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Jester style drama masks mimic the historic attires of jesters in kings’ palaces. Relive the Renaissance & Medieval times with your drama mask. Entertaining times await you!

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Jester style drama masks mimic the historic attires of jesters in kings’ palaces. It also portrays their iconic role in shaping the world of theatre today. In the medieval and renaissance eras, they jester style drama masks were used in the houses of the kings and noblemen to entertain folks and visitors or guests. Jesters were itinerant performers who also brought entertainment to commons at fairs and in the market. Jesters were always wearing these bright-colored clothing. People joined in the dance or cheer effortlessly when these jesters were performing. Therefore, the jester style drama masks convey this same feeling of happiness and carefree. They could sing, story tell, show acrobatic skills, tell jokes, use puns and other imitation and pure magic tricks. They were very intelligent even though the played dumb sometimes depending on the occasion. The modern-day jesters resemble their old counterparts though they now incorporate some acts that resonate with current times. Jester style drama masks enhance entertainment in different ways. The comic style jesters use contemporary jokes either in word or in a song. They pick on the events and happenings well known to their audience.

Many English monarchs have employed the services of the jesters in the running of their kingdom. Jesters had their special attires like the drama masks to heighten their entertainment. They employed different methods and ways to entertain people. They were popular and loyal jesters in many of the king’s courts. Jesting is done by professional clowns employed by kings and noblemen. Jesters are known as the clowns of today. Jester drama masks are used to brighten drama times. They date back from the medieval ages. Their main aim was to amuse their master and to excite the king’s court.

There was also the need for jesters to ease the king’s mood when he was over oppressed with state matters. The first medieval jesters had clothing that depicted an ass’s ears. The tail of the ass was later added to the costume. In repay for their services, they did hold privileges that others didn’t have. He could freely speak his mind without causing offense. This could be addressed to the lords, ladies, and nobles in the court of their master in the drama masks. The jester style drama masks, therefore, make its wearer the perfect character to relive any scene in the of the olden day courts.

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