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You can be fashionable all day and any day in your ear cuff. This ear cuff is meant for all occasions – whether it’s a party, dinner, hanging out with friends or even simply at home. This fashionable ear cuff can be worn for as long s you want. 

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Fashionable ear cuff is for those interested in keeping up with modern trends. As the name goes, these ear cuffs are for those who want to make a fashion statement when they appear at events. The ear cuff is an accessory that will not be stamped out of peoples clothing. Though small in size, It complements anything that is worn. You can decide to wear it on the ear lobe or any other place around the ear. They come in beautiful designs that can be worn all year round. There is no particular season that is attached to the wearing of the fashionable ear cuff. You can be fashionable all day and any day. Wear it and get the complements of your friends and loved ones.

This ear cuff is meant for all occasions. Whether it’s a party, dinner, hanging out with friends or even simply at home, this fashionable ear cuff can be worn for as long s you want. It fits on you by affixing it to the ear. It comes in different colors that you can make a choice from. Its mainly made from silver, gold material and sometimes other metals. These materials are however created to last long and coated to prevent the wear and tear that comes from usage. Fashionable ear cuffs are usually in small sizes and are very handy. When worn, it enhances your attractiveness. Its history dates back to 2000BC when excavation led to the discovery of some ear cuffs at burial sites in the British Isles. Also, the Thais in the 12th Century were known to wear ear cuffs as part of their clothing.

The designs for the ear cuffs were inspired by their culture. They even had some paintings and sculptures that show people wearing the ear cuff. Precious metals used in making the ear cuffs then included diamonds, rubies, sapphire. In modern times, however, other metals are being used to produce fashionable ear cuff. Around the 20th Century, it was introduced to America. A French jeweler moved to New York brought the earrite. It is a jewel that was worn in the ear just like the ancient times. Marilyn Monroe and other famous celebrities of the time were also photographed wearing these ear cuffs. Since then, the name of the ear cuff has spread abroad and designers are taking it to different heights. They keep making varieties and types of it with different materials for all fashionable ear cuff lovers.

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