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The camouflage boonie hat is one to die for. Everyone can covet to have it in their range of hats. It is one that makes wearing it outdoor enjoyable. Having a camouflage boonie hat ensures that you are protected from the suns UV rays. This type of boonie hat gets its name from the camouflage design. It also has a wide brim and is made to be as breathable as possible. This boonie hat ensures that the heat doesn’t get to your head and neck area.

The camouflage Boonie hat like the other types of boonie hats ensures that you are protected from the adverse weather conditions of snow, wind and the sum. Wearing the boonie hat means you will not be unnecessarily affected by the changing weather conditions. It works with different outfits and covers those sensitive parts of the body. Camouflage boonie hat come in different styles and looks good on those who wear them. Any outfit that you match this boonie hat with fits perfectly. The camouflage boonie hat was however mainly associated with the military and wars due to its nature. The SWAT team operatives were also known to use boonie hats. But now, anyone can own one and wear it for any purpose. It has become a favourite and is set to put you into action mode when you wear it.

The camouflage bonnie hat sometimes comes in green, grey, purple, red, orange and other different types of camouflage colours. Since the time of the Vietnam war, the camouflage boonie hat continues in its fame. They are made from 100% cotton fabric and wide brims for the hot summer. It is usually made in America and added to their official military uniform. The chain strap fitted at the sides ensures that the hat does not fall off easily or even if it falls it will be hung around your neck. Keep your head cool with the boonie hat. Look out for the vents in the hat that promote ventilation whilst you are wearing it. Camouflage boonie hats help you whether you are in the woodlands or at a mountain hike.

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