Classic Style Full Face Respirator Gas Mask


Classic style full face respirator gas mask reduces heat, and accumulate moisture in the mask. It is very suitable for harsh working conditions. It can be used for chemical processing, painting, pharmaceutical, semi-enclosed sites, petrochemical, automotive manufacturing sites, welding, and many others.

  • Flexible and long-lasting
  • Light Weight and Easy to Use for Long-term
  • strong sealing
  • High-quality brand mask
  • Industrial safety chemical gas mask
  • Made With PE glasses for excellent vision
  • Anti-shock and Explosion-proof
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Classic style full face respirator gas mask is usually used in the chemical industry and places where harmful chemicals are present and can penetrate or irritate the eyes or skin. Such chemicals are volatile substances, moisture treatment polyurethanes or conversion varnish. When natural disasters such as flooding occur, it requires a clean-up exercise. When there is a potential that poisonous spores in debris, decaying wood, waste and any type of hazardous chemicals have been released into the environment as a result of the flood, the Classic style full face respirator gas mask becomes needy as its usage will certainly protect the user from getting into contact with the chemicals released into the environment. Classic style full face respirator gas mask is particularly made to cover the user’s eyes, nose, and mouth. It also has an inbuilt valve that assists in very easy exhalation while preventing you from inhaling or breathing in the polluted air in the polluted atmosphere.

Attached to the outside of the respirator are cartridges, prefilters as well as filters to record gases, vapors, and particles in the environment. These respirators are used in painting, heavy-duty cleansing, welding, modern manufacturing and much more. When choosing full face respirators, employers should take into consideration the chemical and also physical properties of the contaminant, as well as the poisoning and concentration of the dangerous chemicals. Also, the quantity of oxygen existing should be noted.
Other selection factors are nature, degree of the hazard, job rate, area to be covered, mobility, job needs and also problems, in addition to the limitations and features of the offered respirators. Respirators need to not hinder the worker’s capability to see, listen to, interact, and relocate in order to execute the job safely. Classic style full face respirator gas mask can be used against a lot of welding fumes (without oil). It fits conveniently under welding hoods is able to withstand breaking down in heat and humidity. Its molded nose bridge seals easily without a steel noseband and its facepiece is naturally contoured without pressure factors. It is resistant to heat and flame.

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