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The breathable boonie hat with a long wide brim is for summer protection from the UV rays. This type of hat is an outdoor hat that is most cherished by many people. It is a good choice for outdoor activities and other sports. It is different from the traditional hat. This has some style and energy that comes with it. The breathable boonie hats are colourful and match with different types of clothing. The adjustable cords and anti-sweat and protection features ensure that you are protected no matter how long you enjoy to stay outside.

There is no need to worry about the damaging rays that will come in the course of the day. A breathable Boonie hat can be used for boating, mountaineering, gardening, camping, fishing, boating, hiking, all kinds of travel, water parks and other outdoor activities and sports. No matter the colour, it looks great on both men and women. The head circumference is between 55-58 cm. It makes a nice gift and anyone you give it to will thank you. It is best-kept hand washed and dried naturally outside. It can be made from polyester or sometimes cotton.

The boonie hat can be useful in summer, spring and autumn. You have the option to choose colours ranging from dark grey, army green, grey, khaki and even commonly the camouflage. The build of the breathable boonie has ensured that it covers your face fully and your neck. Some even have foldable buckles at the side in case the edges extend too long for you and you want to shorten it. Another name for the boonie hat is the giggle hat. The hat can be folded into a smaller size and makes it a convenient travel item. You can also get the breathable boonie hat in different sizes ranging from small to large. It is an excellent combination with outdoor outfits. The breathable area that is found around the head section of the hat is a strip. This sometimes differentiates itself from the rest of the design of the hat. The boonie hats can be worn at different environments from the woods to fishing. It continues to protect the eyes and the face from the sun. You can also hang it around your neck if you want to take a break from wearing it.

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