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The protective Boonie hat has many reasons why you should choose it. It serves as one of the best items you can pack along with you during outdoor events. Protective boonie hats ensure that you are kept from the cold weather. When you want to brave the weather in your outdoor activity the boonie hat is the best bet. It provides the head with warmth from the cold weather and helps you to retain heat. This is something that is very necessary to avoid flu. The protective boonie hat also protects the hair. The hair has a way of reacting to the vagaries of the weather. But with the purchase of a protective boonie hat, the hair will be protected. Also, this type of boonie hat ensures that you are protected from the Ultra Violet rays from the sun. The sun is known to emit electromagnetic radiation at different wavelengths ( energies). Some of this radiation is visible – like the rainbow.

The invisible ones are what is known as the UV radiation. Exposure to high amounts of UV radiation is what causes sunburns, wrinkling of the skin, premature ageing, skin cancers and cataracts. This shows how important the protective boonie hat is. You would definitely not want to be overexposed to the UV radiation. It is best to protect your skin in the most possible way that you can. The protective boonie hat not only protects but is also fashionable. If it is with all kinds of outfits that you wear during outdoor activities. The boonie hat has been made with top quality materials and designed to bring out its beauty. It appreciated by every generation that comes and serves as a timeless piece.

The are some protective boonie hats that are however for the military especially when they have to climb mountains. The protective boonie hat is foldable and very lightweight. You can carry it along easily wherever you are going. Hiking and other outdoor activities can be done with this hat. The protective boonie hat can be either made from polyester or cotton. It is foldable at the brim if you do not want the edges to disturb you.

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