wonderful gifts for people. The feel of the body stocking is also gentle on your body. To choose a body stocking will largely depend on the style in which you want it and the purpose which it is going to be used for.

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