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Essential military accessory to brave the weather. Famous patterns available are the green dominant lowland and brown dominant highland. Serves as an integral part of everyday military use. Otherwise known as bush hats or giggle hats, these hats are now key to every military apparel. It protects you from either heat or rains and can be worn at all times.

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The military boonie hat has become very famous. This wide-brimmed hat has been noticeably used by the military forces, though now it is being incorporated into daily fashion. The boonie hat is sometimes also in a bucket shape with its brim being stiffer. The military boonie hat was first introduced to the US Arm forces during their war in Vietnam. After this, the Australian and Vietnamese army, as well as its other units, also began to wear the military boonie hat. The military bonnie hat not only caught on by only the Americans but in the Australian army also it began to feature prominently. They called these military boonie hats as bush hats or giggle hats. They were used in fighting wars in Southeast Asia. It protected them for the heat of and the heavy rains of the Malays during the Malayan Emergency. It had to be worn outdoors at all times.

The leopard designs or tiger stripe designs used for making the military Boonie hat were gotten by using the camouflaged cloth. This cloth was usually gotten from uniform items or from the parachutes. It sometimes was also made with other material by a tailor. The word “boonie” derives its name from the abbreviation of the word “boondoks”. The term “boondoks” is an American military slang gotten from the “Tagalog bundok” translated as “mountain” during the American war with the Phillipines. In the year 1967, the US Army began to use boonie hat made from insect net, cotton and poplin.

The military boonie has was a supplement and replacement to the patrol and baseball caps that the army had used since World War II. The boonie hat now replaced these older ones and occupied a permanent place as a uniform for the services. However, in Afghanistan and in the Iraq war, it was used as an alternative patrol cap. The military boonie hat comes in the most popular designs – the camouflage patterns. Its now worn with your rank or insignia on it.

The more famous pattern now is the woodland ERDL(Engineer Research & Design Laboratory pattern has material that comes in two forms. There are a green dominant lowland and brown dominant highland that exist. These are the very famous patterns that the boonie hat are now made in.. It serves as an integral part of everyday military use and its purpose cannot be overemphasized.

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