308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask


The 308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask has a big lens that provides a wide sight for a superb exposure. It protects the user from vapors, organic gases such as carbon dioxide, benzene, acetone, formaldehyde, and gasoline. It is suitable for oil, chemical,  paint operations, pharmaceuticals, automotive manufacturing, pesticides, and other toxic sites.

  • High Quality and 100% Brand New
  • Highly Efficient Carbon Filter
  • Long-Lasting Protection
  • Healthy and Smooth Breathing
  • Reduces Resistant Respiration and Stuffy feeling
  • Material: Plastic  
  • Size: 18×7.5x15cm/7.08×2.9×5.9in
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308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask are air filtering system tools. They are put on for security against the inhalation of fumes, vapors, and gases. They shield the eyes and the whole face from air pollution and filter out all pollutants with the aid of filters or cartridges. On a routine basis, the cartridges or filters in the respirators are changed to guarantee the user’s safety and security as well as to secure him/her from air pollution. When worn in an environment that contains toxic chemicals or particles, the mask will avoid the wearer from inhaling the bits or chemicals in the atmosphere. 308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask is perfect for sanding and for jobs line grinding. In some cases, it provides clean air from a source outside.

There are 2 respirator types namely: full-face and half-face respirator. Depending on the impurities the person is subjected to and the danger he/she is exposed to, a particular respirator and cartridge can be used. Full face respirator is highly used in every industry as it offers the most protection against dust particulates chemical/gas vapors and many air-borne particles that are hazardous to people. Its face guard also shields the face from chemical splashes or sprinkles and also effects of the chemicals and impurities. Other features include an adaptable stem and straps that can be conveniently readjusted. They are offered in three (3) dimensions: small, medium and also huge. They provide the convenience and protection you need for job efficiency.

When employees work in environments where hazardous dirt, hazes, fumes, vapors, mists, sprays smokes, gases are present or locations with not enough oxygen they should breathe in and out with the aid of the 308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask. This will prevent them from breathing in the contaminated air in the atmosphere as well as by so doing, prevent lung disability, cancer, other illness, and fatality. The 308 Full Face Respirator Dust Gas Mask has a big lens that provides a wide sight for a superb exposure. It is less immune as well as allows you to breathe easily.

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