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Lace-up corset dress: Dresses that have a lace-up feature as part of the dress. This type of corset dress infuses a lace design into the dress. The lace-up can be from the front to the abdomen only. At other times, it is from the top to the bottom. This design provides the user with a small top torso as well as a much fuller reduced base to offer an hourglass type of look. This enhances the look of the woman. When we mention corset, what is described is clothing that aids to hold the top body and additionally gives shape to the body into the desired form. These bodices are put on mostly for medical, imaginative or fashion reasons.  However, no matter the reason what it does is it provides a smaller sized top torso and a larger base. With the lace-up corset dress, the breast likewise is supported and makes it stand apart. Although both men and women put on corsets, it is mainly an item of clothing you will find in a female’s wardrobe. The bodice has been in existence for a long time however in the late twentieth century, manufacturers have actually infused lace-up corset style right into their dressmaking design. In the modern-day corset dress, it gives you a slim appearance that resembles the old fashioned corset. The corset outfits are either laced or boned to assist with the shaping of the top part of the body. This dress can be seen in various designs based on the users’ option or choice. The type of corset that is placed in corset dresses can sometimes be known as underbust or overbust. Overbust means when you wear it, it covers the breast area. It goes above the breast. When you choose the underbust corset, you will have to wear a bra because it does support the breast. However, both the underbust and overbust corsets extend to the hip area and give you the desired shape that you want. Depending on this, you can choose a design that best suits you.  When you choose to lace-up corset dress, you have not made a mistake. It has that ability to make you look good and trim in the dress.

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